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Windfall is the story of Cas and Kendall, two low-level criminal enforcers navigating life on the surface of a giant city. Hounded by the Wolfpac, the cult-like police force of the city's god-queen, Wanda, Cas and Kendall are given a choice: take down their dangerous employer and protect their newfound family, or maintain the status quo.

the story of windfall

Windfall is a dystopian science-fiction audio drama with rich sound design and a full score that follows a massive cast of characters as they live out their daily lives on the planet Proxima. Season one comprises 10 25–35-minute episodes with a cast of more than 30 voice actors from Florida, Washington State, the UK, New York City, and Syracuse. The show is free to all subscribers and supported by listeners on Patreon. Episodes are currently ad-free.

why should i listen?

Windfall tells an epic story on a small scale, focusing on the everyday lives of regular people in a fantastic world. Featuring a massive cast of characters with wildly divergent personalities, the show is at times funny, somber, dramatic, and exhilarating. Themes include chosen families, friendship, religious oppression, and challenging the status quo.

is windfall for all ages?

Windfall is intended for a mature audience. It contains explicit language, and some episodes include depictions of physical violence, explosions, gun violence, and sometimes even character death. Content warnings are available on a per-episode basis in the show notes both on this website and in any podcatcher.

upcoming seasons

While season one of Windfall is still in postproduction, a second season is currently in development with a planned fall 2019 start date, and a third and final season is planned for production sometime in 2019.

when can i listen?

Windfall’s season one trailer premiered on Feb. 13, 2019, with the first two episodes dropping on Feb. 27. The following three episodes will release every other week, at which point we’ll take a brief hiatus to give us time to catch up to postproduction on our final five episodes. Episode six will premiere one month later, and subsequent episodes will be released every other week until our finale. Full transcripts are available for each episode on our website upon its release on the Listen page.

about the creators

Brothers Adam and Bob Raymonda first talked about creating a serialized science-fiction audio drama in 2015 when they were collaborating on the podcast Breadcrumbs. Bob is a writer and editor and crafted the first draft of Windfall’s 10-episode season between August 2016 and January 2017, which Adam would later sound design and score. Realizing the project would only improve by the addition of another voice, Christie Donato was added to the team. Christie and Bob knew each other from their time in the Creative Writing program at SUNY Purchase College. Christie’s deep knowledge of mythology helped in rewriting and reshaping Windfall into what it has become today.

The first three scripts of Windfall were recognized as Second Rounders in the inaugural Austin Film Festival Fiction Podcast Writing competition in 2017. Here, Christie and Bob attended workshops with professionals working in the field, including Lauren Shippen of The Bright Sessions, Kc Wayland of We’re Alive, and Skip Bronkie and Zack Akers of Limetown and 36 Questions.

Using the knowledge gained from their time at AFF, Christie, Bob, and Adam self-produced Windfall in 2018 at Christie’s home in Syracuse, New York. At the same time, they founded Rogue Dialogue, a production company focused on creating richly sound-designed podcasts in multiple genres. In addition to the second season of Windfall, the group is currently hard at work developing more shows.

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