Episode 1.1o transcript - “Contact day”

ADAM RAYMONDA: Windfall is intended for a mature audience. This episode includes sudden loud noises, gun violence, adult language, and death. This episode may be especially triggering because of an instance of suicide. If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal ideation, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, any time, at 1-800-273-8255. Take care of yourselves. Enjoy the show.

[MUSIC - Dramatic, updated version of the Windfall Theme plays.]

[MUSIC - Contemplative keys play over a WCBC newscast.]

FLIP COSTAS: Good Morning Proximans! This is Flip Costas with the WCBC. Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for here in Windfall City… Contact Day! You’ve followed along all week as we’ve asked you, our loyal viewers, what this wondrous holiday meant to you. And now, we’ll finally get to experience its majestic wonder ourselves. You know, I’ve been to every single one of these festivals since I was a child and Wanda was a new presence in our lives, and every single year they’re more breathtaking than the last…

[SFX - The newscast fades into the background as we hear Helina walking through the bazaar. People speak loudly and she groans.]

SYLVIE: Hey there friend, you're late.

HELINA: Yeah, I had a long night. Had to pick up some last minute deliveries for today.

SYLVIE: Do you even expect to sell any of them?

HELINA: I do fine, thank you very much.

SYLVIE: Seriously, is everything alright? You don't look so good.

HELINA: (EXASPERATED) Yeah, Sylvie, I'm great. You look like shit yourself.

SYLVIE: (TAKING HER HELMET OFF) Oh this? It's nothing. Got in a scrape with an old dumb bastard yesterday, but I took care of it. Here, let me help you with that.

HELINA: No, I'm good.

SYLVIE: Hoof, you smell like a wet rag soaked in grain-wine. Maybe you should have showered before coming up.

HELINA: I didn't know my personal hygiene was the Wolfpac's concern.

SYLVIE: No, of course, it isn't. I just imagine you'd make a few more sales if you didn't smell so terrible.

HELINA: (SCOFFS) Great to see you too. Look, I've got to go get set up, but I'll call you later if I need anything, okay?

[MUSIC - Contemplative keyboards re-enter over their conversation.]

SYLVIE: Alright. How's about tonight, after we're both off, we go and have tea? See if I can help you with whatever's making you drink so much.

HELINA: I sincerely doubt it, but will you lay off me if I say yes?

SYLVIE: You always say that! Okay, for now.

HELINA: Alright then, now get out of my way and let me get ready.

SYLVIE: So long, hon.

[SFX - Sylvie puts her helmet back on and the two separate, going in different directions.]

[MUSIC - Strings and keys come to a crescendo, ending the scene.]

[SFX - Wanda moves around, huffing.]

[MUSIC - A record spins in the background, playing soft classical music.]

WANDA: Bloody zip!

TIN MAN: Allow me, Wanda June.

[SFX - Tin Man lumbers over and does Wanda’s zipper.]

WANDA: I'm fully capable of dressing myself.

TIN MAN: Of course, I only meant to help.

WANDA: How does the city look? Is my face everywhere? Are there streamers and lights?

TIN MAN: Yes, ma'am. The event organizers and merchants have done an excellent job. The city is beautiful.

WANDA: (SATISFIED) Perfect. And all the visitors? Are they enjoying themselves?

TIN MAN: Every guest survey returned since the beginning of the festival has had positive reviews.

WANDA: Amazing. This will give them the chance to see Windfall in all its glory. They'll want to come back and live closer to me and all the magnificence I've bestowed on this humble world. 

TIN MAN: Your subjects will do anything to make you happy.

WANDA: If all goes well, do you think we'll be able to break ground on a fifth tower sometime in the next year?

TIN MAN: Undoubtedly.

WANDA: Well, I can't wait for that day. I can't help but think that maybe then someone else like me will hear about us and come too.

TIN MAN: One can only hope, my dear.

[SFX - A chime dings as a door opens and Root approaches.]

TIN MAN: Captain Root, this is... unexpected.

ROOT: My Liege, may I say that you look astounding? In honor of your festival, I wanted to deliver today's status report in person.

WANDA: Why, thank you, Captain, I do look rather nice. You're too kind though, obviously.

ROOT: Per Tin Man's request, we have locked down all cells in the South Tower prison. Within the past forty-eight hours we have made close to two-hundred more collars.

WANDA: Two-hundred? That's madness.

ROOT: We needed to be sure that all of your dissenters were out of the way. It, heh, is a bit crowded in there now.

TIN MAN: I'm sure there's room for them all, isn't there Captain?

ROOT: Certainly. It's nothing we can't handle.

WANDA: Well...good then. And the amphitheater? Are there enough robes to prevent any uh... unsavory visitors to the coronation ceremony? I need to be sure we won't have a repeat of last year's embarrassment.

ROOT: Absolutely. Our most senior guards have put together an elite accompaniment to police all entrances and exits to the amphitheater on the East Tower.

WANDA: It will be your head if you're wrong this time, am I clear?

ROOT: Crystal.

WANDA: Now, run along. I need to finish getting ready for the ceremony.

ROOT: Your Majesty, I look forward to seeing you there.

[MUSIC - The record gets louder as it ends.]

[SFX - We hear a tea kettle boiling, as Kendall walks over to it and grabs a mug. She pours it, grabs a spoon, and walk back in the other direction.]

[MUSIC - Transition music plays over the above, ending as the conversation starts.]

KENDALL: Here, take this.

[SFX - Pav takes a sip and sighs.]

KENDALL: How are you feeling? 

PAV: Still pretty weak, but better. Thank you. 

KENDALL: You really scared me. I thought I was going to lose you and I... I've never felt that way before. 

PAV: I'm so sorry.

KENDALL: Don't apologize. It’s not like you did it on purpose. Those drugs, though... you need to stop.

PAV: I know. I thought I would be okay. I've done that before no problem. I just needed to get those robes done...

KENDALL: I understand. You don't have to worry about that anymore, though.

[MUSIC - Synth and string music pulses underneath them.]

PAV: You spoke to Root?

KENDALL: Yes, you don't have to finish the job anymore.

PAV: (LAUGHING) How? There's no way he agreed to that. It's Contact Day and I'm still not done.

KENDALL: I told him you quit his fucking circus. A bunch of robes are not worth your life, Pav. I don't care how perfect they are. 

PAV: You said what?

[MUSIC - The music takes a minor turn, getting darker.]

KENDALL: That you quit. Don't worry, I'll work and take care of us both. Now we won't have to worry about the Wolfpac's bullshit rules and we can just be together. 

PAV: We can't survive off of your salary alone. That's completely absurd. What am I going to do? I'll call him back, tell him I'm almost done with two of them and then-

[SFX - They each pace around the room.]

KENDALL: No, Pav, it's over. 

PAV: It can't be over. How could you make such a huge fucking decision for me? This is my life, you had no right.

KENDALL: I just thought I was doing the right thing.

PAV: No, you were only thinking about yourself. You want us to be together, but how are we supposed to do that if I don't even have clearance to be up here?

KENDALL: Root won't take away your clearance.

PAV: How do you know that? And what happens when we get into a fight? If we break up? I can't be dependent on you like that.

KENDALL: I love you. I'll figure out a way to make this work. 

PAV: No, don't you dare say that to me. Not now. You don't get to use that word as an apology.

KENDALL: What are you talking about? I'm not saying it like that. I mean it.

PAV: If you loved me you wouldn't have done this behind my back.

[SFX - Pav shuffles with a bag.]

KENDALL: (SHOUTING) I just watched you overdose and almost die in my arms.
Don't you dare tell me I don't love you.

PAV: (QUIET) Love isn't a magic wand that makes everything better. You made a choice about my life, and it was the wrong one.

[MUSIC - The music, which has played over the whole scene, becomes briefly sweeter, if melancholy.]

KENDALL: Of course I know love isn't a magic wand, but it's real. It's the only good thing that's ever happened to me. Can you blame me for wanting to hold on for dear life? If we have to go back to the ground, so be it. Whatever it takes to be together. 

PAV: (PANICKED) No, no. I cannot go back to the ground. 

KENDALL: What are you, too good for it now? I didn't realize you were such a snob.

PAV: You wouldn't understand. 

KENDALL: You can tell me anything, but you won't. If there's something really holding us back, it's all on you. I'm willing to work through it. You're accusing me of doing something behind your back, but you're keeping things from me too. Drugs? What else?

PAV: I… I can't tell you.

KENDALL: You know what? Maybe you're right. Love isn't enough. All of the decisions I've made in this relationship have been for us. All the decisions you've made have been for you. 

[MUSIC - There is a low pulse growing over the conversation.]

PAV: That. Is not true. 

KENDALL: I've always been just one of your little girls to play pretend with and I bet you do this all the time. 

PAV: No, how can you even say that?

KENDALL: Hmm. So, Pavlima, tell me. How many other new recruits have you gone through? 

PAV: Look, who I’ve slept with is in the past and it’s none of your business. You have no right to use that as an excuse to decide my life for me.

[MUSIC - Windy sounding synths pulse deeper and deeper, louder and louder.]

KENDALL: When you look back on this relationship, know that my feelings were genuine. I love you. And you have to live with that.

[SFX - Kendall starts to walk away, opening the door.]

PAV: Kendall! Kendall!

[SFX - Suddenly, an explosion rocks the apartment, knocking Pav and her stuff to the floor.]

KENDALL: What the fuck was that?

[MUSIC - Chaotic music plays.]

[SFX - Helina coughs and walks through the streets, which are filled with screaming people. There are more explosions and shots far off.]

HELINA: What's going on?

SYLVIE: Helina, get out of here! Someone's attacking the city.

HELINA: What about you?

SYLVIE: I've got to stay and evacuate as many people as possible.

HELINA: Are you kidding me? These fanatics aren't worth it, Sylvie. Leave with me, I think I know somewhere safe.

SYLVIE: Wanda dammit, I'll not have you disrespecting my people so openly anymore. They took me in when I needed help, and I plan to do whatever it takes to protect them.

HELINA: Blindly following the Queen to the end?

SYLVIE: Get your head out of your ass and go.

[SFX - More screams as another explosions hits closer by.]

HELINA: Holy shit.

SYLVIE: Our defenses were never prepared for this.

HELINA: The ships... they look familiar.

SYLVIE: Are you kidding me? I've never seen anything like them.

HELINA: Just give me a second, I have to grab a few things.

SYLVIE: No, leave them behind!

[SFX - Helina runs off into the distance as another gunshot hits. The scene shifts to Argus’s heavy breath in a broom closet.]

[SFX - Argus opens the door and runs through the hallway, where everyone is screaming. He come up on a guard and speaks.]

[MUSIC - A low drone plays.]

ARGUS: What the hell’s going on?

[SFX - There are explosions still occurring in the distance.]

GUARD #2: (DISTANT) We've been looking for you.

ARGUS: Is that…?

GUARD #2: The East Tower. It's falling.

ARGUS: Do you know who's responsible for this?

GUARD #2: No, but they'll pay for the monstrous thing they've done on this sacred day, Wanda willing.

[SFX - The guard removes his helmet and robe.]

ARGUS: What are you doing?

GUARD #2: I'm taking this robe off. There's no point in wearing it now, I'll stick out like a sore thumb.

ARGUS: What do you mean?

GUARD #2: Look around you! We don't have the weapons to withstand an enemy like that. Do you see those ships? They're massive. They tore a hole in the sky as if they came from nowhere.

ARGUS: Which way should we go? Up or down? Where will we be safe?

GUARD #2: You think I could care less what happens to you? You're lucky I don't put you back in your cell where you belong. Fend for yourself!

[SFX - Other prisoners scream for help back where Argus came from.]

ARGUS: We have to get these prisoners out of here, we can't just leave them behind like this.

GUARD #2: Good luck with that, I'm headed to the elevators.

ARGUS: Wait, please! Hold on!

[SFX - The crowd pleads louder.]

ARGUS: Ah… dammit, hold on I’m coming with you!

[MUSIC - Ominous music takes us from the prison back to Helina’s tent.]

[SFX - Helina ruffles through her things, muttering to herself, trying to gather herself when another explosion hits.]

HELINA: Dammit!


[SFX - Helina leaves the tent and hears the chaos around her. People screaming, fires raging.]

HELINA: Sylvie!?


HELINA: (RUNNING TO HER FRIEND'S SIDE) What happened to you?

SYLVIE: (TAKING OFF HER HELMET) There was a kid, trapped underneath a fallen platform. When I lifted it off of him...

HELINA: No, no no no no no no no no...

SYLVIE: Yeah, it got me pretty good.

HELINA: (DESPERATE) I'm not leaving you behind. Let me help you up, grab on...

SYLVIE: (FAR AWAY SOUNDING) Helina, look at me. Even if you can get this out of my stomach, I'll bleed out...

HELINA: No. I refuse to believe that.

SYLVIE: (EARNEST) Do me a favor?

HELINA: Anything.

SYLVIE: In my right boot... there's a gun I can't reach. Hand it to me?

HELINA: (CRYING) To do what?

SYLVIE: I'd rather this be quick.

[MUSIC - Melancholic keyboards and strings begin to play.]

HELINA: Sylvie... Please... There must be another way. 

SYLVIE: There's no saving me now. It's only a matter of time. Just let me die with dignity. On my own terms. 

HELINA: (OPENLY CRYING) Oh, Sylvie... I love you. I know I've never showed it, not the right way, but I do. You've cared about me when I didn't care about myself. I don't know what I ever did to be worthy of a friend like you, but... thank you. Thank you for everything. 

SYLVIE: (SOBBING) I love you too, Helina. You've always been worthy, you just don't see yourself the way I do. I've been lucky to know you. 

[SFX - Helina hands Sylvie the gun, who goes into a coughing fit.]

[MUSIC - The score becomes much darker, foreboding.]

SYLVIE: What do you think you're doing?

HELINA: I won't leave you alone to die like this. I'm staying until the bitter end. 

SYLVIE: No. No, you're not. Please, Helina, if you're my friend you'll grant me this one last wish. Leave me in peace. Just... just tell my family that I died doing what I believed in. Protecting my beloved city... Windfall. 

HELINA: Sylv...

SYLVIE: Just go, dammit!

[SFX - Helina lets out a pained grunt.]

SYLVIE: Please.

HELINA: (WHISPERED) Goodbye, my friend. 

[SFX - Helina walks slowly away. A gunshot is heard.]


[SFX - Helina takes off running and begins mashing on an elevator button.]

HELINA: Come on... come on...

[SFX - The doors grind open.]

PAV: Helina?

HELINA: Get me off of this fucking tower. Now.

KENDALL: Who's this? Another ex?

PAV: Kendall, relax, she's a friend.

KENDALL: Well, what are you waiting for? Get in!

[SFX - Helina jumps on and the elevator begins descending. The sound shifts.]

[SFX - An unidentified ship lands. A ramp descends, as a group of heavy booted soldiers walk down it. After a moment, they hit a door with a battering ram]

[SFX - We shift perspective into Wanda’s castle. Wanda is whimpering.]

TIN MAN: Please stay calm, Wanda June. The approaching forces are friendly, rest assured.

WANDA: Friendly? Do you not see the destruction they have wrought already? The East Tower is destroyed! It’s destroyed. My beautiful amphitheater...

TIN MAN: How long have we known one another, Your Majesty? Have I ever led you astray?

WANDA: Well, not once.

TIN MAN: So please, have faith in me.

[SFX - The battering ram hits the door again and Wanda whimpers.]

TIN MAN: Everything is happening according to plan.

WANDA: This was never part of my plan! I wanted to get out for a few hours, see my people. Secure funding for the future of our city.

ROOT: (APPROACHING, FRIGHTENED) Yes, Tin Man, I'll have to agree with the Queen on this one.

TIN MAN: Captain Root, didn't we dismiss you already?

ROOT: I wanted to escort you personally to the ceremony, Your Majesty, so I stuck around in the foyer and had a front row seat to the devastation. Our anti-aircraft guns didn't stand a chance.

WANDA: It was like the attackers knew exactly where they were. Like they had precise knowledge of our defenses.

[SFX - A low hum creeps in.]

ROOT: Astounding, really.

WANDA: Tin Man, do you think it had anything to do with those signals I found last night?

[SFX - There’s several more knocks at the door with the battering ram. Wanda whimpers more.]

TIN MAN: Both of you may relax. I'm going to go let our guests in, and we'll all sit down and explain everything.

[MUSIC - Synth music begins to vamp up underneath.]

WANDA: You're going to do what? That's a terrible idea!

[SFX - The robot clanks off to answer the door.]

ROOT: We have to shut him down he’ll kill us all.

WANDA: Tin Man!

ROOT: Useless bucket of bolts…

WANDA: I… I forbid it! I forbid it!

ROOT: She’s forbidding it!

TIN MAN: Wanda June, I'd like to introduce you to someone very special.

WANDA: Who the hell are you?

[SFX - A series of boot prints approach.]

[MUSIC - A spooky melody soundtracks their approach.]

TIMMS: A friend.

WANDA: You're no friend of mine.

TIMMS: I beg to differ. You're Kurt and Jill's daughter, right? Charmed, I presume. BT9, I would like to commend you on all your excellent work.

TIN MAN: Thank you, Admiral Timms. I've done my very best.

WANDA: But… how… How did she know my parents?

TIMMS: Your parents' work brought us here, taught us about this place. And so did your time ruling over it.

ROOT: (FLUSTERED) Uh… May I introduce myself? My name is Captain Root, I've been working alongside Queen Wanda and her Tin Man... I mean BT9, for many years now.

TIMMS: I know all about what kind of slime you are. Take him away.

[SFX - Timms snaps her fingers and two men approach, grabbing him and cuffing him, pulling him away.]

[MUSIC - The score vamps even louder as he is dragged away.]

ROOT: What are you doing? I've done everything they've ever asked of me! This isn't right, I can be an asset to you! I'll do whatever you need...

TIMMS: Now... where were we?

[SFX - We shift to the sound of an elevator moving. A guard coughs, hyperventilating.]

ARGUS: Would you calm down? It's impossible to think in here.

GUARD #2: Look, kid. I let you off easy, but I have no problem kicking you off this lift.

ARGUS: (TERRIFIED) I'm just trying to figure out what is happening out there.

GUARD #2: I think it's fairly obvious.


GUARD #2: Grounder scum like you. There've been rumors of opposition forces amassing for months now. They want to take our land.

ARGUS: You mean the land that Wanda and the Wolfpac stole from us in the first place?

GUARD #2: You watch your tongue. I know what you are. 

[SFX - A hard punch into Argus’ gut, who coughs, spitting blood.]

ARGUS: (CRYING) You zealots are all the same. Groveling at the Queen's feet like cattle, no questions asked.

GUARD #2: That's it...

[SFX - The guard slams the elevator button, opening it and pulling him outside. There are fires burning, people screaming.]

ARGUS: No, wait! I'll shut up! Please take me back down with you!

GUARD #2: Down? We've been going up.

[MUSIC - Chaotic score begins to ramp up.]

ARGUS: Are you insane? There isn't going to be an up, soon!

GUARD #2: She is up. She'll know what to do.

ARGUS: I guarantee you she doesn't know anything about this.

GUARD #2: Oh, I hope you die painfully.

[SFX - The guard laughs maniacally as he reenters the elevator.]

ARGUS: No, no no no, please!

[SFX - The elevator door shuts and Argus slams a fist against it.]

ARGUS: (DESPAIRED) I have to get back to the ground. 

[SFX - A message chime plays, but the message is garbled and skipping.]

WANDA: Come and celebrate your… [illegible]… Contact… Contact Day is the place to be seen.

[SFX - We shift to someone running through a street. There are screams around, and he begins knocking heavily on a door.]

CAS: Shaima!

[SFX - Cas bangs on the door again.]

CAS: Shaima, if you're inside, open the fucking door!

[SFX - The door finally opens with the ding of a bell.]

SHAIMA: (SLURRING) Cas, what are you doing here? I told you to never come back!

CAS: Are you insane? Our shit doesn't matter when the sky's practically falling down. You need to follow me. Now. 

SHAIMA: I'm not going anywhere with you.

CAS: We need to find Gertie and get to Vern's stash.

SHAIMA: And do what exactly-

[SFX - Something clatters outside and Cas pushes past Shaima, into the shop. The door shuts and bell rings behind him.]

CAS: Let me inside, will you?

SHAIMA: How many times do I have to tell you...

CAS: Someone is attacking the city. We have to arm ourselves.

SHAIMA: What do you think a few silly little guns will do to whatever's out there? Way I see it, the city's about to be destroyed, us along with it, and good riddance.

CAS: Don't you see, this is exactly what Vern was waiting for! And he was right all along.

SHAIMA: Don't you fucking dare say his fucking name!

[SFX - Cas takes two steps forward.]

CAS: Listen to me, he knew something was going to happen, and it did!

SHAIMA: The only thing that happened was that you got him killed. And I'll never be able to forgive you.

CAS: We need to put that shit behind us and get to the sewers if we want to stay alive. Now.

SHAIMA: This, this is insane.

CAS: Come on. We need to get to that cache, and if you can't tell by what's going on around you, we're certainly not safe on the ground either.

SHAIMA: Okay fine... but this changes nothing.

[SFX - The sound of the elevator creeps back in. Helina punches the wall.]

HELINA: Dammit!

PAV: Helina, I am so glad you got out of there.

HELINA: (PAINED) I don't know why I'm always the one who survives.

PAV: Why do you say that?

HELINA: I just... I still can't believe it really happened. I can't believe any of this is really happening.

PAV: What are you talking about? What happened out there?

HELINA: Wait a minute... Pav, are you actually going back down to the surface? Are you sure that's safe?

KENDALL: What is she talking about, safe?

PAV: I don't know, but it's the only place that makes sense right now.

KENDALL: Why won't you tell me what's going on?

PAV: I will tell you, but not right now. 

HELINA: Who's the robe?

KENDALL: Name's Kendall.

HELINA: Don't I know you from somewhere?

KENDALL: Used to go to Gert's a lot. Surprised you'd remember me, the kinda lush you are.

HELINA: Oh... I think I know who you are, now. Friend of Cas'?

KENDALL: Yeah, what of it?

PAV: Helina, do you have any idea what's going on out there? We couldn't see anything from my place.

HELINA: Some sort of full-scale air assault. I have no idea who could be responsible... but whoever it is has a massive fleet that tore a hole in the sky. 

[SFX - The elevator grinds to a halt as another explosion flares outside.]

KENDALL: Pav, I hope you've got a fucking answer for that.

PAV: Relax, we're gonna get where we're going. I mean, power failures are a given, and the backup generator's only good for a few floors before it's gotta turn itself off and recharge.

KENDALL: We don't have time for that! This shaft might not last that long.

HELINA: I think we're alright, for now. From what I could see, the ships were focused on the East Tower and the Castle.

PAV: So... where do we go when we get there?

KENDALL: Don't worry about it, I've got people down there.

HELINA: I wouldn't be so sure about that anymore...

[MUSIC - Triumphant, doom ridden horns, strings, and drums play.]

[SFX - Timms takes a walk around the room.]

TIMMS: I've gotta say, I love what you've done with the place. These old chameleon transports used to look so drab. 

WANDA: Tin Man... what does she mean "we brought them here"? Haven't you looked outside? She's leveling everything my people have built.

TIN MAN: I wouldn't worry about it, Wanda.

TIMMS: Not everything. Only one of the main towers. Just enough so they know we're not fucking around.

WANDA: And on Contact Day, no less!

TIN MAN: It’s all part of the plan, as it were.

WANDA: What plan do you keep talking about?

TIN MAN: Why, Wanda June, it was just yesterday that you were telling me how lonely you were here among all of your subjects.

[MUSIC - Keyboards and strings begin playing, playfully at first before getting darker.]

WANDA: Yes... but people are dying. My people are dying. I never wanted this.

TIN MAN: Admiral Timms represents the second phase of what your parents came here for in the first place.

WANDA: And what was that?

TIMMS: To deliver us a new home. To find a place worth settling for humankind.

TIN MAN: To eventually reunite you with the people they left behind.

WANDA: You're not making any sense. You told me I was special... that I was the only one like me.

TIN MAN: That is an oversimplification, dear. I said that you were the only one like you here.

WANDA: Well, now my head is swirling. It’s swirling.

TIMMS: Why don't you go and take a rest? You've done some truly wonderful work, rounding up the locals for us. Earning their allegiance, but I assure you, I can take over from here.

TIN MAN: Yes, Wanda June, why don't you go up and watch of those videos you love so much? Your mother and father would be so proud.

WANDA: Of what, exactly? What would they be so proud of?

TIMMS: Giving humans a new place to colonize. One outfitted with an adoring populace more than willing to serve us, no less!

WANDA: Well I don't think I like the sound of that... I will stay right here, thank you very much.

TIMMS: Why not? It's the second chance we've needed for decades, since the fall of Earth.

WANDA: I need to be sure that Windfall City is safe, and that we can continue with the festival which we have worked VERY hard one. My people need to see that I'm alive and well, now more than ever.

TIMMS: (AMUSED) Oh, honey, you're mistaken.

WANDA: About what?

TIMMS: When I asked you to take a rest, I was simply being polite.

TIN MAN: I'm afraid she's right, Your Highness.

WANDA: What do you mean?

TIMMS: Your people won't be needing you at all, anymore. From now on, they answer to me.

[MUSIC - Dark, foreboding score plays.]

WANDA: But...

TIN MAN: Come on dear, let's get you back to your quarters. Corporal, I will be back once Wanda June is down for her nap.

WANDA: I do not want a bloody nap. I don't want this! What will they think of me if I bow down to you like some sort of loyal servant?

TIMMS: (LAUGHING MANIACALLY) Exactly what we want them to.

[Music - Dark, triumphant music plays.]

[SFX - Wanda is dragged away, pleading.]

[SFX - A bar door opens, there are crowd noises. Helina approaches.]

GERT: How the hell did you make it all the way down here in this mess, Helina?

HELINA: (PAINED) I had to get out of there... there's nothing left...

GERT: Who's the stranger?

HELINA: She's an old friend.

GERT: Could swear I’ve seen her from somewhere...

KENDALL: Is Cas around?

GERT: My nephew won't be having any more to do with you, Kendall.

KENDALL: Excuse me?

PAV: Hey, mind your manners, why don't you?

HELINA: Both of you shut up.

[SFX - Helina slams her fist on the table.]

HELINA: Gertie, somebody's attacking the city.

GERT: I gathered about that much. Figure I'll let the Wolves sort it out. 

HELINA: I don't know if the Wolves are going to be able to sort this one out. You've gotta clear this place out. We need somewhere to hide. And we need guns. 

GERT: You're talking loose-lipped in front of the last person I'd ever trust.

KENDALL: Ugh, this lady.

GERT: Why should I care what happens up there? My world isn't gonna end if I stay open while the nosebleeds deal with their own mess.

HELINA: Something much bigger than either of us ever could have imagined is up there. Vern was right all along. 

GERT: (GRUMBLING) Oh, this is ridiculous. What can we do? What can we do about any of it? Better to stay put. A captain goes down with her ship... and all that. 

HELINA: This doesn't have to be the end of us, though. We need to survive. I say down to the sewers. 


Everyone out. Go find a place to hide. There's no sense in dying today if we don't have to. 

[SFX - There’s a groaning as people leave the bar, then Gert presses a bunch of buttons and a hidden cupboard opens. She pulls a gun out from under the bar.]

HELINA: Fuck, Gertie. You got any more of those?

[MUSIC - Contemplative score begins to play.]

GERT: I thought you were some kind of pacifist?

HELINA: I'm a pacifist who wants to live. 

[SFX - Gertie tosses Helina a gun.]

KENDALL: What about us?

GERT: You're lucky you didn't have to leave with the others.

PAV: Excuse me?

HELINA: Really, where is Cas? Is he safe?

GERT: Follow me, he'll meet us.

KENDALL: Why what's wrong?

GERT: Like you don't know all about it, turncoat.

PAV: Alright, lady, I can read a room, something tragic's happened, but that doesn't mean you need to be disrespectful to my friend.

KENDALL: Friend?

GERT: Do you really think it's a good idea to piss off your ticket out of here?

PAV: Point taken.

GERT: Now get down there, we ain't got all day.

[SFX - Gert presses a few buttons and a secret door opens up.]

KENDALL: Into the sewers?

GERT: Did I stutter?

PAV: C’mon, let’s just go.

[SFX - Pav and Kendall walk away, descending a ladder.]

HELINA: Gert, I can't thank you enough for taking us in.

GERT: Don't mention it.

HELINA: So... what's next?

GERT: Follow me, you'll see.

[SFX - We move to the sound of the sewers and two more people descending a stairway.]

CAS: Okay, here it is.

SHAIMA: This is stupid. I can't believe we're here.

CAS: Relax. We're safer down here anyways.

[SFX - More dull thuds as Cas opens the secret door to Vern’s cache and hands him a gun.]

CAS: Here, take this.

SHAIMA: No way. I want nothing to do with your ridiculous plans.

CAS: Will you just shut up already and take one?

SHAIMA: These guns, it makes me sick to look at them. Vern...

CAS: I know... Vern's death really did a number on you, Shaima, but I'm hurting too. He's the only semblance of a parent we had and now he's gone.

SHAIMA: It wouldn't be this way if both you and Argus had just kept your heads down like I'd asked. We wouldn't be in this mess.

CAS: But Vern was right all along. That's what I keep trying to tell you, Shaim. He was right not to give up. His death, it doesn't have to be in vain. Look what he died for.

SHAIMA: Right, what a saint. Saint Vernon the Martyr, we'll call him one day.

CAS: You're joking now, but this could mean everything.

[SFX - There’s the sound of Gert and the others approaching.]

GERT: Well, hello boys. Looks like we all had the same idea.

SHAIMA: What is she doing here.

[SFX - Shaima cocks his gun and points it at Kendall.]

PAV: Hey, hey! Don't you dare point that thing at Kendall.

SHAIMA: I'll do what I damn well please. She's the one who got my uncle murdered.


SHAIMA: Oh, you didn't hear? Mila came for Vern because of you. Now everyone in my family has a price on their heads.

KENDALL: Is that true, Cas?

HELINA: We watched her do it.

CAS: (ANGRY) What did you think would happen?

SHAIMA: Enough! I don't care what she has to say! Vern's death is on her hands.

PAV: If you hurt her it'll be the last thing you do.

GERT: You won't lay a hand on my nephew. 

PAV: Then tell him to stop pointing that fucking gun at my girlfriend. 


[MUSIC - Strings pulse beneath.]

KENDALL: I thought Root would take care of it. I...I thought there would be more missions, but he didn't listen to me. He just wanted to impress Wanda. He didn't care about the ground or anything else.

SHAIMA: Well, that's what you get for turning your back on your people and joining up with the Wolfpac.


SHAIMA: You're a traitor as far as I'm concerned.

PAV: No one talks to her that way. Look, I have heard enough false accusations, as if she had any choice in the matter.

SHAIMA: What's that supposed to mean? Everyone has a choice. All we do is make choices.

KENDALL: Can we focus on the matter at hand? I can explain myself later, but right now something bigger than me and Isaac and Vern is happening.

HELINA: She’s right.

PAV: Look, someone's attacking Windfall and I think it's best to be prepared because, whoever they are, they're certainly not on our side.

GERT: That's right.

SHAIMA: Did you see the kind of firepower they're working with?

HELINA: The city’s in ruins.

PAV: Fucking mess.

SHAIMA: My point exactly. Vern's gun stash is impressive for the ground, but it's nothing compared to that. Is everyone taking crazy pills here but me?

HELINA: Those ships, they looked familiar... they looked like Wolfpac ships.


PAV: No...

SHAIMA: The Wolfpac attacking the city? They have been locking people up for weeks now.

HELINA: The number of cuffs they've been making lately has been astronomical. They’re taking people in for sneezing. 

GERT: Do you think they did it on purpose?

KENDALL: Do you even hear yourselves? What would be the point in destroying that tower? The Wolfpac thrives on strict, bureaucratic order. 

SHAIMA: See, she'll defend them through and through. I want her out.

KENDALL: Ugh, I'm not defending them. I'm just saying, it's not their style, and those ships are too powerful. The Wolfpac doesn't stand a chance against them. 

CAS: Why would they do this? Those ships are destroying everything they've worked to build. This is something else. Someone else entirely. 

PAV: Someone worse than the wolves?

SHAIMA: Maybe they've come to liberate us?

[SFX - Everyone laughs at that.]

SHAIMA: Maybe they're from the Reaches. 

HELINA: No...no. We don't have that kind of technology back home. 

CAS: I think it's safe to assume that whoever they are, it'll be bad for the ground. It always is. 

GERT: Which is exactly why we need to be ready.

SHAIMA: Seriously? You too Gert?

GERT: Yes, me too. Vern was right. 

CAS: Thank you. 

SHAIMA: No, look what's happened to everyone who tried to do it that way. Look what just happened to Vern. 

CAS: You want to bow down again. Aren't you sick of living like this?

SHAIMA: At least I'm living. 

GERT: Have you forgotten about your brother? This could be our chance to free Argus!

[MUSIC - Hopeful score begins to play.]

SHAIMA: Of course not.

GERT: I wasn't here when your parents died, and I'll never be able to forgive myself for that, but I can be here for you boys now. I won't leave Argus to fend for himself. If there's a chance that he's still alive, then we need to get him out.

CAS: It's time the ground made another stand. Now's our chance.

GERT: Yes!

CAS: If we don't take it, then we're agreeing to remain slaves for the rest of time. We're condemning our children to live this life.

KENDALL: Look, I'm not sure about all that, but you're right that whoever is in those ships is bad news. We need to be prepared for anything.

PAV: I am not going back to my old life, but I agree with Gert, it's time for a new one.

HELINA: They killed Sylvie, It's their fault she's...

GERT: It's settled then, right here and now, we make a stand. First thing's first, though, let's round up people and get them to safety. What happens next is anyone's guess, best not to be taken by surprise.


HELINA: For Sylvie…

GERT: For Vern…

CAS: Here…

PAV: Thanks.

[SFX - Cas begins handing guns all around.]

CAS: Kendall…


CAS: Shaim…

SHAIMA: This is stupid.

CAS: Gert, wait. Are we really doing this?

GERT: It's about time that we did. It's what I've been waiting for all these years. You think I came here to open a bar and live out the rest of my days quietly? I gave up my life out there in the world to free my boys and to free my people.

CAS: Alright, let's go.

[MUSIC - Triumphant music reaches a crescendo, ending the episode.]

ADAM RAYMONDA: Windfall is a Rogue Dialogue Production. It was written and directed by Bob Raymonda and Christie Donato.

Sound design, mix, and score by Adam Raymonda.

Additional audio editing by LeeAnn Patrick.

We’d like to thank the additional musicians who recorded for this season. Gabriella Evergreen on cello, Jared Treanor on drums, and Pavlina Horakova on vocals. 

Here’s our main cast in order of appearance: 

Graham Rowat…FLIP COSTAS
Emily Battles…HELINA
Nadia Levin…SYLVIE
Jess Clark...WANDA JUNE
Michael Larkin…TIN MAN
Josh Rubino…ROOT
Mallory Roach…KENDALL
Clare Lopez…PAVLIMA
Marcus Stewart…ARGUS
Stephen Paunovski…WOLFPAC GUARD
Krystal Osborne…TIMMS
Cornelius Mohr…CAS
Mu-Shaka Benson…SHAIMA
Sheierel Morurdant…GERT           

Additional Voices by:

Emily Hulsizer
Alyssa Otoski-Keim
Heather Rosenthal
Issac Betters   
Liam FItzpatrick
Lizzie Goldsmith
Krystal Osborne
Tallon Larham

Casting Direction by Clare Lopez.

Produced by Bob Raymonda, Christie Donato, and Adam Raymonda with additional production assistance on this episode from Krystal Osborne and Michael Paunovski.

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