Episode 1.09 transcript - “Wasting away”

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Windfall is intended for a mature audience. This episode includes adult language, drug usage, depictions of physical violence, and gun violence. Listener discretion is advised.

[MUSIC - Windfall Theme plays.]


[SFX - Slow footsteps through the city streets. Helina whistles, until she hears Cas grumbling. She rushes over to him.]

CAS: He..help...

HELINA: Cas, what the hell happened to you?

HELINA: Come here, don't move so fast.   

CAS: No, I have to go...have to…have to tell them.

HELINA: About what?

CAS: That they're next.

HELINA: Who did this?

CAS: It doesn't matter. Just help me.

[SFX - Cas grunts, struggling to get up. Helina rushes to his side to help him.]

HELINA: You need to let me take a look at you. I'll patch you up.

CAS: Not now, we need to get back to the shop.

HELINA: Alright...

CAS: What're you doing down here this early?

[SFX - Cas and Helina walk slowly away together.]

HELINA: This close to the festival I pick up a shipment from your more unsavory friends.

CAS: (PAINED CHUCKLE) Illegal flowers?

HELINA: Something like that.

[SFX - Cas stumbles and starts coughing.]

HELINA: You need a break?

CAS: No, it's not much further.

HELINA: What's your brother going to say about this?

CAS: To be honest I couldn't care less.

[SFX - Their footsteps stop outside of the shop. Cas begins banging on the door.]

SHAIMA: (MUFFLED) Can't you see the sign? We're closed today! Come back in the morning.

CAS: (SMACKING THE DOOR AGAIN) Open the door, it's me.

SHAIMA: Hold on, Hold on.

[SFX - The door swings open and the bell dings.]

[MUSIC - Dissonant synths begin to play.]

SHAIMA: Cas! Are you okay?

CAS: Yeah, never been better. Could you get out of the way?

SHAIMA: Of course...

[SFX - Cas and Helina enter the shop.]

[MUSIC - The synths swell.]

[SFX - Heavy bootsteps walk down a hallway.]

PRISONER 1: Please, please c’mon. Guard guard, come over here, come here. I can pay you. Please, no, please!

PRISONER 2: Let us out!

PRISONER 3: (DESPERATE) Please just get me out of here. I can’t stay in here any longer. I can’t stay in here anymore. Please… no wait, come back, come back! Please, don’t!

[SFX - The sound shifts to Argus walking around his cell, while Isaac does push ups. Outside of their cell is still chaos.]

ISAAC: Walking around like that's not getting us outta here any faster, kid.

ARGUS: And working out will?

ISAAC: Gotta keep in shape, don't wanna be wasting away when we've got our chance.

ARGUS: Our chance for what?

ISAAC: To escape.

ARGUS: No, you don't understand. I'm in here by mistake. If I could just talk to Wanda, I'm positive she'd let me out.

ISAAC: Have you looked around here lately? Nobody's been to a hearing in days. Every one of these cells is double booked. Somethin's goin' on, and I'll bet her Majesty don't know shit about it.

ARGUS: It has sounded pretty crowded around here...

ISAAC: So, what do you say? You sweet talk that guard friend of yours into opening this cage, and I'll do the rest.

ARGUS: I don't think that's such a good idea, Isaac.

[SFX - Isaac walks over and puts a hand on Argus’ shoulder, stopping his pacing.]

ISAAC: Look at me.

ARGUS: What?

ISAAC: If your brother were here, he'd do this for me.

ARGUS: And your point?

ISAAC: Are you going to be strong like Cas, like your father was? Or will you stand by and watch this city be stolen from you like your spineless Uncle Vernon?

ARGUS: (SHOUTING) Don't you talk about my family like that. You don't know anything, you're just a greedy old man.

ISAAC: A greedy old man who knows how to stay strong, to keep the people around him safe from the Wolves.

ARGUS: Look at how well that worked out for you.

ISAAC: This was a fluke, and if you man up now, I'll let you into my inner circle.

[SFX - Argus begins to walk away.]

[MUSIC - Ominous strings and synths begin to play.]

ARGUS: That doesn't sound like such a good idea.

ISAAC: It's what your mother and father would have wanted.

ARGUS: Let me ask you something, if you were such a good friend of theirs, why aren't you fucking dead? Huh? Why did my brothers and I grow up orphans, while you've been just fine? Tell me that, and I'll consider helping you.

ISAAC: You're too young to understand the past, kid.

[MUSIC - The strings swell further.]

ARGUS: I'm plenty old enough.

ISAAC: Fine, you really want to know what happened to your parents? Why your Uncle and I were left behind?

ARGUS: Of course, I do.

ISAAC: In the last days of the fight. When it was obvious that the resistance was failing, we were given a choice.

ARGUS: What choice was that?

ISAAC: Bow down or die. Cease all operations, and pledge our allegiance to the Queen. Who mind you, was a preteen at that point.

ARGUS: You surrendered?

ISAAC: Of course, I did. My head's too pretty to get separated from my shoulders.

ARGUS: And mom and dad?

ISAAC: They couldn't do it. I tried to convince them that it was a temporary solution, that if we waited a year or two, we'd be able to rebuild. But to them, a life without their freedom was a life they refused to live.

ARGUS: But what about us...

ISAAC: They knew you'd be safe with that uncle of yours.

ARGUS: And Vern? Where was he during all of this?

ISAAC: Bent the knee the second any of us made contact. Loved Wanda. Was convinced he'd be able to make himself a wealthy man in the Wolves' company, as long as he was their loyal lapdog.

ARGUS: That can't be true. Vern hates the Wolves. I've heard enough.

ISAAC: Suit yourself, kid. Your parents died heroes and between your Uncle n' me, there's one of us who's chosen to just get by and one of us who's kept resisting the Wolfpac every step of the way.

ARGUS: How do you expect me to believe you?

ISAAC: It's no skin off my back if you don't. I just think you deserve better than that sniveling coward. Answer me this, Argus, if you're so confident that Vernon did the right thing, why hasn't he ever told you his side of any of this?

ARGUS: He said that it wouldn't do anybody any good to go dredging up the past like that.

ISAAC: And Cas?

ARGUS: Cas doesn't like to talk about them.

ISAAC: Argus, you stand by me, and I'll turn you into the kind of man they'd be proud of.

ARGUS: Okay...

ISAAC: Scuse me?

ARGUS: I'll help you get out.

[SFX - Isaac smacks the metal bench next to him, laughing.]

ISAAC: Now that's what I like to hear, boy. Sit down, let me tell you more about your folks...

[MUSIC - The strings swell one final time.]

[SFX - Pav’s communicator rings. Kendall walks through the hallways, approaching.]

PAV: (VOICEMAIL) - Hey, it’s Pav. I’m busy as usual so leave me a message and I’ll get back to you if I feel like it.

KENDALL: Hi Pav... I'm sorry I know I keep calling, I just really need to see you. It's been days since I've heard from you. I'm on the way over. I'm sure you're just busy and not paying attention to your communicator, but this will only take a minute.

[SFX - The sound of the voicemail cuts, and then the doorbell rings. Kendall begins to knock.]

KENDALL: Pav? Open up! We need to talk. Dammit Pav, fuck my keys.

[SFX - Pav coughs for a minute but makes no move to open up. The perspective shifts to Kendall outside, reaching for her keys. Finally, she opens it and the door beeps open.]

KENDALL: Pav! Pav! What's wrong? What are you doing on the ground!

[MUSIC - Stressful string music plays intensely over the scene.]

[SFX - Pav coughs. Kendall’s footsteps as she rushes to Pav’s side.]

KENDALL: Oh, fuck, you're foaming at the mouth... what do you need, what can I do?

PAV: (DELIRIOUS) Over... over there...

[SFX - Kendall gets up, crosses the room, and picks up a pill bottle.]

KENDALL: What the fuck is this?

PAV: Just...medi-

[SFX - Kendall opens the bottle and shakes it.]

KENDALL: Shit, I know what this is.

PAV: Just...one...

KENDALL: Fucking fuck, Pav, if you take one more of these you'll be dead. No.

[SFX - Kendall fills a glass of water and brings it to her.]

KENDALL: Drink this instead. Come on.

[SFX - Kendall tries to sit Pav up, giving her the glass of water. ]

PAV: No I...I need another.

[SFX - Pav takes a sip and starts coughing. Kendall crosses the room]

KENDALL: Come on.

PAV: I, I can’t… please… I…

[SFX - Kendall opens the door to the bathroom and dumps the pills into the toilet.]

PAV: (PANICKING) Kendall, you're gonna kill me, what did you do?

KENDALL: Now throw up.

PAV: No, no, I needed one more to stabilize.

KENDALL: If you don't stick your finger down your throat right now I'm going to do it for you.

PAV: (WEEPING) Kendall?

[SFX - Pav vomits into the toilet, coughing and moaning.]

KENDALL: It’s going to be okay… just breathe.

[SFX - The toilet flushes.]

KENDALL: Come on, let me help you to bed.

PAV: I have to get back to work. You don't.. you don’t understand, Root is gonna send me back to the ground. I can't go back there. 

KENDALL: You know what...fuck Root. I'm gonna take care of you. 

[SFX - Pav lightly sobs as they cross the room to the bed.]

[MUSIC - Piano and string music take us out of the scene.]

[SFX - Helina rustles through her bag, muttering to herself.]

HELINA: What do I have in here?

SHAIMA: What did you do?

CAS: Doing great, brother, thanks.

SHAIMA: No, I'm serious. I want to know. I swear to Wanda, Cas. If you can't keep yourself outta trouble I can't have you staying here anymore.

CAS: Maybe you should say the same thing to Vernon.

SHAIMA: You leave him the fuck out of this.

SHAIMA: He's done nothing but care for us, our whole lives.

CAS: The people who did this to me... Shaima, he's been borrowing money from them for years.

SHAIMA: These troubles started the day you took your first job with Isaac, that traitor.

[SFX - Helina continues to rustle through her bag, pulling out bandages.]

CAS: That traitor listened to me. Let me pay off some of Vern's debts with my cut of collections. Things were going alright for awhile, until...


CAS: Until I just had to go and fuck it all up by helping Kendall arrest him.

SHAIMA: You did what?!

CAS: She joined the Wolfpac. She has got a lot of dirt on me. I'm caught between a rock and a hard place.

SHAIMA: Just when I thought that you couldn't do anything to put this family in any more danger than you already have. I can't fucking believe you.

HELINA: Boys, will you calm down? Shaima, if you can't talk with a level head while I clean him up, can you at least go get me some water and a rag?


[SFX - Shaima corsses the room. Vernon opens the door and comes out.]

VERNON: What's with all the ruckus?

SHAIMA: It's nothing, Vern. Don't worry about it.

[SFX - Shaima gets a bucket from the cupboard and fills it with water.]

VERNON: Wanda dammit, Cas, what happened to you?

CAS: Vern... I did my best, but we have to give Mila the guns.

VERNON: Over my dead body.

CAS: Would you look at what they've done to me? She's a Wanda damned animal, Vern. She let me live but promised the rest of you wouldn't be so lucky. It's the only way to end this mess.

VERNON: Those guns are for you, Argus, and Shaima. Let her try to come take them away. I'll stop her.

CAS: It won't work like that.

[SFX - Helina dips a wash cloth into the water and rings it out.]

SHAIMA: I'm amazed that I'm about to say this, but I agree with Cas. Getting rid of those things might just let us get everything back to normal around here.

VERNON: Don't you see? We have those guns specifically so things don't have to go back to normal!

HELINA: I think I'm picking up what you're putting down, gramps.

VERNON: Where's Gertie? She should be here for this.

HELINA: The day she closes early is the day the world ends.

VERNON: And you are?

HELINA: Helina. A friend of Gertie's.

VERNON: Pleasure, I'm sure. From the Reaches?

HELINA: I am. 

CAS: (GRUNTING) You were saying?

VERNON: Right. These guns, boys, are here so we can pick up where your parents left off. So we can put down those nasty Wolves and take back what's ours.

SHAIMA: Oh, not this again.

VERNON: Choose to be blind all you want, boy, but if a reckoning is coming for Windfall City. Isaac, Mila and their goons be-damned. I'd happily die for this. Hell, I should've died for this a long time ago.

SHAIMA: No, Vern, you shouldn't have died for anything. You think Mom and Dad made the right choice, leaving us behind? They were selfish martyrs and the second you get that through your head is when we can finally move on.

VERNON: You don't know what you're talking about. And I won't have you spit on their graves like that. Cas, let me talk to Mila.

CAS: What are you saying?

VERNON: Bring me to her, just don't tell them about the weapons. You'll need those. Trust me on that.

CAS: I don't think you understand. If I do that they're not gonna leave you breathing like they did me.

HELINA: The man's got his mind made up.

SHAIMA: And who are you to say anything about all of this? Cas, call your colleagues and we'll show them to the sewers. That's the only way forward.

VERNON: Shaim, will you take your head out of your ass and listen to me, dammit? We have the advantage here for once in our Wanda damn lives, and I will not let some conniving brat ruin...

[SFX - In the middle of Vern’s speech, Mila slams open the door and walks calmly in. The bells jingles.]

[MUSIC - Dissonant synths play.]

MILA: My goodness, listen to all the shouting. This isn't quite the happy familial scene I was expecting. Although it does look like we're missing, what? 1...2... Argus and Gertie? That's okay, we'll carry on without them, shall we?

SHAIMA: (SARCASTIC) Mila, how nice of you to drop by!

HELINA: It'd be better if the three of you left. Now. The boys here are dealing with private family matters.

MILA: Have you hired yourself some muscle, Cassie? She's much prettier than Kendall, I'll give you that much. Of course, looks aren't everything.

[SFX - Mila’s goons laugh.]

CAS: Mila, if you'll just let me speak for a minute I...

[MUSIC - Strings begins to swell.]

MILA: You and I both know how this is going to play out.

VERNON: Listen here, little lady. I'm the man you're looking for. Leave the rest of them out of this.

MILA: You've got one thing right, Vernon.

VERNON: And what's that?

MILA: You are just the man I'm looking for.

[MUSIC - The music cuts abruptly.]

[SFX - Mila pulls out a gun and shoots Vernon dead, who drops to the ground.]


HELINA: (SHRIEKING) You killed him!

[SFX - Cas knocks his chair over, standing.]

CAS: (BLOOD CURDLING SCREAM) I'll fucking end you!

MILA: (LAUGHING) I'd like to see you try. Come on, boys. We've had enough excitement for one night. But don't worry you two, we'll be back again for round two.

[SFX - Mila’s goons laugh as they turn and walk out the door, the bells jingling for a long time.]

HELINA: Cas... Shaima... I'm so sorry.


SHAIMA: (SHOUTING) Get the fuck out. Both of you, just get out.

CAS: Shaim...

SHAIMA: No, Cas. I'm not kidding this time, you're not welcome here anymore. This is all your fault.

HELINA: This is Mila's fault. Don't put this on your brother. 


[SFX - Helina struggles to help Cas to his feet, pulling him out the door.]

CAS: Agh, fuck…

HELINA: You’re okay, c’mon.

[SFX - The bell dings one last time as they walk away.]

SHAIMA: (WEEPING) You dumb bastard...

[MUSIC - Soft, contemplative music takes us away from the scene.]

[SFX - The sound of a computer being used and dinged with.]


[SFX - The door slides open.]

WANDA: Tin Man? 

TIN MAN: It's just me, Wanda June.

WANDA: You scared me. I guess I'm a little distracted.

TIN MAN: Looking at old photos again? 

WANDA: It is that time of year...

TIN MAN: Of course. I know how emotional this time is for you. 

WANDA: No, you don't know. You're a robot. 

TIN MAN: I can understand, in theory, that this time is a difficult one for you, Wanda June. Sentient, warm-blooded creatures, like yourself, tend to experience intense bouts of passion, stunningly often, you are no different.

WANDA: But I am different. That's the problem. 

TIN MAN: You're special.


TIN MAN: Of course, that's why you're the Queen. 

WANDA: I've been looking through the database recently...

TIN MAN: Wanda, we've talked about this...

WANDA: I know, but what else am I supposed to do? I have no real friends. No one to talk to, other than you. And I miss them. 

TIN MAN: Your parents would not wish you to suffer the way you do now. They would have been pleased with the life you've made. 

WANDA: Then why do I feel so alone? 

TIN MAN: You're surrounded by people who worship you. 

WANDA: Yes, it's true. I am surrounded by people. I am the least alone person in the known worlds.

TIN MAN: So what's the problem, dear?

WANDA: I... noticed something in the system the other day. A signal has been bouncing off of our satellites. And it's just a blip, hardly anything to go off of, but I thought maybe if I circumvented the main security-

TIN MAN: Wanda, this is nonsense. I know you miss your parents, especially right now, but what could you possibly think you've found? 

WANDA: Well I just thought...

TIN MAN: Your fragile brain is creating something out of nothing, again. Remember what we talked about? Patterns?

WANDA: Yes, yes. My brain automatically seeks out patterns, and it doesn't always mean something. 

TIN MAN: Exactly. You're too smart for your own good, Wanda June. 

WANDA: I wish I was smart enough to find the rest of the videos my parents uploaded before they disappeared. It looks like someone removed them, but I can't imagine who, or why. Why would anyone do that? 

TIN MAN: It may not have been malicious. 

WANDA: I suppose you're right.  I’m tired now. Tell the story of my coronation again, Tin Man. It's my favorite one. 

[SFX - Wanda yawns heavily.]

TIN MAN: Of course, Wanda June. I enjoy hearing it as well. 
It was a warm day with the faintest hint of an early summer breeze blowing through the clouds when...

[SFX - Fade out on Tin Man’s voice. Footsteps cross a room while a communicator rings.]

ROOT: Ah, yes, Kendall? Any news for me?

KENDALL: Yes, as a matter of fact, I do.

ROOT: Alright, I'm listening.

KENDALL: I'm calling to tell you that Pavlima quits.

ROOT: Excuse me?

KENDALL: I said, she quits. She can't fill this stupid order and, frankly, she doesn't even want to anymore.

ROOT: (AMUSED) Uh...may I speak with Pavlima?

KENDALL: She is indisposed at the moment, but don't you worry, when she wakes up she'll call and tell you herself.

ROOT: Really?

KENDALL: Yes, she will. So you know what that means. 

ROOT: I'm not sure I know what any of this means, recruit.

KENDALL: You no longer have any control over us being together. 

ROOT: Well, I don't know about that...she's now someone whose left a contract with the Wolves, very suddenly. I don't think you understand what that means for her. 

[MUSIC - Ominous scor creeps in.]

KENDALL: You mean the contract you've been threatening to break for the past month?

ROOT: The very one.

KENDALL: That's...that's not fair.

ROOT: I see you didn't think this one through, so let me explain something to you. If Pavlima breaks her contract with Queen Wanda and the Wolves she'll be imprisoned. You don't want her there. First of all, your old boss is in there, and I promise you don't want Isaac and Pavlima to come face to face-

KENDALL: What does that mean?

ROOT: Second, the Queen is so backed up on hearings lately that I couldn't promise Pav would even have her hearing for at least half a year.

KENDALL: Imprisoned?

ROOT: I can pretend that none of this happened, I can even release Pavlima from her contract, but I need you to give me something in return. If you are serious about this. About her. After all, I told you to come to me if you need any help. 

KENDALL: What do you want from me? I already brought you Isaac.

ROOT: Isaac's not the only criminal you were associated with on the ground.

KENDALL: No one else will come anywhere's near me after what I've done. 

ROOT: What about the young one? That boy who helped you take down Isaac?

KENDALL: I... don't know who you mean. 

ROOT: Yes, your old accomplice. He was there the night we first picked you up. 

KENDALL: What do you want with him? He's nobody.

ROOT: I wouldn't say that, Kendall. If we're trying to clean up these streets. Any criminal, even an underling, can be crucial. It sends a message to the rest of them.

KENDALL: I just... Cas isn't a real criminal. He's like me. He just picked up some work from Isaac to get by.

ROOT: You were forgiven for your previous deeds because you cooperated with us. Perhaps he will do the same. Besides, it's the only way I'm willing to release Pavlima from her contract. Give me Cas, and she's free to go. 

KENDALL: I can't...

ROOT: Pavlima owes me several more robes still and she's not on track to finish her order by the scheduled date. She was going to be in violation of her contract without your help. 


ROOT: Good. You've saved Pavlima from a lot of trouble, Kendall.


[SFX - The communicator cuts. Pav stirs from across the room.]

PAV: Root?


PAV: Is everything alright?

KENDALL: Yes, everything's fine. Go back to bed.

[MUSIC - The Wolfpac Theme begins to play.]

ARGUS: Sylvie! Sylvie! Come here!

SYLVIE: Argus, what is it?

ARGUS: I need you to tell me when I'm getting out of here.

SYLVIE: Whenever Wanda wills it.

ARGUS: You don't understand. Every year for Contact Day my family and I have a memorial for my parents at my aunt's bar. If I'm not home in time to help them out with...

SYLVIE: I'm sorry, my hands are tied. There's always next year.

ARGUS: No, that's not good enough!

[SFX - Argus punches the wall and Sylvie chuckles.]

SYLVIE: I like you kid, but you've been spending a bit too much time with that brute over there. 

ISAAC: Say that again, bitch.

SYLVIE: You heard me, old man.

ISAAC: Argus, get out of the way.

ARGUS: Isaac, relax, I'm talking here.

ISAAC: Argus.

[SFX - Argus steps aside and Isaac throws his body into the plasma bars of the cell.]


SYLVIE: (LAUGHING) You are one daft bastard.

ISAAC: I'm going to wipe that nasty smile right off of your fat face.

SYLVIE: That's it, I've had enough.

[SFX - The plasma bars clatter open and Sylvie ignites her plasma baton. Isaac knocks it clattering to the ground and the two begin to struggle.]

ISAAC: Argus, you idiot, run.

SYLVIE: (STRUGGLING) You really think listening to him right now is the right thing?

[SFX - Sylvie and Argus continue to struggle.]

ARGUS: (SHOUTING BACK) I'm sorry, Sylvie, but I've gotta go.

SYLVIE: Dammit, go get him!

[SFX - Argus runs down the hall and an alarm starts ringing off. Further off, we hear Isaac cry out as Argus opens a door and shoves himself into a broom closet.]

[MUSIC - Energetic synths pull us out and turn into contemplative piano.]

[SFX - The door to Gert’s opens and Cas and Helina walk in. Cas crying.]

GERT: What the fuck happened?

HELINA: It's... it's better it comes from him.

CAS: Gertie he's dead, he's gone, I tried to convince him that we could stop them but it wasn't enough.

GERT: Vernon?


GERT: I don’t understand… Helina, I need you to leave.

HELINA: But I was there, Gertie. I saw it happen.

GERT: That doesn't matter right now. I need to be alone with my nephew.

HELINA: Whatever you say...

CAS: Don't make her go, Gertie... she saved me.

GERT: I don't care. She can come back later. You n' I need to talk in private.

[MUSIC - Piano and strings play somberly.]

HELINA: Hang in there, Cas. You're a good man. Vern knew it, ol' Gert here knows it, and someday your brother'll realize it too...

CAS: Thanks.

GERT: Time to go, hon.

HELINA: (PAUSES FOR A MOMENT, KISSES CAS' CHEEK) Goodbye, Cas. I'll be back to check on you.

[SFX - Helina’s footsteps walking away are slow. She opens the door and leaves.]

GERT: You take your time, Cas. But I'm going to need to know everything.

CAS: Of... of course.

[SFX - Gert opens a beer and slides it down the bar to him.]

GERT: But first, have a drink. You've had a long fucking day.


GERT: To Vernon.

[SFX - The door opens and MIla enters with her goons.]

HENCHMAN 1: Mila, would you look who it is?

MILA: Cas, you're every-fucking-where tonight, aren't you? This time, I came to speak with your aunt, though.

CAS: Mila. How dare you come anywhere near here after what you just did.

MILA: Business is business, love. Vern's lucky he had you paying off his debt all this time. He should've been taken care of a long time ago.

CAS: (SHOUTING) I'm gonna fucking kill you.

HENCHMAN 1: Give me one reason to take you out, Cas.

HENCHMAN 2: I dare you.

GERT: Mila, your father and I have had an agreement for ten years. I don't tolerate any violence here. From anyone. Now, get out before I change my mind.

MILA: I'm not sure if you've heard, but my dear daddy is out of the picture now, thanks to Cassie here. I may be a little new at this whole thing, but I don't much care for these rules.

CAS: Gertie, let me handle this.

MILA: Trust me, Gertie, you don't want that.

[SFX - Cas throws his chair rushing them.]

[MUSIC - Industrial sounding synths pulse.]

GERT: Cas, no!

[SFX - There’s a struggle as bottles clank and fists fly. Gertie pulls out a gun and cocks it.]

GERT: Hey, that’s enough!

MILA: ...Interesting. And where exactly did you get that pretty little toy?

GERT: Just like you. I know someone.

MILA: Do you even know how to use that thing?


MILA: Point taken, we'll go, for now. But don't you think for a second that this is over.

CAS: You're Wanda-damned right it isn't.

[SFX - Mila and her goons walk away, opening the door and leaving.]

GERT: This isn't gonna be pretty, nephew.

CAS: No... it's not.

[MUSIC - Credits music begins to play.]

ADAM RAYMONDA: Windfall is a Rogue Dialogue Production. It was written and directed by Bob Raymonda and Christie Donato. Sound design, mix, and score by Adam Raymonda. Additional audio editing by LeeAnn Patrick.

Here’s our main cast in order of appearance:

Emily Battles…HELINA

Cornelius Mohr…CAS

Mu-Shaka Benson…SHAIMA

Marcus Stewart…ARGUS

Michael Antico…ISAAC

Mallory Roach…KENDALL

Clare Lopez…PAVLIMA

Bob Frame…VERNON

Vanessa Vaché…MILA


Michael Larkin…TIN MAN

Josh Rubino…ROOT

Nadia Levin…SYLVIE

Sheirel Mordaunt…GERTIE

Additional voices by Michael Paunovski, Tina Daniels, Sarah Wheatley, Kirsty Woolven, D.J. Sylvis, and Cole Burkhardt.

Casting Direction by Clare Lopez.

Produced by Bob Raymonda, Christie Donato, Adam Raymonda, and Michael Paunovski.

Our graphic artist is Sam Twardy.

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