Episode 1.08 transcript - “Consequences”

ADAM RAYMONDA: Windfall is intended for a mature audience. This episode includes depictions of torture and physical violence, discussions of mental health, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

[MUSIC - Windfall Theme plays.]

[SFX - There’s garbled feedback.]

TIN MAN: (FAR OFF) Welcome to your re-education, Helina.

HELINA: (COUGHING) Wh..where are we?

TIN MAN: You are in the newly constructed south tower of Windfall City. You have been identified as a talented craftswoman, you'll be very useful to the continuation of our cause.

HELINA: And what cause is that?

TIN MAN: To provide her majesty, Queen Wanda, a Holy City worth visiting for all her subjects. To expand her reign outside of the people that rose to meet her, and to show her grace to the communities that aren't within her reach.

HELINA: And you expect me to do that... how?

TIN MAN: Simple! We want to show her visitors that others like them have taken a shine to her power and goodness. To demonstrate that they've benefited from it.

HELINA: (CHUCKLING) You've got a funny way of showing it.

TIN MAN: Whatever do you mean, Helina?

HELINA: Two weeks ago I was living peacefully with my family in the village where I grew up. We've heard of your precious Queen. Heard all about the decades of slavery she'd wrought to build this city... but never thought it applied to us. We kept to ourselves. Never abandoned our own beliefs to follow her, but we never challenged her rule either.

TIN MAN: (CHEERFUL) And your point? It is naive to say that your lives didn't improve from her influence. Your lifespan has increased exponentially, the speed of travel around your globe reduced to a fraction of the time it once was, and you can’t forget about...

HELINA: (TEARING UP, EMOTIONAL) And yet, while her subjects scream of Wanda's name from the rooftops, whole villages were slaughtered for not pledging allegiance to her. I watched my friends, my family killed in front of me, with no clue why I was spared.

TIN MAN: Oh Helina, I must forgive you for your lack of foresight. I sometimes forget that this is the whole purpose of re-education.

HELINA: (WHEEZING) And if I refuse... whatever this is?

TIN MAN: Helina, by next month, you'll be assigned to one of the most coveted spots in all of Windfall City's bustling bazaar. You'll be provided with the funds and materials to bring your craft to a space that allows you to see the whole world while you work. You won't refuse.

HELINA: But does that bring my mother back? Does that allow my father to take another breath? I'll rot in this cell until the day I die. I refuse to serve that spoiled monster for a single minute.

TIN MAN: (LAUGHING OUTRIGHT) You think you have a choice in this?

HELINA: Of course I do. There's always a choice.

[SFX - A drawer opens and closes. Tin Man lumbers over heavily, setting something on the table.]

TIN MAN: Do you have any clue what these fun little toys allow me to do?

HELINA: Nothing worse than what you've already done.

TIN MAN: Oh dear, you underestimate my talents.

[SFX - An electronic sound whirrs as Helina screams brutally.]

TIN MAN: Are you ready to speak kindly with me now, child?


[SFX - Tin Man flicks another street and the electronic sound plays. Helina screams and screams.]

[SFX - The electronic sound disappears and Helina is still screaming over the sound of an alarm clock.]

HELINA: Am I losing my fucking mind?

[SFX - Helina grabs her communicator, dials it, and it rings.]

HELINA: C'mon, Sylvie. Pick up.

[SFX - Helina hangs up.]

HELINA: Dammit.

[SFX - Helina crosses her apartment into the kitchen. Opening a drawer, she rolls a joint and lights it, taking in the smoke with shaky breaths.]

[MUSIC - Contemplative, synthy music plays.]

HELINA: Fuck this, I'm going to the bar.

[MUSIC - The music trails off.]

[SFX - The door to Gert’s bar opens up and Cas lets out an exasperated growl.]

GERT: And what the hell is wrong with you? 

CAS: It's better that you don't know, I promise.

[SFX - Cas approaches and takes a stool.]

GERT: Try me.

CAS: Let's just say, if I had just done my job and kept my mouth shut, everything would be fine, but no, not me. Not Cas.

GERT: Why, what is your brother asking you to do now?

CAS: Not that job.

[SFX - Gert opens a beer and pours him a glass.]

GERT: So you're finally ready to talk to me about the mess you've gotten yourself into?

CAS: Mess? What mess? You mean the way I've kept this family afloat for the last two years?

GERT: Excuse me?

CAS: Look, Gertie, I know you help a lot, and I don't mean to discount that. But you've got this place. It's yours. And Wanda knows you've earned it. But it's just me, Shaima and Argus with Vern. And that man, bless his heart, is an idiot. Pissed away all the good faith he's got left around here, not to mention money.

GERT: (SIGHING) Oh Vernon.

CAS: Yes. Vernon.

CAS: Things have been okay for the past few months, our family history with Isaac and all but...

GERT: But?

CAS: I did something stupid. Like, I know I've done a lot of stupid shit over the years, but this was the worst thing I could have ever done.

GERT: Cas, I'm sure it wasn't that serious.

CAS: (SIGHING) Kendall joined the Wolfpac.

GERT: (ANGRY) Ugh, I knew that girl was trouble the first time you brought her in here. You didn't get tangled up with the robes, did you?

CAS: Well... I'm sure you're aware Isaac got taken in.

GERT: What the fuck did you do?

CAS: (TAKING A BIG SWIG) Kendall needed someone big to impress her new boss. Said if I helped her get a face-to-face with Isaac, she'd take care of the rest.

GERT: And?

CAS: That if they were able to bring him in we'd be safe.

GERT: Except, we're not safe, are we?

CAS: (AGITATED) We've never been safe! Less than ever lately since Vern's borrowed so much without paying anything back. I thought if I helped her, things might just go away.

GERT: Things don't go away down here. You know that as well as I do.

CAS: No, they don't, and now Mila's come into a certain amount of power. She knows everything that went down and she's out for blood. Preferably mine, though I'm sure Vern's would do.

GERT: You wouldn't have to think about any of this if you never took up with that fucking snake in the first place.

CAS: I'm not disputing that, Gertie, but if I'd never worked for Isaac, Vern'd have been dead a long time ago.

GERT: (SIGHING) How much do you need?

CAS: I've been taking pay cuts for months covering Vern, but at this point I think it's too late for that. Especially now that Isaac's gone.

GERT: What'll it take to make this all go away?

CAS: I think if I just bring her Vern, the rest of us might be okay for a little while.

GERT: You can't be serious.

CAS: I wish I weren't.

GERT: Obviously you can't actually do that.

[SFX - Cas slams his fist on the bar.]

[MUSIC - Ominous score undercuts their conversation.]

CAS: You think I don't know that? But if I don't, I don't know what it means for me.

GERT: Hey, calm the fuck down, we'll get through this. In the meantime, hang around here, people know this place is sacred.

CAS: Nothing's sacred now, Gert. And if I don't think of something soon, I'm really afraid of what's gonna happen.

GERT: Shh, nephew. We'll figure it out.

[MUSIC - Electronic music takes over, transitioning us out of the bar.]

[SFX - Root’s doorbell rings.]


[SFX - The door opens and Kendall approaches the desk.]

[MUSIC - Pleasant stringed classical music plays from a record player.]

ROOT: Ah, Kendall. Yes, thank you for coming.

KENDALL: (VOICE EFFECTED) Of course, Captain.

ROOT: Please, take a seat.

[SFX - Kendall sits and Root pours a glass of something.]

ROOT: May I pour you a glass as well?

KENDALL: (TAKING OFF HER HELMET) No, thank you. Not much of a drinker.

ROOT: Ah, but you haven't truly lived until you've had a sip of this.

[SFX - Root pours a second glass and brings them over, handing one to Kendall.]

KENDALL: Thank you, Sir.

[SFX - They both take a sip of their drinks.]

ROOT: Well?

KENDALL: Very nice, Sir.

ROOT: See, I knew you'd like it. 

KENDALL: If you don't mind me getting right down to business...your message sounded urgent. 

ROOT: Of course, of course. Always a go-getter. That's what I like about you. I called you here to offer my warmest congratulations. This month you have the most collars out of all the new Wolves. You continue to impress.

KENDALL: Thanks, doing my best.

ROOT: Nonsense, this sort of performance, especially from a new recruit, is something to celebrate.

KENDALL: It means a lot to me to hear you say that.

ROOT: A toast! To a wonderful partnership.

[SFX - They raise their glasses and clink them together. Kendall coughs.]


[MUSIC - “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven plays on the record player.]

ROOT: Now, do you remember that little tiff we'd gotten into about moving you up from the ground level?

KENDALL: (SHEEPISHLY) I'd hardly even call it that, Captain.

ROOT: Either way, now that we have all these positive statistics on your side, the committee has agreed to move you up into an apartment on this very level. It's just opened up, what do you think?

KENDALL: Well, that would be wonderful.

ROOT: Great. I can send movers to your apartment on the ground level...oh I don’t know, tomorrow?

KENDALL: Movers?

ROOT: Yes, it all has to be very official. 

KENDALL: I see. 

ROOT: Hmm. You don't seem as...enthused as I thought you'd be, given how passionately you made your case to me only a week or so ago. Is there anything you want to tell me, cadet?

KENDALL: No, no, movers tomorrow...that should be fine. I just may not have a lot of stuff...

ROOT: Are you sure there's nothing important you'd like to tell me? If so, now's your chance. I'm always here for my Wolves. 

KENDALL: Captain, I appreciate that, but what would I have to tell you?

ROOT: (LONG, FAKE AUDIBLE SIGH) Tsk tsk tsk. I was truly hoping that it wouldn't come down to this. Kendall, I know about your dalliances with the seamstress, Pavlima. 

KENDALL: We're only friends. She's from my neighborhood and was simply helping another grounder get acquainted with life up here. Surely there's nothing wrong with making new friends. 

ROOT: (OFFENDED) Are you telling me that we have not done a satisfactory job in acclimating you to your new position?

KENDALL: No, not at all. Sir, you're twisting my words. That's not what I'm saying... it was just... nice to have familiar company.

ROOT: Well, from what I'm being told you two are much more than just friends. It just disappoints me to think that you don't trust me, or another one of your superiors even, to confide in us. Fraternizing with someone in Pavlima's situation is...profoundly unwise. I would have told you that. 

KENDALL: And how do you know so much about what I'm doing outside of work? Are you having me followed? All I've done is bust my ass for you from the moment I agreed to your proposition, yet I still feel like a grounder criminal - no - like a child that needs supervision.  

ROOT: An adult would own up to their mistakes and not try to pass the buck on to someone else. You know that carrying on an affair with someone in the workplace is not only wrong, but against protocol.

KENDALL: We never spend time together while I'm on the clock, and, clearly, she hasn't distracted me from my work.

ROOT: Oh it's out of my hands, Kendall. It's technically considered a conflict of interest.

KENDALL: A conflict of interest? That's a little bit ridiculous, don't you think? I mean, what's she gonna do? Sew more robes for me than anyone else? I don't think who I may or may not be sleeping with is the Wolves' business.

[MUSIC - The piano playing on the record stops and ominous synths begin to play.]

ROOT: Everything about you is our business now. That's what you signed up for. 

KENDALL: I'm sorry?

ROOT: We'll go easy on you this time, as you pointed out, you have done a marvelous job since you joined our ranks. You'll be docked a week's pay of course, and you'll have to end this little flirtation with Pavlima tomorrow or she loses her contract.


[SFX - Root throws his glass, smashing it.]

ROOT: (FURIOUS) Listen to me, cadet, you have directly undermined the rules of this organization. The punishment, as I see it, is fitting. Never question me again. 

KENDALL: Yes, sir.

ROOT: You are dismissed.

[SFX - Kendall gets up and walks toward the door.]

ROOT: (CALM) And Kendall, I mean what I said, you will break things off with our dear friend Pavlima tomorrow. Maybe now she'll finish the orders she's been shirking. 

[SFX - The door opens and closes, ending the scene.]

[SFX - Helina walks through the streets and a message from Wanda begins to play.]

WANDA: Buy your bi-decennial commemorative Queen Wanda candle to light the heavens this Contact Day. Available now for three easy payments at all participating vendors.

[SFX - Helina opens the door to Gert’s bar as the message ends.]

[MUSIC - “Sleeper” by Algebra II plays on the juke box.]

HELINA: Hey Cas, Gert.

GERT: Hey Helina. Any news from Argus?

HELINA: Naw, my contact will bring him the food I sent but won't let me send or receive any messages. Says she's already risking her job doing what she is.

CAS: I'm sure the little shit is fine. Idiot got himself into this mess.

HELINA: What do you mean by that? He was just bringing me the bag I dropped.

[SFX - Cas chugs his drink and stands.]

CAS: I'll see you guys later.

GERT: What're you gonna do? You sure you should be leaving?

CAS: I'm certainly not getting anything done sitting around here and getting drunk.

[SFX - The door opens and closes as Cas leaves. Gert pours Helina a drink.]

HELINA: What's up his ass?

GERT: (SIGHING) I don't even want to get into it. How've you been? Haven't seen you around here much the last few weeks.

HELINA: You know how busy I get every year, this close to the festival. Gotta have enough healing powders to please the Queen.

GERT: That's never kept you from stopping in before.

HELINA: I guess you're right.

GERT: So, spit it out.

HELINA: It's nothing, really. Can't you just let me drink in peace?

GERT: Peace! Hah. Helina, you've not shut up one time, ever since you've been coming here, from the minute you walk in, to the minute you walk out the door.

HELINA: I've been having trouble sleeping.

GERT: Haven't we all?

HELINA: But this is different. Nightmares. Every single night. Waking up, screaming bloody murder, neighbors slamming on my door threatening to report me to the Wolfpac.

GERT: Sheesh. Wow, that bad?

HELINA: Worse.

GERT: Of what? If you don't mind me asking.

[SFX - The sounds of the bar patrons creep in.]

[MUSIC - Contemplative score underpins the conversation.]

HELINA: My family, back home... the things that happened to them before I came here. The things I had to do to stay alive once I did.

GERT: You've never told me much of your past. I know you miss your home, and I know not to tell you to go back there.

HELINA: There's no home to go back to.

GERT: That bad, huh?

HELINA: We've been friends for what, four years now?

GERT: Something like that.

HELINA: It took me awhile to come down to the surface once I got here. Had to learn about the history of the city first, had to hear a bit more about the people wronged in its rapid ascension over the last twenty years.

GERT: Mmm. The stories I could tell you.

HELINA: Hah. At this point, I've heard a lot of them. That's why I came down here. I knew that the lot of you hadn't fallen for that Goddess in the Sky mumbo jumbo.

GERT: Of course not. My sister-in-law and her husband both died fighting against it. I would have too, had I been around when everything happened.

HELINA: I'm so sorry... my parents died completely ignorant of it, but because of it all the same.

GERT: How?

HELINA: (LETTING OUT A DEEP BREATH) During the rise of the Wolfpac there were scouting missions all over the Western and Eastern Reaches. They wanted to build a city that could stand just below her castle. Hoped to make contact with her, to show her that her already large influence had amassed enough power and belief to conquer not just the city, but the continent.

GERT: And they needed more bodies with which to build it.

HELINA: At first these were peaceful missions. Disciples who'd already been in touch with her. People who were convinced that the continuation of our species was dependent on her. They tried to convert my parents, who'd never seen the castle in the clouds. Who couldn't care less about Windfall City.

GERT: And when they refused?

[MUSIC - Strings creep in over the synths.]

HELINA: They used weaponry unlike anything we'd ever seen. To destroy anyone they deemed useless in fulfilling their cause.

GERT: And you?

HELINA: Spared because I was young enough to feel no loyalty to the Old Gods and old enough to have learned about natural medicine from those that did.

GERT: (SIGHING) Were you at least spared of having to see that kind of violence?

HELINA: Not a minute of it. They didn't bother to bring me here until everything and everyone I'd ever loved had been burned to the ground around me.

[SFX - Gert sets two drinks on the counter and hands them over.]

GERT: Here. These are on me.

HELINA: I'm sorry, Gert, I've never told this to anyone outside of my therapist... you've been through enough yourself. You shouldn't have to hear about my sob stories too.

GERT: Honey, talkin' to people is one of the main reasons I keep this place open. The booze is nice, but the friendships are better.

HELINA: Thanks, I mean that, you know?

GERT: Any time.

HELINA: (LAUGHING) The fucked up thing is, my friend Sylvie, the Wolf who brings things to Argus for me, she's the one that took me away from my home in the first place...

GERT: And you say she's your friend... why?

HELINA: I don't know. I spent so long being so lost, and she was from back there too. Before I met you, as crazy as it sounds, she was all I had here.

GERT: Sounds like a piece of work to me.

HELINA: Heh, yeah. She signed up with the Wolves a few years before they attacked our villages. She seemed so grateful for her life in Windfall City. Not angry. She missed her family, sure, but if I so much as mention them or the lives we left behind she shuts me down immediately.

GERT: Of course she does. They're all so pacified up there, and they think you should be too. That it's the best way to live. Shut all the memories out and move on. 

HELINA: I can't do that. I keep my head down, I keep my tent open, but every day I do it I hate myself a more and more. Especially at this time of year.

GERT: The Festival's rough for us too.

HELINA: I don't see anything to celebrate about the anniversary of first contact with that spoiled little cloud princess.

GERT: (CHUCKLING) Amen. I'll drink to that.

[SFX - The two cheers and take a drink.}

GERT: I wasn't able to make it back before my nephews' father and mother were executed. I didn't get back until a few months later. Around the time of the first festival.

HELINA: Where were you before that?

GERT: Oh, off to the East doing a little of this and a little of that. I'd spent my whole life here, had a husband I loved and a family I cared for. But as soon as the robes stopped being an annoying cult, and started having some real power, I left.

HELINA: I can't say I blame you.

GERT: Nobody really did. Except maybe Vernon. He had it the hardest after I left him and his sister got killed. Had to take care of the kids all by himself.

HELINA: But you came back.

GERT: Not fast enough for him.

HELINA: You can't be hard on yourself for that. I'm sure you got here as fast as you were able.

GERT: This is gonna sound terrible, but part of me wishes that he'd come with me back then. I have no idea what would have happened to the boys, but maybe things between us now wouldn't be so...

[MUSIC - The strings swell.]

GERT: (SIGHING) I think that's enough out of me for one night.

HELINA: Oh, come on, you've got to give me more than that. You listen to me day in, day out. It's only fair I return the favor.

GERT: There's a reason I have my job, and you have yours, kid.

HELINA: Okay, but I'm here for you. You know that?

GERT: I do, and really, I appreciate it.

[SFX - The two cheers one more time.]

[MUSIC - The strings crescendo a final time before a crunchy acoustic guitar plays Kendall’s Theme.]

[SFX - Footsteps walk down a hallway and a door opens. Keys jingle and the door opens and closes again.]

KENDALL: What the- 

CAS: I thought you might have to come back. 

KENDALL: Cas? Were you waiting for me? 

CAS: Yes. We need to talk. 

KENDALL: Get in here and we'll talk about whatever you want, okay? It just makes me nervous to be outside on the ground for too long. 

CAS: (HISSES) Oh, it makes you nervous? Does it?

KENDALL: Yes, okay? Now get in. 

[SFX - The door shuts behind them and the two ascend a stairwell.]

KENDALL: I know why you're here and there's nothing I can do for you. I can't even do anything for myself. I'm a sitting duck down here. Luckily, not a whole lot of people ever knew where I lived to begin with. That should buy me some time.  

CAS: Before what? You leave me and go up to join your Wolfpac? At least you have the option to leave the ground, Kendall. I can't go anywhere, and now, because of you, I'm as good as dead. Vern's as good as dead. 

KENDALL: Don't be ridiculous. 

CAS: It's not ridiculous. It's the truth. Mila's taken over for Isaac and she's out for blood. I can't believe you talked me into being a part of any of this. Argus is in prison and now I'm on a hit list.

[SFX - At the top of the stairs, they enter Kendall’s apartment and the door closes behind them.]

KENDALL: Relax, will you? If they want anyone, it's me. Mila knows I'm the one who orchestrated the entire thing. You were just a pawn...she knows that. 

CAS: (GENUINELY HURT) "Just a pawn"? 

KENDALL: No...you know what I mean. 

CAS: I'm not sure that I do. This whole time, I've been helping you because you're my friend. We're basically family, we've known each other for so long. 

KENDALL: (SCOFFING) "Family"? I'm not a part of your precious family. I'm not that lucky. 

[MUSIC - Melancholy score starts.]

CAS: Wanda, I don't know what the fuck has happened that's made you so bitter, but you're not the Kendall I grew up with. You're this Kendall who moves people like pieces on a game board. 


CAS: The ground is like a ticking time-bomb right now. I suggest you get out while you still can. 

[SFX - Cas opens the door and walks away.]


[MUSIC - A piano riff takes us away from Kendall’s.]

[SFX - Root’s communicator rings, he types on a keyboard.]


TIN MAN: Root. Do you have a report for me?

[SFX - Rustling with a paper.]

ROOT: Of course, there have been seven hundred and fifty-six collars in the past five weeks. New recruits account for thirty percent of these collars, and we're bringing them up to you for judgement as quickly as we can manage.

TIN MAN: Good. To be honest, I didn't believe you had the stones to pull it off.

ROOT: I take offense to that. Where's Wanda? She usually takes these reports herself.

TIN MAN: She's off watching old videos of her parents. She gets particularly somber at this time of year.

ROOT: Is it not a time to celebrate? Should she not bask in the growing empire that you and I have built for her?

TIN MAN: Of course it is, Root. She's well aware of that. She misses her parents, that's all. Wants to be around people like her.

ROOT: Can't say I've ever heard her mention them.

TIN MAN: Of course you haven't. Why would she share that kind of information with a lowly officer such as yourself?

ROOT: (DEFENSIVE) I like to think that the Queen and I share a special bond, thank you very much.

TIN MAN: You don't. I wouldn't bring that up with her, if I were you. Pride is unbecoming.

ROOT: (CLEARS HIS THROAT) Yes. I see. Is there anything else I can do for you?

TIN MAN: Why, yes, actually there is. We need you to put a hold on all judgements until after the Festival.

ROOT: Not to be a nuisance, but that doesn't do either of us any good. Our cells are getting overcrowded as it is. 

TIN MAN: On the contrary Captain. That does just the good I need it to.

ROOT: Excuse me?

TIN MAN: You may go about your evening, Root. We'll connect again next week.

ROOT: Affirmative...

[SFX - The communicator cuts.]

[SFX - In the silence we hear one pair of footprints, slowly followed by two more sets.]

CAS: Eh, hey fellas, long time no see-

[SFX - Without a word of warning, two men silently beat Cas to the gorund]

MILA: Oh, Cas, you always make the wrong decision. You always run when you should stay and stay to fight when you should just quit while you're ahead. 

CAS: (PANTING) Mila...

MILA: Who else did you think it would be? 

[SFX - A couple of more kicks.]

[MUSIC - Ominous score creeps in.]

MILA: I've given a lot of thought to what exactly I should do about you, or rather, to you. Part of me really empathizes with you. That pretty little bitch really got you into quite some mess. Now you have me to deal with, and where exactly is she? Nowhere to be found. 

[SFX - Cas coughs and spits up blood.]

MILA: Ugh. 

CAS: (PANTING HEAVILY, TAKING HIS TIME TALKING) If this is your way of trying to find information out about Kendall, you won't get it from me. 

MILA: Finding her isn't the part I'm so concerned about. Her time will come. I'm trying to be more intentional about my choices, now that I have the opportunity to be in charge. You know, my father was smart, but he was reckless and too reactionary, in my opinion. I strive to be a more thoughtful leader.

CAS: Ah, fuck, how much more of this am I gonna have to listen to?

MILA: My father would have killed you here and now. Or maybe inside of Gertie's bar, that there would be people to bear witness to it and spread the word. That's not really my style.

[SFX - Cas takes in a sharp, pained breath.]

MILA: Me? I'm going to let you live. So know that much, Cas, you aren't in any danger from me. I swear. The rest of your family, though... well, that's a promise I can't make. 

CAS: (DESPERATE) No, kill me. Mila, please, kill me. I'll do anything, just don't hurt my...

MILA: Gertie and Vern and Shaima and Argus...am I forgetting anyone?

CAS: No...

MILA: We'll be in touch, Cas. Get some sleep. You look terrible. 

[SFX - Mila and her goons walk away.]

[MUSIC - The score crescendos.]

CAS: (FAR OFF, SCREAMING) Mila, please. Wait, Mila please come back. No… no!

[MUSIC - Credits music begins.]

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Sound design, mix, and score by Adam Raymonda.

Here’s our cast in order of appearance:

Micheal Larkin…TIN MAN

Emily Battles…HELINA

Cornelius Mohr…CAS

Sheriel Mourdant…GERT

Josh Rubino…ROOT

Mallory Roach…KENDALL


Vanessa Vache…Mila

Casting Direction by Clare Lopez.

Produced by Bob Raymonda, Christie Donato, Adam Raymonda, & Michael Paunovski.

And our graphic artist is Sam Twardy.

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