Episode 1.07 transcript - “filling the void”

ADAM RAYMONDA: Hey Everyone, Adam here. Quickly before we start the show, we have a special treat for you. It’s a preview of a show that the Rogue Dialogue team truly loves: The Ordinary Epic.

ATHENA: The buyer awaits your decision, poised as one both ready for a fight and assured of its outcome.

BUYER: I’ll have that relic now.

THACK: Thack hope pretty boy have more healing. We gonna need it.

MERRICK: You guys might. One of you dies and I’m running for it. So don’t.

CAELUS: We’ll have to use every advantage, and we’ve not many left.

MARCUS: So I’m confused. What am I supposed to say to him?

{SFX Pub ambiance/music abruptly ceases. We are now in a real-life basement.]

EMO: Marcus, it’s a role-playing game.

MARCUS: Right.

EMO: So you’re this holy guy: Benedict. 

MARCUS: Right.

EMO: And he’s just joined this adventuring party.

MARCUS: Right. (quick beat) Why?

DOMINIC: Because we needed someone to heal us and not ask questions.

EMO: Dom!


DANIEL: Any reason you want, Marcus. That’s the great thing about this game—you can be anyone you want. Do anything you want, for any reason, so long as it’s true to your character.

MARCUS: Cool. I totally got this.

DOMINIC: Wait, but—

[SFX - A tape deck hits and music continues.]

BENEDICT: This artifact belongs to my church, and as such, I cannot part with it for any price.

[SFX - Many people drawing weapons.] 

THACK: (chuckles darkly)

BENEDICT: ...Uh. What did I say?

BUYER: Kill them all!

[SFX - Battle sounds crash into...]

[MUSIC: The Ordinary Epic opening theme.]

JORDAN DANNER: The Ordinary Epic: a podcast series about the extraordinary, the ordinary, and something in between. Listen now at TheOrdinaryEpic.com or on your favorite podcast app.

[MUSIC - Theme ends.]

ADAM RAYMONDA: Go subscribe to this show. If you like sound rich stories with wonderful characters, you will love this. Okay, that’s enough for me, onto the show. Windfall is intended for a mature audience. See our show notes for more information, listener discretion is advised.

[MUSIC - Windfall Theme plays.]

[MUSIC - A record plays marching band music.]

[SFX - Root pulls out a cigar, lighting it, before his communicator rings.]


ASSISTANT: Kendall’s here for you.

ROOT: Of course, send her in.

{SFX - The door buzzes opens and Kendall strides in.]

ROOT: Ah, yes, Kendall. Just the recruit I was hoping to see.

KENDALL: Captain Root.

ROOT: I wanted to commend you on your impressive first collar last week. Top brass is always on the lookout for Wolves who take initiative and produce results. If you keep it up, and this isn't a promise, but if you do, I dare say there may be a promotion on your horizon.

[SFX - The record ends and a rolling chair moves. Root busies himself with something at his desk before rolling his chair again.]

KENDALL: Just doing my job, Sir. A promotion would be nice, but all I really want is for you to keep the promise you made to me.

ROOT: Come again?

KENDALL: I'm still waiting to be elevated from the ground level, and now it's even more urgent than before.

ROOT: This again?

KENDALL: I brought you the man who's been running the show on the ground for the past twenty years. I don't know what's going to happen, but if I don't leave soon, I won't live long enough for that promotion.

ROOT: Running the show? I hardly think that's the case. He's a high-level criminal, that's for sure, but we're the ones in charge of Windfall. It's not that I'm belittling your arrest, cadet. I just think you're giving this Isaac far more credit than he deserves.

KENDALL: With all due respect, Captain, I don't think you know what life is really like on the ground. We've left a pretty big power vacuum taking Isaac out like that. You need to do something before someone else steps in to fill his place. 

ROOT: And what would you have me do?

KENDALL: I - I don't know. But I do know that this is serious. Captain, please. I did what you asked of me, now elevate me before I pay the price for believing in the Wolfpac. 

ROOT: (SCOFFING, AGGRAVATED) Really? I'm surprised at how dramatic you're being. You have to understand that there're mountains of red tape involved when it comes to elevating a grounder. Moving up in status is a very special privilege. 

KENDALL: (SARCASTIC) Like the red tape you had to cut through to recruit me? Which took what, all of twenty-five minutes?

ROOT: You exaggerate the recruitment process.

KENDALL: Look, I get that things take time, but I was hoping that once I took out Isaac you'd see I'm a real asset to the Pac.

ROOT: And you are! Kendall, you are the most promising out of all the new recruits. Two more weeks. Why don't we make that an agreement? You keep working as hard as you can to bring in criminals like Isaac, and in two weeks you'll be up here for good. Never to see the ground again for as long as you live.

KENDALL: I'll be dead by then. 

[MUSIC - Foreboding synthesizers creep in.]

ROOT: Don't be ridiculous. These people know you're a Wolf now. If anything they'll be too scared to come near you. Especially after how efficiently you handled Isaac. 

KENDALL: That couldn't be further from the truth. 

ROOT: I really won't discuss this anymore. I brought you here for congratulations, not a fight. 

KENDALL: I don't mean to be disrespectful. I do appreciate what you've done for me so far. I'm just trying to discuss real-world concerns I have...

ROOT: Poppycock!

[MUSIC - The music crescendoes.]

[SFX - Root’s communicator rings again.]

ROOT: Now, if you'll excuse me, cadet, I have other, more pressing matters to attend to.


ROOT: (ANSWERING) Ah, just the person I was hoping to speak to!


ROOT: Hold on one second.


ROOT: Kendall, if you'll excuse me. This is pressing.

[MUSIC - A walking bassline ends the score in a transition..]

[SFX - Isaac grunts as he does push ups, Argus hums to himself. Sylvie walks up.]

SYLVIE: Hey, Argus.

ARGUS: Another one?

SYLVIE: You've got a fan on the outside.

ARGUS: If only I was out there so she could tell me herself.

[SFX - Sylvie steps forward, handing something to Argus.]

SYLVIE: This is as close as you're gonna get.

ARGUS: Wanna try a piece?

SYLVIE: I've had enough of Helina's cooking for one lifetime.

ARGUS: (CHEWING DELIGHTFULLY) I think it's pretty good.

SYLVIE: Better watch out, make sure she didn't put anything weird in there.

ARGUS: (SWALLOWING) It's too late for that.

SYLVIE: Alright, Argus. You take care now.

ARGUS: Any word?

SYLVIE: On what?

ARGUS: My trial.

SYLVIE: Naw, kid. It's pretty crazy out there. You should be okay, though. Wanda's more level-headed than everyone lets on.

ARGUS: You've met her?

SYLVIE: Who, me? No, no, no, I haven't been a Wolf long enough for that yet, but word gets 'round. She takes care of her people. You made a mistake, sure, but as long as you're loyal she'll understand that.

ARGUS: Can't say any of us on the surface have ever felt like "her people".

SYLVIE: You'll want to watch your tongue, kid, if you wanna stay in my good graces. You're Helina's friend, so you've got that going for you, but my pateince for blasphemers is nil.

[SFX - Isaac, grunting, stands and slams himself against the bars.]

SYLVIE: Calm down you brute.

[SFX - Isaac, still growling, continues to slam himself against the bars.]

SYLVIE: Or keep it up, doesn't matter to me. You're not getting out anytime soon.

[SFX - Sylvie walks off and Isaac goes back to doing push ups.]

ARGUS: 'Scuse me.

ISAAC: Hngh?

ARGUS: You want any of this? I can't finish it all and it's a lot better than the slop they feed us.


[SFX - Isaac stops and grabs what Argus has offered, tearing into it.]

ARGUS: What's your name?

ISAAC: You don't wanna get mixed up with me, kid.

ARGUS: Sure I do.

ISAAC: You seem to be on the straight and narrow. All buddy-buddy with that Wolf -- I wouldn't want a friendship with lil ol' me to ruin that for ya.

[MUSIC - Minor sounding synths cut underneath their conversation.]

ARGUS: I can handle myself. 

ISAAC: (PATRONIZING) Sure you can.

ARGUS: I've put up with plenty, growing up on the ground. Lost my parents young, my brothers and I've been fending for ourselves for a long time.

ISAAC: Oh yeah? What're your brother's names?

ARGUS: Cas and Shaima.

ISAAC: That's very interesting... you've got an uncle too, runs that scrap shop, yeah?

ARGUS: Vern's, yes. You know them?

ISAAC: Better than you do. If you're looking for advice kid, when you get outta here, don't go back.

ARGUS: Why's that?

ISAAC: Sometimes family's more trouble than it's worth.

ARGUS: I couldn't agree with you less.

ISAAC: Suit yourself.

[SFX - Isaac gets back to working out as the music crescendoes.]

ISAAC: By the way, name's Isaac. 

ARGUS: I know who you are, at least, I've heard about you.

ISAAC: All good things, I hope?

ARGUS: (UNSURE) Not exactly... I'm Argus. it's... nice to meet you?

[SFX - Isaac laughs heartily as the music slowly fades.]

[SFX - Something metal clatters as Shaima approaches.]


VERNON: (RELOADING A GUN) Back here, Shaim.

SHAIMA: Wanna tell me what's going on?

VERNON: Checking our inventory.

SHAIMA: (SHOCKED) What the hell kinda inventory is all this?

VERNON: Are you daft? They're guns.

[SFX - Vern sets another weapon down on the table.]

SHAIMA: No, I'm not an idiot, Vern. Where the hell did you get them?

VERNON: An ammunition magazine here, a semi-automatic rifle there. Over time. Patiently. For the last decade.

[MUSIC - Synths return.]

SHAIMA: But why?

VERNON: I don't know why I started at first. S'pose I wanted to protect you kids after one too many times pissing somebody off down at Swift's. Thought it'd be worth having 'em around.

SHAIMA: Seems overzealous.

[SFX - Vern picks a gun up and tosses it to Shaima, who catches it.]

VERNON: Do me a favor and learn how to use a couple of 'em. Take 'em apart, put them back together, clean 'em. Hell, sleep with one under your pillow.

SHAIMA: And why are you showing me this now?

VERNON: This is only what I've got in the shop. Once Cas' back home later we'll go down in the sewers and I'll show you the real cache.

SHAIMA: But why? There's enough to arm a small platoon in this room.

VERNON: Somethin' ain't right. Hasn't been for awhile.

SHAIMA: You do realize that if one of the Wolfpac were to show up here right now, we'd both be arrested? The shop shuttered, the family out on the streets. Is that what you want, Vern?

VERNON: Oh, Shaim, forget the robes and listen to me for a second.

SHAIMA: No, you listen to me. Argus is already in custody for doing Wanda knows what at the bazaar--

VERNON: This is bigger than all of that.

SHAIMA: Bigger than Argus being in jail? You're not thinking clearly.

VERNON: Shut the hell up, Shaima. I know you've had to shoulder a lot since your folks passed. I know I haven't always done the best job looking after the lot of ya. But remember, you were nothing but a boy during the last conflict.

SHAIMA: I remember more than you think.

VERNON: Then you should realize as much as I do that somethin' ain't right lately. Powers-that-be are extra paranoid, picking people up for no good reason.

SHAIMA: Like that's anything new.

VERNON: Your brother, Shaima. Your innocent, dopey brother, is in a cell right now. Good people are disappearing all of the time. Rumor has it that they even took Isaac in.

SHAIMA: Now that's just ridiculous. That man's untouchable. Always has been.

VERNON: I'm just telling you what I heard. Shit is going down right now, and I want us all to be ready for it.

SHAIMA: And you suggest what? Take back what is rightfully ours? That ship sailed a long time ago.

VERNON: You're being daft, son.

SHAIMA: Do me a favor and get all this shit out of my sight, Vern.

VERNON: You really should think about some target practice, you ignorant ass. I've already shown Gertie, she's a natural.

[SFX - Shaima kicks the table.]

VERNON: Be careful, you idiot! You don't want one of these going off.

SHAIMA: (RESIGNED) I don't understand how I'm the only sane person left in this family.

VERNON: Oh, you're full of shit. I'm finally doing what's right.

SHAIMA: Oh yeah, and how's that?

VERNON: By listening to what your mother and father told me all those years ago. By not trusting the shit that comes down to us from the top. 

SHAIMA: And that got them killed! What good will you be to us dead?

VERNON: You think I don't know that? That I don't go to bed every single night wondering if my sister would be alive if I'd just done something about it? I can't change what I did, but I can do better now.

SHAIMA: No, you can do better now by getting rid of this, all of it, and getting back to work so we can dig ourselves out of the hole you put us all into.

VERNON: You don't have to believe me now, but take this key, Shaim. I may not be around when things go south, and you're going to need to step up.

SHAIMA: Oh yeah, and where the hell will you have gone off too?

VERNON: I may have come by most of the weapons in... less than honest ways. Who knows when that's going to catch up with me?

SHAIMA: Whatever, you old bastard. Go, go sleep with your fucking guns, I'll be in the shop trying to figure out what it's going to cost to spring Argus.

VERNON: I'm not as insane as you might think. Something's coming, and you're gonna be glad I prepared for it.

SHAIMA: Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.

[MUSIC - The score swells as the scene shifts.]

[SFX - Underneath it, the sound of Pav’s sewing machine buzzes like a chainsaw. The door buzzes, and then someone knocks earnestly. Pav rolls her chair and buzzes Kendall in.]

[MUSIC - Diagetic instrumental music with heavy bass undertones the scene.]

KENDALL: I swear, I could kill that man.

PAV: Hey you, a call first woulda been nice.

[SFX - Kendall takes her helmet off, so the effect comes off her voice.]

KENDALL: (GROANING) Sorry, sorry, I just don't know what to do about Root.

PAV: What now?

KENDALL: He's giving me the runaround - again - about elevating me from the ground. I tried to tell him... I can't stay down there, Pav. I'm in serious fucking trouble right now. 

PAV: What reason could he possibly have not to?

KENDALL: (MOCKING) He says bringing a grounder up is complicated...

[SFX - Kendall walks around, opening a cupboard. Picking something up and rustling it.]

PAV: I'm not saying the man's a liar, I'm sure it is hard to do, but I don't remember having issues like this when I came up.

KENDALL: Pav, I'm actually scared. With Isaac gone...the ground is different. I'm not so sure it was such a good idea after all.

PAV: No, fuck that. You did what you had to do. Isaac is not a good guy. He deserved what he got.

KENDALL: It's not even that. I mean, I know I shouldn't feel guilty about Isaac, and I don't, not really anyways. I just wonder what will happen with him gone, and I'd rather not still be around when it goes down.

PAV: Listen, I've said this before, but I do know how you can get around all the bullshit Root keeps complaining about. It's not a permanent solution, but it would keep you safe while you wait for him to come through with a place.

KENDALL: But, won't they realize?

PAV: If it doesn't freak you out too much, you can move in with me. There's an old freight that can move you around the levels when you need to and you'll be safely out of harm's way.

KENDALL: Hmmm...

[SFX - A sink runs, water is poured into a pot.]

PAV: Are you putting that on for me?

KENDALL: I figured we could both use a little coffee. Have you even slept?  You look like shit. Although, now that I'm really looking at you I'm not sure if you really need it. Maybe you should get some rest. You look terrible.

PAV: Thanks!

KENDALL: No, I'm serious, come sit down with me.

[SFX - Pav stands up and walks over, sitting down next to Kendall. The coffee pot burbles and the music ends.]

KENDALL: You can't kill yourself over this job. I'm worried about you.

PAV: If I don't get it done, there won't be anywhere for you to move to.

KENDALL: Root isn't going to make you leave, come on.

PAV: No, this time was definitely different. Something bigger than us, than the Wolfpac is going on.

KENDALL: So if it doesn't involve the Wolfpac, why worry?

PAV: If it's bigger than the Wolfpac, that makes me dispensable. Never a position you want to be in. Look, I've made it this far by making myself very, very necessary.

KENDALL: Can't you find someone to help?

PAV: No, half the point is that each of these is 100 percent handmade by me. Can't find another one like it in the city.

KENDALL: And why is that, exactly?

PAV: (SIGHING) A few years back there were some counterfeits around. Somebody that shouldn't have robed up and caused a bit of a problem for Root and Wanda.

KENDALL: What happened?

PAV: Some people got robbed. Some people got hurt. Bad for business. That's when I got the contract.

KENDALL: Understood.

PAV: That's when I was able to come up here in the first place. This whole thing is bullshit, but look I like my digs. I like being able to breathe. I like being able to look out the window and see the color of the sky, instead of the infinite shade of the ground.

KENDALL: So, not to change the subject or anything but, where's this lift you know that can help me out?

PAV: It's outta the way. They don't really use it anymore, but it still works... mostly.

KENDALL: And I can come and go as I please?

PAV: Honey, I meant what I said when I said it.

KENDALL: Just tell me what I've got to do.

[SFX - The sound of the coffee pot dripping ends the scene.]

[SFX - Wind blows heavily and Argus taps three times on the window.]

ARGUS: Do they seriously get to look at this every day?


ARGUS: And they did what to do to deserve this kind of view?

ISAAC: They pledged allegiance to a preteen with a fancy house in the sky, back when your parents were still around.

ARGUS: No, really. How the hell do they get to be up here while we're all still stuck down there?

ISAAC: They fought for it and they won. They heard about the castle and did whatever they could to build this city tall enough to reach it.

[MUSIC - Strings and piano begin to play softly.]

ARGUS: That's when Mom and Dad died, isn't it?

ISAAC: You bet.

ARGUS: It makes me sick.

ISAAC: You and me both, kid.

ARGUS: Does anyone even know where Wanda's from? Like, what makes her so damn special that we needed to kill each other to meet her?

ISAAC: I, for one, don't even think she knows.

ARGUS: And she's done what for us?

ISAAC: The robes'll tell you she advanced our society overnight. Sped up our technology by centuries, and sure, maybe some of that's true, but I'll tell you what she really did.

ARGUS: What's that?

[MUSIC - The strings begin to play more urgently, frightening before it stops.]

ISAAC: She took what was once a unified community of strong-willed people and flooded it with religious zealots and sniveling tourists.

ARGUS: I wish I could do something about it.

ISAAC: Stick by me, Argus, and someday you might be able to. Why are you here again, anyways? Sweet kid like you wouldn't hurt a fly.

[SFX - The wind begins to blow harder.]

ARGUS: I was looking for a friend at the bazaar. I was running to try and find her when I bumped into some woman and knocked into her. She couldn't have even been hurt, but that Wolf saw the whole thing and brought me in.

ISAAC: Nah, that wasn't it.

ARGUS: Oh yeah? Then what was it?

ISAAC: The clothes you wear, that grounder grime you can't wash off. They can smell it on you, kid. They know that you're kin with the ones who they left behind.

ARGUS: These people. They're shallow, they're assholes, but I can't believe they're as bad as you say they are. Not all of them, at least. Even the Wolf seems fine, enough.

ISAAC: Oh you better believe it, Argus. They're vicious.

ARGUS: And you, why are you here?

ISAAC: Because sometimes wealth and status mean more to a person than family.

ARGUS: Someone in your family sent the Wolfpac after you?

ISAAC: (SPITTING) Worse. She joined the fucking Wolves and brought me here herself.

ARGUS: You've gotta be kidding me.

ISAAC: Not at all, Argus. If you learn anything from me in our time here together, let it be this.

ARGUS: What's that?

ISAAC: Don't trust anyone but yourself.

ARGUS: I don’t think that’s true… Why do you think they give us prisoners cells with a view?

ISAAC: Ah, any number of reasons. I think it all boils down to the fact that they wanna dangle what we can't have right in front of our faces.

ARGUS: (SOFTLY) How'd you know my parents?

ISAAC: Fought right there beside them, tooth and nail, to keep these towers from ever being built.

ARGUS: Then how come you got to live and they had to die?

ISAAC: That, my friend, is a story for another time.

ARGUS: Time? All we've got right now is time. You can't tell me you know that kind of information and withhold it. It's not fair.

[MUSIC - Synths reappear.]

ISAAC: Let it rest, kid. Nothing's fair in this city.

[SFX - Someone approaches from outside and Isaac slams himself into the bars again.]

ISAAC: You wait until this door's open, you bitch! Wait until I can get my hands on you!

[MUSIC - The strings come back and crescendo as the scene ends.]

[SFX - The sound of dripping water and two sets of footsteps walking through the sewer.]

CAS: Wanda damn torch.

VERNON: Don't worry about it, Cas. I can get to where we're going with my eyes closed.

CAS: Where are you taking me anyway? Don't we still have some steaks leftover from the last hunt?

VERNON: We're not here for food.

[SFX - They walk down a creaky metal stair case and hit a hard rock floor. Vern rustles with a brick and a secret door opens in the wall.]

CAS: Woah.

[MUSIC - Melancholy score creeps in.]

VERNON: Always have a trick up your sleeve, nephew.

CAS: Some fucking trick. You must have a thousand guns in here. What are you planning to do with them?

VERNON: Saving 'em for a rainy day.

CAS: When’s the last time you’ve even seen rain?

VERNON: (EXASPERATED) It's an expression.

CAS: No, but seriously. Why are you showing me this?

VERNON: It's no secret that I haven't been myself in months now.

CAS: I know, about that...

VERNON: Don't interrupt me. Twenty years ago, I had a decision to make, and I made the wrong one. I don't know if my help would have stopped it, but a lot of folks died putting Wanda in power, while I kept my head down and did nothing. I've regretted it my whole life, but lately, it's seemed like I might have the chance to redeem myself when it all goes to shit again.

CAS: When what goes to shit?

VERNON: All of it! I've been around for every single Contact Day Festival, and things've never been so tense as this year. The Wolves are on edge. I can feel it in the air.

CAS: This is really all about the Festival? Don't you think you're being a bit paranoid?

VERNON: Fuck no, I don't. A fight is coming, I have no doubt about that, and I want you to know where to find my hardware so that we're on the right side of it.

CAS: Uncle Vernon, with half the stuff you have here, you could have paid Isaac back long ago.

VERNON: Don't you worry about any of that. I hear he's outta the picture, anyway. Benny told me.

CAS: I wish it were that simple. Vern, I have to tell you something. Mila wants my head on a spike. I was there when they took Isaac in. And I helped... give him to the Wolves. 

VERNON: Hoo, boy. I wish I could've seen the look on that smug bastard's face.

CAS: It wasn't pretty.

VERNON: (LAUGHING) Would've been plenty pretty to me.

CAS: I heard Mila took control the second she learned what happened.

VERNON: Can't say I'm terribly surprised by that. That brat's been at her father's heel her whole life, waiting for him to keel over so she could step in.

CAS: But I'm afraid she wants revenge, and she blames me for what happened. Maybe, if we gave ‘em these guns, it might help ease tensions and keep us both alive.

VERNON: I'd rather be dead than arm those crooks.

CAS: Vern, be careful what you wish for.

VERNON: I can fend for myself, son. Promise me, you'll do what you've gotta to keep your brothers safe.

CAS: (DEFENSIVE) I already do.

VERNON: Say it.

CAS: Okay. I promise. But you've gotta promise me you'll settle your debts soon. I can't keep them away any longer.

VERNON: Promise. I've already got an idea for that.

CAS: (RELIEVED) Thank you.

VERNON: Oh, and one more thing?

CAS: Yeah?

VERNON: Get your idiot brother down here and teach him how to shoot. Bastard's got his head so far up his ass that he can't smell what's coming.

CAS: (LAUGHING) Okay vern, I’ll do my best.

[SFX - We shift to footsteps walking toward an elevator. It dings and opens.]

PAV: Didn't I tell you?

KENDALL: Woah, woah, woah. Is this thing even safe?

[SFX - The heavy door close and the elevator starts to descend heavily.]

PAV: It's safe enough.

KENDALL: How do you know about this in the first place?

PAV: I had an old ex that was a mechanic. She showed it to me. Helps when working with some of my less-than-reputable suppliers.

KENDALL: And who is this woman I'm just hearing of for the first time now?

PAV: Nobody important.

KENDALL: Listen, if I'm going to be staying with you, I don't want you hiding things from me.

PAV: I'm not hiding anything from you. The past is the past. Just be happy that she told me about it when she did.

KENDALL: (GROANING) Whatever you say.

[SFX - The elevator descends as they stand in silence.]

PAV: Listen, this is as far as I go.

[SFX - The bell dings and the door opens.]

KENDALL: Wait, what, what do you mean? How will I know where I am when I get down there?

PAV: Trust me, me not showing my face down there is what's best for both of us.

KENDALL: Aren't you overreacting?

[SFX - Pav takes a few steps, walking off the elevator.]

PAV: No, honey. Now just take this all the way to ground and don't stress about how long it takes ya. They stopped using it for a reason.

KENDALL: Okay...

[SFX - The door closes again and we’re left alone with Kendall as she descends into the depths.]

[MUSIC - Credits music begins to play.]

ADAM RAYMONDA: Windfall is a Rogue Dialogue Production. It was written and directed by Bob Raymonda and Christie Donato.

Sound design, mix, and score by Adam Raymonda.

Here’s our cast in order of appearance:

Josh Rubino…ROOT


Mallory Roach…KENDALL

Michael Antico…ISSAC

Marcus Stewart…ARGUS

Nadia Levin…SYLVIE

Mu-Shaka Benson…SHAIMA

Bob Frame…VERNON

Clare Lopez… PAVLIMA

Cornelius Mohr…CAS

Casting Direction by Clare Lopez.

Produced by Bob Raymonda, Christie Donato, Adam Raymonda, and Michael Paunovski.

And our graphic artist is Sam Twardy.

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