Episode 1.06 transcript - “a firm hand”

ADAM RAYMONDA: Windfall is intended for a mature audience, see our show notes for more information. Listener discretion is advised.

[MUSIC - Windfall Theme plays.]

WANDA: (BORED) Alright Tin-Man, let’s get this over with. I’ll see the first defendant of the day now.

GUARD: Okay you, up, c’mon right over here.

[SFX - Chains rattle as footsteps approach. A clock ticks in the background throughout the scene.]

WANDA: Tell me, Ms. Tanner, what is it that you do for a living?

DEFENDANT #1: I work with my family, Your Majesty. We design and manufacture paper goods on floor seventeen in the South Tower. Food packaging, posters, brochures...

WANDA: So you make paper products?

DEFENDANT #1: Well, we don't actually make the paper itself, that's taken care of on another floor.

WANDA: Seeing as the Tourism Board is projecting that this will be the festival's most attended year yet, I ask you, why are you here today?

DEFENDANT #1: Your Majesty, we had been very excited, as we've historically printed a huge amount of advertisements for Contact Day, but Captain Root said our prices were too high and canceled our contract.

WANDA: Well, were they?

DEFENDANT #1: (FLUSTERED) I don't happen to think so. In fact, it's the exact same rate we charged last year, inflated only slightly to meet the prospective demands this year poses.

WANDA: (YAWNING) You're not holding my attention right now. Could you please, in one sentence, explain to me why you are here today?

[MUSIC - Foreboding score begins underneath the scene.]

[SFX - The defendant’s chain rattles.]

DEFENDANT #1: Captain Root sent the Wolves to arrest me for not countering with a heftier discount.

WANDA: No, no, that's not right at all.

DEFENDANT #1: (RELIEVED) Thank you, Your Majesty, I thought so myself.

WANDA: You should have offered better discounts!

DEFENDANT #1: (STAMMERING) But with the taxes as high as they are this year on energy, we're barely scraping by as it is.

WANDA: Bah, bah, bah. If you were a better businesswoman you'd take advantage of the influx of customers to make a profit.

DEFENDANT #1: That's the thing--we're manufacturers, not retailers, so this contract is the only thing that gets us through festival-time...

WANDA: (CLAPPING TWICE) I can't listen to any more of this nonsense. TIN MAN! Send this woman back to her cell.

DEFENDANT #1: But, my Queen...

GUARD: Don’t talk back to the Queen.

[SFX - The guard knocks the defendant over with a plasma baton, her chains rattle more as she shrieks.]

GUARD: Get back up!

DEFENDANT #1: I'm sorry, Your Highness... there really is no need for me to be in jail.

WANDA: I don't see another option, unless you're going to give my captain a better price on the advertising contract...

DEFENDANT #1: (SIGHING) I suppose.

WANDA: Wonderful! I knew you'd see your way to the right decision. Alright, Tin Man, send this lady back to her shop so she can keep printing all those posters I love so much.

TIN MAN: As you wish, Wanda June.

[SFX - The sound of a bustling street at night takes over the scene.]

CAS: I can't believe I agreed to any of this. We're both gonna die in there.

KENDALL: You think they're gonna search me for weapons?

CAS: They might. You've been gone for a while.

KENDALL: I guess I don't need to have the baton in there with me. Not if everything goes according to plan.

[SFX - Kendall rustles in her bag.]

CAS: And when does that ever happen?

KENDALL: If you just follow my lead, everything will. 

[SFX - Kendall and Cas walk away from their hiding place.

CAS: I'm following, alright. I just don't remember exactly why at the moment. 

[MUSIC - Action music ramps up as they walk.]

[SFX - They knock heavily on a warehouse door, which opens heavily.]

MILA: You know the drill, hands up so we can search. 

KENDALL: (GROANS) Come on, you know me.  

MILA: Dad's orders. 

[SFX - Cas and Kendall walk forward and are patted down heavily.]

CAS: I'd like to know where you even think we'd come across a firearm around this dump. 

KENDALL: Seriously.

MILA: No one thinks either of you two could actually get your hands on anything as simple as a stun gun. It's protocol, don't let it go to your heads, kids. 

KENDALL: I was really hoping to get through the day without having to see your face. 

MILA: You've been gone for quite some time, Kendall. I wonder what Isaac is going to have to say about that. Maybe antagonizing his daughter isn't the best move for someone in your...position. 

KENDALL: I've been stuck in a K-hole for I don't even know how long. If anyone will understand that, it's your father. 

MILA: For weeks? Kendall, you're gonna have to think of a better excuse than that between here and his office.

KENDALL: Like I give a shit what you think, Mila. Just take us to Isaac since that's clearly why you're here. When do you think your father will upgrade you from warehouse lackey to something actually useful?

MILA: (LAUGHS) You poor thing. You must be nervous. 
Follow me. 

[SFX - Three sets of footsteps walk down a corridor.]

[Music - The song “Catharsis” by Mu-Shaka Benson plays.]

[SFX - The sound of Pav’s sewing machine runs over the music. Her communicator begins to ring.]

PAV: (ANNOYED) If you keep calling me, Root, I'll move even slower.

[SFX - The communicator rings again, but the sewing machine never stops. The communicator finally does.]

PAV: Good, peace, finally.

[SFX - The sewing machine keeps running until the doorbell buzzes several times.]

PAV: Are you fucking kidding me?

[SFX - Pav rolls her chair over and buzzes the visitor in. Root enters.]

ROOT: Pavlima.

PAV: Captain.

ROOT: How are we doing in here?

PAV: We'd be doing a whole lot better if you'd stop interrupting.

ROOT: That's not good enough. We're just shy of three weeks away and only half the new recruits are out on patrol.

PAV: Yeah, I've been meaning to ask you about that. I've been doing this for you for, what, eight years now? Never has she asked for this many robes. What are you even arresting people for? Coughing?

ROOT: Heheh. You'd be surprised the kind of information one can collect with a firm hand.

PAV: I'm well aware of what you can do with a firm hand. People travel for weeks just to get a glimpse of the castle. What trouble could she even be expecting?

[MUSIC - Strings and an occasional pulsing drumbeat play underneath their conversation.]

ROOT: It is not our business to question the Queen's will, it is not our business to do anything but follow it.

PAV: Seems like it might be time to ask a question or two, Root, don't you think?

[SFX - Root paces around the room and kicks into a box, which he rifles through.]

ROOT: What the hell are these?

PAV: Oh, that's the reject pile. Ignore those.

ROOT: Pavlima, there are a hundred badges in this bin.

PAV: And?

ROOT: With all of these you could robe up three times the recruits that her majesty is requesting.

PAV: How many times do I have to tell you that you pay me for quality and not quantity.

ROOT: If I don't see production pick up in the next five days. We're going to go with someone else.

PAV: (GROANING) This old empty threat again?

ROOT: It is anything but empty. If you don't shape things up, we're going to have to revisit our terms, and you might have to go back down to surface level.

PAV: Root, that is some bull shit and you know it. I'm too good for you to screw me like that.

ROOT: You keep telling me that, and I keep waiting for you to prove it.

PAV: This is ridiculous, I can get other work. I can pay my rent.

ROOT: Not if we seize your studio.

PAV: Get the fuck out of here. You'll have your order.

ROOT: Good, now that is what I like to hear.

[SFX - Root walks away, bumping into another box and knocking it over.]

PAV: (CHUCKLING) Anything for you, Captain Wolfy.

ROOT: I'm not kidding, dear. You may find this funny, but I'm at the end of my rope and I wouldn't test me, if I were you.

[SFX - Root storms out of the room, the door closing behind him.]

[SFX - The sounds of the bazaar take over the scene.]

HELINA: Hey, hey, Sylvie! Get over here.

[SFX - Slow footsteps approach.]

SYLVIE: Helina.

HELINA: Hey, yeah, I have a question.


HELINA: It's, it’s about that kid you arrested yesterday, Argus.

SYLVIE: What about him?

HELINA: I'm a friend of his family's. I'm positive he didn't do whatever you're accusing him of.

SYLVIE: I can assure you, he did. I saw it myself.

HELINA: Then it couldn't have been that bad. He's harmless and you know it. What was it?

SYLVIE: You know as well as I do that I can't discuss details until he's faced trial with Wanda.

HELINA: (GROANING) Ugh, how backed up is she these days?

SYLVIE: Few weeks. Month tops.

HELINA: Alright, well, I made him this. Can you make sure he gets it?

[SFX - There’s a rustling as Helina tries handing Sylvie something.]

SYLVIE: I'm not supposed...

HELINA: Sylvie, do this for me and I'll go back to the stupid shrink.

SYLVIE: And cut down on the drinking?

HELINA: No promises.

SYLVIE: I guess it's a start. What is this anyway?

HELINA: A loaf of bread I baked last night. Couldn't sleep thinking about it.

SYLVIE: Why do you care so much?

HELINA: Honestly, he's a good kid. I wanna be sure he's taken care of in there. I know how cold it can be.

[MUSIC - Helina’s theme cuts into the scene, sounding melancholy and contemplative.]

SYLVIE: Oh please, with the views he's had on ground level, his sky cell is a luxury. Wanda's castle is almost within reach.

HELINA: Trust me, that isn't something this family appreciates.

SYLVIE: I don't understand why you'd associate with grounders, Helina. You're above that.

HELINA: You're being gross. Just, make sure he knows it's from me. And Sylvie?


HELINA: If you have any pull on this, you'll drop the charges.

SYLVIE: I have none.

[SFX - Helina’s communicator begins to ring.]

HELINA: Oh, excuse me, I've gotta take this.

SYLVIE: Sure thing. You take care.

HELINA: So long.

[SFX - The communicators stops as she answers it and Sylvie walks away.]

HELINA: Hey... yeah. I can have that ready for you by the end of the day.

[MUSIC - Evil sounding strings play.]

DEFENDANT #2: I’m sorry, your Majesty, I understand that your will is truth but… excuse me?

WANDA: .One must never offend my guests. We bring them here at this joyful time of year for celebration, not to humiliate them with our spilled drinks and clumsiness. We will release you after the festival—


WANDA: —when the diplomat has returned home.

DEFENDANT #2: You’ve got to be kidding me!

WOLFPAC GUARD: You heard her, you’ll get out after Contact Day. Come on.

DEFENDANT #2: What? No!

[SFX - The guard takes hold of the prisoner and drags her away. Their voices get quieter as they exit.]

WOLFPAC GUARD: You got your sentence, come on,

DEFENDANT #2: No, no, no, you can’t do this to me!

WANDA: Tin Man!

TIN MAN: Yes, Wanda June?

WANDA: I'm feeling hungry.

TIN MAN: Wouldn't you like to finish today's proceedings before taking lunch, Your Majesty? Your subjects have waited a long time to see you.

WANDA: (GRUMBLING) I suppose. But I really am feeling quite famished, and I worry that my judgment will skew out of their favor if I'm not provided some sort of nourishment.

TIN MAN: As you wish, Wanda June.

[SFX - Tin Man starts to walk away and stops.]

WANDA: And Tin Man?

TIN MAN: Yes, Wanda June?

WANDA: I don't want anything too sweet, so none of those Eastern candies you've been plying me with.

TIN MAN: Yes, Your Majesty.

WANDA: And also, nothing too salty. Those fritters I ate last night gave me terrible wind.

TIN MAN: So... something plain?

WANDA: No! Something just right.

TIN MAN: Yes, of course, Wanda June.

[SFX - Tin Man lumbers away and Wanda yawns.]

[MUSIC - Slow transition music takes us out of the scene.]

[SFX - A door opens and footsteps approach.]


ISAAC: The fuck are you doing, walking in here like that after you gave us the slip for weeks? Where have you been, Kendall?

KENDALL: I gave everyone the slip. But I'm back now, and ready for more work. 

MILA: Apparently, she took to some of the product. 


KENDALL: I'm good for it. You know me. I'd never steal from you. 

ISAAC: You're right. I do know you, and none of this is very like you. Disappearing for weeks on end. Sampling the product without permission. What’d ya, hole up with a boyfriend or something?

CAS: (LAUGHS A LITTLE TOO HARD) You obviously don't know her that well. 

MILA: Yes, where exactly were you, Kendall?

KENDALL: (IGNORING MILA) Isaac, why would I lie about doing something wrong? I came back to ask for forgiveness and to say it won't happen again. I learned my lesson.

ISAAC: If you weren't one of the only capable runners I had around here you wouldn't have made it past the front door. I just want you to know that right now. I don't put up with this shit from anyone, especially people who work for me. You're lucky you've got Cas here vouching for ya. 

CAS: Sir.

ISAAC: If you ever pull a stunt like that again, my men will find you and you won't get the chance to apologize. 

KENDALL: I hear you, Isaac. It won't happen again.  
I do have a peace offering. If I may?

[MUSIC - Creeping, foreboding score begins to play.]

ISAAC: And what might that be?

KENDALL: While I've been gone I got the low down on someone else moving their own product on your turf. There's another import tonight at the docks, and I know the location.

ISAAC: How convenient. And what else do you know about it?

KENDALL: I don't know who it is. No one would tell me that. 

ISAAC: And why should I believe anything you say? You straggle back in here after weeks with no word with this story about smugglers. Cas, help me out here.

KENDALL: You don't have to believe me, boss.

CAS: Why should she lie? You're the one keeping a roof over our heads. 

ISAAC: There's a shipment coming in tonight? You seriously expect me to believe this?

KENDALL: At the docking bay. 

MILA: You sure this is a good idea? Why not just send the boys with them to take care of it? There's no need for you to be involved at all.

ISAAC: No, if someone really is moving on the ground level, then I need to know exactly what's going on. I don't take lightly to competition. 

[SFX - Mila steps forward.]

MILA: This is a bad idea. I don't trust them. 

KENDALL: Hey, we're right here. 

ISAAC: Kendall and Cas are two of my best, Mila.

[SFX - The chair creaks under Isaac’s week as he stands up.]

ISAAC: The two of you aren't leaving my sight until I figure out what's going on, though. Now, follow me. 

[SFX - Isaac, Cas, and Kendall walk out of the room, ending the scene.]

[SFX - The sound of the bazaar comes back in. Helina whistles, Pav approaches.]

HELINA: Pavlima, as I live and breathe. How long has it been?

PAV: Hey stranger, I couldn't say. When was the last time I reupped?

HELINA: Subtlety, my friend, is not your strong suit.

PAV: Like everyone up here doesn't know you're some kind of two-bit luxury drug dealer.

HELINA: (SARCASTIC) Some people come here for my vast stores of perfume.

PAV: (LAUGHING) You don't sell perfume.

HELINA: That doesn't stop these idiots from rubbing my goods all over their disgusting blue necks and wrists.

PAV: Eugh, gross.

HELINA: They're not educated like you and I.

PAV: You can say that again. I have a question for you.

HELINA: Shoot.

PAV: Can you make these any stronger than last time?

[SFX - Helina rushes over and closes the door to her tent, muffling the sound of the bazaar.]

HELINA: Shh, the wolves will hear you.

PAV: I need to stay up, for the next three days.

HELINA: You know that's not what I give you these for.

PAV: When have you ever been against a well-earned bender?

HELINA: Never, but that’s not safe. And I know when to end the bender so my heart doesn't stop.

PAV: C'mon, let me live dangerously.

HELINA: Pav, I can't in good conscience do this for you.

PAV: (DEFENSIVE) Fuck your conscience, okay, I need this!

HELINA: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Calm down. What's gotten into you?

PAV: Root.

HELINA: What could he possibly do to you?

PAV: (DESPERATE) Strip me of my home, my livelihood. Send me back to where I came from.

HELINA: He wouldn't.

PAV: He would if I don't have enough people equipped to police the festival.

HELINA: You realize none of that'll matter if you're dead, right?

PAV: And if I have to go back to the ground, I'll be dead too. I don't have a choice.

HELINA: Oh, come on, it's not so bad down there. I've grown quite fond of the ground.

PAV: You have no idea what you're talking about. It's not safe for me down there. Please, okay? I'm begging you. I won't ever ask you for anything like this again.

HELINA: Okay... you can take one of these every six hours. They'll give you the jumpstart you need.

PAV: Thank you.

[SFX - Pav starts to walk away, Helina stops her.]

HELINA: Pav, be careful.

PAV: Yeah. You too.

HELINA: No, Pav, I'm serious. This stuff is no joke.

PAV: Right, I got it, Helina. Thank you.

[SFX - Pav opens the flap to Helina’s tent and walks past a singer in the street.]

SINGER: Her blessed eyes did gaze,
Upon our warring kind,
Her love gave us new warmth,
Her wisdom, peace of mind,
Though lowly we once were,
Her children, we now rise,
Our glorious Queen Wanda,
Our savior from the skies.

[MUSIC - Foreboding score starts as the singer finishes. When it completes, classical music on a scratchy record begins to play.]

WANDA: Can you please keep it down? I'm trying to eat here.

TIN MAN: Not to be rude, Wanda June, but don't you think it'd be better to finish that up when you've seen the rest of your appointments for the day?

WANDA: (CHEWING) If I don't inhale this right now, I'm afraid I will eat the next person to stand trial.


WANDA: Oh darling, I'm only kidding with you. I wouldn't hurt a fly. Mmm.

TIN MAN: Still, Wanda June. You're being rude to your company.

WANDA: Well, if they wanted me to be polite, they would have waited for a formal invitation to the castle, instead of getting themselves arrested. Don't you think, Tin Man?

TIN MAN: Of course dear. How is your sandwich?


DEFENDANT #3: (STEPPING FORWARD) Your Majesty, if you'd only give me a minute of your time, I feel that this would go very quickly.

WANDA: Did you just interrupt my meal?

DEFENDANT #3: Why, yes, I did... but you're eating it during my appointment time so I merely thought...

WANDA: You obviously didn't think at all. A queen's appetite is her business, not that of her subjects. I will eat when I feel that eating suits me. And I will speak to you when that suits me as well. Now sit down.

DEFENDANT #2: Of course, Your Majesty.

[SFX - The defendant sits as his chair scrapes back. Wanda’s fork scratches against her plate. Wanda chews more as the record ends.]

WANDA: (BURPING) Alright, Tin Man. Take this away.

TIN MAN: Right away, Wanda June.

[SFX - Tin Man’s body creeks as he walks away with her plate.]

WANDA: (SMACKING HER THRONE ONCE) Now, my dears, where were we?

DEFENDANT #2: I'm up next, Your Majesty.

WANDA: Oh right, you again, what was your offense?

DEFENDANT #3: Nothing that I'm aware of.

WANDA: (SIGHING) That's what they all tell me, every single person in this courtyard they all, they all say, “I didn’t do anything wrong today! I was minding my business.” Well no! You must have been doing something cause my guards aren’t just picking people up willy nilly, so what were you doing when my guard picked you up?

DEFENDANT #3: I was praying with my family, ma'am. In our own home. They slammed open the door and carted us off one by one without informing us of our charges.

WANDA: I see, I see. And was the altar in your home correctly facing the direction in the sky where my castle was floating that day?

DEFENDANT #3: Oh, Your Majesty, my apologies for not clarifying. We were not praying to you, my family comes from an area of the North Tower where worship is still reserved for Medina --

WANDA: Oh... I see.

DEFENDANT #3: It's nothing against you, My Queen. You are a perfectly splendid ruler. My people simply have a hard time praying to a mortal.

GUARD: You think you would learn from the others.

[SFX - The guard knocks the defendant down with a plasma baton.]

GUARD: Get. Up.

WANDA: I think I've heard enough for the day, Tin Man.

TIN MAN: But Your Highness, you still have fourteen appointments scheduled over the next five hours.

WANDA: Reschedule them.

TIN MAN: Okay, and what to do with this one?

WANDA: Put him to death.


WANDA: I want him out of my sight, and for his family to know that worshipping any of these Old Gods will not be tolerated here.

TIN MAN: As you wish.

DEFENDANT #3: No, please.

GUARD: You heard her.

[SFX - The chains rattle as the guard begins to walk the defendant away.]

DEFENDANT #3: (BEGGING) Let go of me, stop. Ah, Wanda. Please, listen. You can’t do this. Don’t do this, you don’t have to do it. Gods, please, god give me another chance, god, please, no!

[MUSIC - Extraordinarily evil score crescendoes, taking us out of the scene.]

[MUSIC - A foreboding thrum replaces the previous score.]

ISAAC: (GROWLING) How much longer am I going to have to wait, Kendall? You said you knew when the shipment was coming in. 

KENDALL: Not the exact time. You think they'd tell me that much? 

ISAAC: I'm not sure I believe they'd tell you anything. 

[SFX - The sound of an approaching ship and people using heavy machinery.]

DOCK WORKER #1: Alright time to get to work, folks.

DOCK WORKER #2: (MOCKINGLY) Oooo, so you’re in charge now, are you?

DOCK WORKER #3: (LAUGHING) Look, he’s puffing his chest out and everything.

DOCK WORKER #1: Yeah yeah yeah, whatever just get your asses in gear and come help me unload this, will yah?

[SFX - They keep moving things around.]

CAS: Is this it?

KENDALL: Yes, this is it.

ISAAC: Well, I'll be damned. I didn't think anyone had the balls to pull off a stunt like this right under my nose. 

KENDALL: I told you to trust me. 

ISAAC: (COCKING A GUN) I'm going out there...



ISAAC: Can I help you?

CAS: Sorry, I don't know...should we come with you?

ISAAC: Follow close behind. They're most likely armed. Although who knows where they got that either. 

[SFX - Someone is whistling as two of the dockworkers struggle. Isaac, Cas, and Kendall approach as the workers’ voices get louder.]

WOLFPAC GUARD #2: Be careful with that, you’re going to break it!

DOCK WORKER #2: (ARROGANT) Why don’t you come over here and do that yourself, boss?

WOLFPAC GUARD #2: Excuse me?

DOCK WORKER #3: She said, why don’t you do it yourself!

DOCK WORKER #1: Would the two of you shut the hell up and just do your job already?

[SFX - Isaac appears, gun brandished. The dock workers pull out their own guns in turn.]

ISAAC: Alright, you fucks.

DOCK WORKER #1: Wanda Dammit.

ISAAC: Who sent you out this way?

[SFX - Something dings as a ships door opens.]


ISAAC: What the hell?

ROOT: You'll want to drop your weapons, sir. I have snipers around the perimeter and more men waiting on the ship carrying. 

ISAAC: Wolfpac? What the fuck is this, Kendall?

ROOT: Kendall is with me now, actually. We made her an offer much better than anything you could come up with. 

ISAAC: Is that true?

[MUSIC - The background music begins to vamp.]

ROOT: (LAUGHING) Of course it's true. What could you possibly counter with when we offered her the sky?

ISAAC: Kendall, what kind of sucker are you? You know they were formed to silence people like your parents before the towers were erected? That they helped build a city on your family's backs?

WOLFPAC GUARD #2: Shut it!

[SFX - The guard hits Isaac and knocks him down.]

KENDALL: (SPITTING) And you helped keep them on their knees after they were already down, you fuck.

ISAAC: After all I've done for you, Cas? You know by tomorrow you'll regret this.

CAS: I’m sorry boss, I didn't have a choice.

ROOT: Enough lollygagging. Let’s get this show on the road so I can go home and wash the stink of this place off myself.

[SFX - Root walks up the drawbridge into his ship.]

ISAAC: You two are dead, you hear me?

WOLFPAC GUARD #2: You’re coming with us. The rest of you… help me get this animal.

[SFX - The sound of Isaac struggling as he’s being dragged away.]

ISAAC: You think there's anywhere you can hide? I own the ground!

[SFX - Isaac is brought onto the ship and it flies away.]

KENDALL: (SATISFIED) Too bad you'll never see it again.

[MUSIC - The Wolfpac theme plays us away from the docks.]

[MUSIC - “My Queen” by Kevin Alexander plays.]

[SFX - Pav’s sewing machine whirrs.]


[SFX - Pav’s communicator rings.]

PAV: Root again.

[SFX - Pav hangs up the communicator and slides her chair away.”

PAV: I've had enough of him for one day.

[SFX - Pav gets up and walks to the kitchen. She pours a glass of water and jostles a container of pills. After a moment, she gulps one down.]

PAV: Now, where was I...

[SFX - Pav crosses the room, getting back into her chair and turning the sewing machine back on.]

PAV: Agh, fuck. Wanda…

[SFX - The machine stops and she slides her chair across the room.

PAV: Alright, Root. You win. I'll use the rejects.

[MUSIC - The sound of “My Queen” by Kevin Alexander increases as the credits come in.]

ADAM RAYMONDA: Windfall is a Rogue Dialogue Production. It was written and directed by Adam Raymonda and Christie Donato.

Here’s our cast in order of appearance:

Laura Stisse…DEFENDANT #1
Michael Larkin…TIN MAN
Cornelius Mohr…CAS   
Mallory Roach…KENDALL
Vanessa Vache…Mila
Clare Lopez…PAVLIMA
Josh Rubino…ROOT
Emily Battles…HELINA
Nadia Levin…SYLVIE
Sarah Wheatly…DEFENDANT #2
Micheal Antico…ISSAC
Derek Powell…DEFENDANT #3
Owen McCuen…DOCK WORKER #1
Maddy Searle…DOCK WORKER #2
Sarah Golding…DOCK WORKER #3
Jack Peavyhouse…WOLFPAC GUARD #2

Wanda’s Hymn was written and performed by Mark Sinclair.

This episode also includes the song “Catharsis” by Mu-Shaka Benson.

And the song that you’re hearing right now is “My Queen” by Kevin Alexander.

Casting Direction by Clare Lopez.

Produced by Bob Raymonda, Christie Donato, Adam Raymonda, and Michael Paunovski.

And our graphic artist is Sam Twardy.

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Episode seven of Windfall will be released in two weeks on May 22nd, 2019.

And listeners, don't forget to ask yourselves: What Would Wanda Do?"