Episode 1.05 transcript - “a trip to the bazaar”

[MUSIC - Windfall Theme plays.]

[SFX - An elevator dings as its door opens.]

RECORDING: Please stand in the middle of the lift, feet shoulder width apart, with your hands at your sides.

[SFX - Argus enters the lift and shuffles, following the direction.]

RECORDING: Thank you. Now, please enter your name and destination on the keypad before you.

[SFX - The keypad clicks multiple times.]

RECORDING: The South Tower upper atrium bazaar. Please insert the proper credits into the slot and remember to take your receipt for the return trip.

[SFX - Multiple bills are entered into the machine before a recipt prints.]

ARGUS: Thank you.

RECORDING: Have a pleasant ride, Argus.

[MUSIC - Triumphant score begins to play.]


[MUSIC - The triumphant score swells as the scene changes.]

[SFX - The din of the busy bazaar enters as footsteps approach.]


HELINA: You? You're seriously here after all that?

AWKWARD TEEN: I swear, I didn’t mean to break anything. I was only kidding around.

HELINA: Aw, look, kid. I wanted to apologize anyways. I was... having a bad day.

AWKWARD TEEN: It’s okay, I get it, but I…

HELINA: There was no need for me to blow up on you like that. You've just gotta be more careful around here.

[SFX - Someone begins shaking a vial in the background.]

AWKWARD TEEN: I will, I promise, bye!

[SFX - The vial shaking continues as the teen runs away.]

HELINA: Could you please be careful with all that?

CUSTOMER #2: How can I be sure I want any of your wares without looking closely?

HELINA: I understand that, and I appreciate your business, but please don't break any of the merchandise.

CUSTOMER #2: I'm not a child, Ms. I spend a lot of money at this market. Please trust that, and allow me to shop in peace.

HELINA: Sure thing. You let me know if you have any questions.

[SFX - Helina fidgets with rolling papers, lights a joint, and begins to smoke.]

CUSTOMER #2: (COUGHING) Are you kidding me with all of that? This is seriously how you run a business?

HELINA: What? They're herbal. None of those chems you find in stuff from ground level. This is all imported from my village out West. Would you like to try some?

CUSTOMER #2: No, of course I wouldn't like to try some. I'm allergic to smoke of any kind, and I'm pretty sure Queen Wanda passed an ordinance that substances like that aren't to be smoked on this level.

HELINA: Okay, okay, sheesh. I'll put it out.

[SFX - Helina loudly stubs out the joint.]

HELINA: So, how'd you hear about the shop?

CUSTOMER #2: I always find that the good stuff is the furthest up in the markets. When I was walking past your tent, I smelled something I hadn't in ages. It reminded me of the sea.

HELINA: Hmm. Smelled of the sea, you say? Here, let me take a look for you.

[SFX - Helina pushes her chair back and walks toward the customer.]

CUSTOMER #2: I wanted to find whatever it was that caused that and see if I could sprinkle a little around my dwelling.

[SFX - Helina ruffles through vials on the table.]

HELINA: Ah, here it is! Here, take a whiff of this.

[SFX - The customer takes a huge whiff before starting to cough again.]

CUSTOMER #2: No, no, no, what is this foul stench? And why would you wave it around my face like that?

HELINA: It's a homemade concoction. Ground jubjub fish mixed with a little seaweed paste and some ash of driftwood. Cures a cold if you rub some behind your ears, and is the only thing I can think of that'd smell like the sea.

CUSTOMER #2: Blech. Well, that certainly isn't it. Maybe I was mistaken, maybe it was coming from somewhere else.

HELINA: (SIGHING DEEPLY) Alright now. You come back if you still can't find it by the end of the day. I'll keep looking.

CUSTOMER #2: Don't hold your breath.

[MUSIC - Melancholy music creeps in.]

[SFX - Helina lights another joint, taking a puff.]

HELINA: Aw man…

[MUSIC - The score takes us out of the scene.]

[SFX - A communicator rings as an elevator descends.]

PAV: Hello?

KENDALL: Pav, hi, it's Kendall.

PAV: Oh, Kendall, hey. I'm so glad you called.

KENDALL: I know things got weird the other night, and I just wanted-

PAV: Yeah, I'm sorry...oh, uh, go ahead, sorry.

KENDALL: Yeah, I'm sorry too. Looking back I realize I may have overreacted. Like I said before, I'm not used to this kind of attention. 

PAV: That's very hard for me to believe. 

KENDALL: (LAUGHS) Thanks, ugh, I'm terrible with compliments and flirting and dating. You'll just have to bear with me. 

PAV: I think I can do that. You were right, though. I mean, I was being an ass and probably too aggressive. It wouldn't be the first time I heard that one. 

KENDALL: Right, so maybe we could try it again? 

PAV: I would love that. 

KENDALL: Great, let me give you a-

[SFX - The lift door opens to the busy sound of the street.]

CAS: Well, shit. Looks like Benny wasn't lying for once.

KENDALL: Cas, what the fuck.

PAV: Hello? Kendall?

[SFX - Communicator beeps off as Kendall hangs up on Pav.]

RECORDING: Please exit the lift.

CAS: Who is that?

KENDALL: What are you following me around?

RECORDING: Please exit the lift.

[SFX - Kendall exits the elevator and the doors close after her.]

CAS: Benny was drunk, bragging about how he knew a secret about a little rat in the neighborhood, and I helped him to divulge that secret with a few more beers. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was you.

KENDALL: Fuck. Cas.

CAS: So what did you do? Rat me out to the Wolves? Are they coming for me next?


CAS: How am I supposed to believe anything you say? I thought you'd been hauled off by them!

KENDALL: You left me to be. 

CAS: What good would it do for both of us to get caught?

KENDALL: See? You're just as bad.

CAS: So you did snitch. What did you tell them? That I beat the shit out of gamblers for a loan shark just to put food on the table for my family? 

KENDALL: No! I didn't say shit about you, Cas. I swear. 

CAS: I can't believe you.

KENDALL: Come on, like they'd really let me go after I gave them information on a little nobody bottom-feeder like you.

CAS: What are you saying?

KENDALL: (SMUG) No offense, Cas, but you're not big enough fish for them to care about.

CAS: Okay...I guess I do believe that...So you did snitch on someone, though?

[MUSIC - Foreboding score begins to play.]

CAS: Oh, no way, you did not...

KENDALL: Shhhh, shut up.

CAS: Isaac?

KENDALL: Damnit, Cas. Really?

CAS: Isaac, though?

KENDALL: I wish it was even that simple.

[SFX - Kendall unzips a bag and ruffles her robes.]

CAS: Oh, no way. You're a Wolf now? Fuck, you shouldn't have come back here. There's no way this is going to work.

KENDALL: Yeah, you're telling me.

[SFX - Kendall zips her bag back up as the music intensifies.]

[SFX - Argus walks with purpose through a crowd of people.]

ARGUS: I'm sorry, I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.. excuse me. Excuse me!

ROBOT: Look over here.

ARGUS: Wow what is…

ROBOT: You can have this medallion for only 1,400 credit. Wait, where are you going? Come back.

[SFX - The ding dong of a Wanda announcement chimes.]

WANDA: To my horror and surprise, tentacle rot is on the rise. Do your part to stop the spread, soap and wash your precious head. This is a message about tentacle rot from your beloved Queen Wanda.

[SFX - The message dings off and Argus keeps walking as he hears two people mid-conversation ahead of him.]

SHOPKEEP: Thirty credits and not a dime less...

CUSTOMER #2: And I told you I have twenty-seven. Can't you cut me some slack?

SHOPKEEP: Get the hell out of here, you bum.

CUSTOMER #2: Fuck you, asshole!

ARGUS: Excuse me, could you tell me what this is?

SHOPKEEP: (CHUCKLING) Grilled mynar shanks. Thirty credits.

ARGUS: It smells so good... Aw, I probably shouldn't but... ah whatever. Here.

[SFX - Argus reaches into a wallet and counts out several bills, handing them over.]

ARGUS: (CHEWING) Hey, could you tell me something?

SHOPKEEP: What, kid?

ARGUS: Do you know someone named Helina?

SHOPKEEP: That weird foreigner? Yeah, what about her?

ARGUS: Do you know where she works? I have something for her.

SHOPKEEP: Oh sure, go to the end of this row and up the ladder to the last platform. You'll find her up there.

ARGUS: Thanks so much!

SHOPKEEP: I'd hurry if I were you kid, we don't get a lot of grounders up here... you stick out.

ARGUS: ...how'd you know?

SHOPKEEP: I just do, I'd finish up whatever business you have with the foreigner and high-tail it back home before you catch the attention of the Wolves.

[MUSIC - Ominous war drums creep in.]

ARGUS: Thanks.

[MUSIC - The Windfall City melody plays over the war drums, shifting scenes.]

SYLVIE: Busy today?

HELINA: Ha! You know me all too well, friend.

SYLVIE: Anything I can do to drum up some business for you?

HELINA: Unless there's an herbal remedy you're looking for that isn't covered by your fancy insurance plan, I think not.

SYLVIE: Woah, way to judge. You ass, you really think I couldn't find anything I'd want here? How about this?

[SFX - A glass vial is picked up and tossed to Helina, who grunts as she catches it.]

HELINA: (SETTING IT BACK DOWN) Hey, I wanted to apologize to you for the other day...

SYLVIE: Don't mention it.

HELINA: No, really. Things have been... tough lately. The anniversary is coming up.

SYLVIE: I know.

HELINA: Oh yeah... I try to forget about how we met.

SYLVIE: I was just doing my job, Helina.

HELINA: That's one way to put it.

SYLVIE: Well, I'm sorry about the way things went back then. You can come to me for help anytime, you know that right?

HELINA: Hey, when do you get off? I've got a friend I think you'd get along with.

SYLVIE: One of the other merchants?

HELINA: Bah, no, she tends bar at this dive on the ground-level I found when picking up one of my shipments a few years back.

SYLVIE: Helina... do you think going to the bar is best for you? And on ground level, no less? You're better than that. Why not hang out at one of the hundred, more wholesome establishments up here?

HELINA: Eh, not really my scene.

SYLVIE: Because you can't get obliterated and forget about what happened, surrounded by other people as fucked up as you? 

HELINA: That sounds about right.


HELINA: Don't you have to get back to your route?

SYLVIE: Give me a call tonight. We'll talk.

HELINA: (SIGH) Will it get you off my back for now?

SYLVIE: Sure thing.

HELINA: Alright. 

[SFX - A door is opened and closed and a set of keys are set on a table.]

KENDALL: Okay, are you gonna relax and let me explain?

CAS: I don't know, Kendall, are you gonna tell me the truth?

KENDALL: Yes, Cas, I am.

CAS: Fine. I'm listening.

KENDALL: Okay, so those Wolves you left me with- 

CAS: Was forced to leave you with...

[SFX - Kendall paces and closes a cabinet.]

KENDALL: Sure, whatever. Those Wolves brought me up to their headquarters. Turns out they'd come specifically for me.

CAS: Are you serious?

KENDALL: Right? They offered to make me one of them, said that I was exactly the kind of new blood they were looking for.

CAS: I can't believe this.

KENDALL: Neither could I, at first, but they said I have a special connection to the ground. One none of the nosebleed recruits have.

CAS: You can say that again.

KENDALL: They wanted someone who knew their way around and understands a lot about the way things are run down here.

CAS: And you said "yes"? Are you nuts?

KENDALL: Look, maybe you don't care to ever change, but I need to do more than just survive. I don't want to be running errands for some ruthless old bastard for the rest of my life. Do you honestly like what we do?

CAS: No, of course not, but I don't see how becoming a Wolf is much better.

KENDALL: I could make a difference in this community.

CAS: Bullshit, you're preserving the status quo.

KENDALL: Well, then, so are you. Only, my way is going to help me move up in the world, yours is going to keep you exactly where you are. Begging for scraps.

CAS: So what now? You rat on Isaac now?

KENDALL: Not just rat, Cas, I have to take him in myself.

CAS: Are you for fucking real, Kendall? That's impossible.

[MUSIC - Keys and strings creep in under their conversation.]

KENDALL: No. It's not. I have a really good plan, but I need help.

CAS: From me? No way. You're a Wolf. Call for back up.

KENDALL: What are you, afraid to turn him in? You've been listening to too much of that man's bullshit. He wants you to think he cares, but he doesn't.

CAS: And I'm supposed to believe you do?

KENDALL: Listen to me, he doesn't give a shit about you, or any of us. Imagine what the ground would look like without Isaac?

CAS: Maybe chaos? But he keeps everything together. It's not good, but it's something.

KENDALL: What about Vern? No Isaac, no debt.

CAS: But if I help you do this, and we lose, Vern is dead for sure. Do you even know what you're asking? I have a family to take care of. Shaima's an idiot whose going to play by the rules until they choke him, and Argus isn't much better. That kid couldn't stay out of trouble if he tried.

KENDALL: But we're not going to lose. Without Isaac, half your troubles disappear.

[SFX - Kendall snaps her fingers.]

KENDALL: What do you say?

[MUSIC - The music crescendoes, taking us out of the scene.]

[SFX - The din of the bazaar returns.]

CUSTOMER #2: Excuse me, officer?

SYLVIE: Yes, ma'am?

CUSTOMER #2: You see that boy, standing over there?

SYLVIE: The shifty looking one?

CUSTOMER #2: That's him.

SYLVIE: Yeah, what about him?

CUSTOMER #2: I overheard him earlier and I don't quite think he belongs up here.

SYLVIE: Doesn't really look like he should be, no.

CUSTOMER #2: (CLEARING THROAT) I mean, I'm not here to tell you how to do your job or anything...

SYLVIE: No. Of course not.

CUSTOMER #2: Shouldn't he... not be up here?

SYLVIE: Of course.

CUSTOMER #2: Yeah, I thought about saying something to the lad myself but then I saw you standing nearby and thought it best not to be involved.

SYLVIE: You did the right thing, ma'am. Better not to cause a scene.

CUSTOMER #2: My sentiments exactly.

[SFX - Argus runs across the scene, bumping into the customer who shrieks.]

ARGUS: So sorry, have to run!

CUSTOMER #2: Watch where you're going, sewer rat!

[MUSIC - The snare roll of the Wolfpac theme begins.]

CUSTOMER #2: What are you doing just standing there? Go after him!

SYLVIE: Don't worry ma'am. I'll take care of this.

[SFX - Sylvie puts her helmet back on, modulating her voice.]

[MUSIC - The Wolfpac theme continues, taking over the scene as it ends.]

[SFX - Bootprints approach as a doorbell rings, Root speaks over an intercom, cutting in and out.]

ROOT: This is Root.

KENDALL: Kendall, sir. May I enter?

ROOT: Kendall? Why, unless I'm mistaken, we don't have a prearranged meeting at this time. 

KENDALL: That is correct, sir. I'm stopping in unannounced. I have something to discuss with you. It felt urgent.

ROOT: This is highly unusual, but given the circumstances, I'll allow it, this time. Come in.

[SFX - The door slides open as Kendall enters. Root shuffles with papers and shifts in his seat.]

KENDALL: I've been putting together a plan to take down Isaac, and I think I have one you'll like. 

ROOT: It's always nice to have a recruit who takes initiative like this. Be advised that it will show up on your weekly review, so keep up the good work. Now, tell me more about this plan. 

KENDALL: I have... contacts on the ground who are willing to help, but only if Wolves can be stationed around the warehouse, waiting for a signal. 


KENDALL: My signal. 
I'm going to lure him out of his warehouse, and when I do, I need as many Wolves as possible waiting. Isaac has a lot of loyal people. It's what makes him so effective as a leader.

ROOT: (HARRUMPHS) So you've said.

KENDALL: Really, sir. You can scoff all you want, but these people are not going to let him out of their sight unless he senses a real threat to his business. 

ROOT: Eh, eh, eh. I feel confident that my Wolves can take on these underlings. Kendall, if you can get Isaac to follow you, to some location that would provide plenty of cover for your fellow Wolves, then this is as good as done. 

KENDALL: I need time to scout out a location.

ROOT: Time? Time you shall have. Five days. 

KENDALL: I need to move up from the ground. Tomorrow. Once Isaac falls, I'll be a dead woman walking. I want out before that happens.

ROOT: We've discussed this. I can't make any promises. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. 

KENDALL: Sir, if you don't move me up before we do this, I won't be around to wait for anything. 

ROOT: Ugh, you're a Wolf now, Kendall! We won't let anything happen to you. 

KENDALL: And my friend, I need protection for him too, then.

ROOT: That, I especially cannot promise. Is he a known criminal?

KENDALL: He's my friend. He'll be sticking his neck out for you and the rest of the Wolves and Wanda, too. 

ROOT: (GROANING) Just this once, your friend gets a pass. 

KENDALL: You won't regret it

[SFX - The din of the bazaar returns.]

[MUSIC - Hopeful keyboard music begins to play.]

HELINA: Argus?! What're you doing here?

[SFX - Argus drops a heavy coin purse on the table in front of him.]

HELINA: (SCREECHING) Holy shit... where'd you find this? I've been looking for it all over!

ARGUS: You left it at Gert's. I've been waiting for you to come back to get it but you haven't been around since.

[SFX - Helina stands and throws her arms around him.]

HELINA: Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have no idea what you just did for me.

ARGUS: (SHEEPISH) It's no problem...

SYLVIE: There he is!

GUARD: Stay still grounder!

[SFX - The Wolf slaps plasma cuffs onto Argus’ wrist.]

ARGUS: What the… what the hell?

[MUSIC - The score changes into a more menacing tone.]

HELINA: What the hell did he do, Sylvie? He's my friend's nephew. The one that owns the bar! He's harmless.

SYLVIE: Please go about your day, Helina. This is Wolfpac business.

ARGUS: Whatever you think I did, I swear it was a misunderstanding!

SYLVIE: Be quiet, grounder, you're coming with me.

[SFX - Sylvie kicks Argus, who grunts.]

SYLVIE: After the stunt you just pulled, you’re in Wanda’s hands now.

ARGUS: What!

HELINA: I'm sure this isn't necessary...

SYLVIE: You heard me, friend.

GUARD: Let’s go!

[SFX - The guard drags Argus away and his pleas get quieter as they go.]

ARGUS: Helina, tell Gert I'll be okay, that this was all a mistake, that I’ll be back for Contact Day, I promise, I promise, Don’t let her worry, I’ll be home, I’ll be home soon...

[MUSIC - The score swells until the sound of the bazaar disappears.]

KENDALL: Hi Pav, I got your message to meet here. 

PAV: Kendall, I wasn't sure you would come. 

KENDALL: Yeah, me neither. 

PAV: I know how you're feeling right now. Everything is new and scary. I was there too, once. I remember how it felt, and I want to help take your mind off of everything for just a little bit. 

[SFX - An elevator dings as the door opens.]

KENDALL: Where are we going? 

PAV: (excited) You'll see when we get there. 

[SFX - Kendall and Pav enter the elevator.]

RECORDING: Please stand in the middle of the lift.

[SFX - The lift doors close and the keypad beeps.]

RECORDING: North tower observation platform. Please enter proper credits. 

[MUSIC - Hopeful score begins.]

[SFX - Bills are entered into the slot.]

RECORDING: Thank you, Pavlima. Please stand at the center of the elevator with your arms at your sides.

KENDALL: How high are we going? 

PAV: Don't make me ruin the surprise. 

[SFX - The elevator continues moving up in silence.]

RECORDING: Approaching the North Tower Observation Platform. Please have a wonderful evening. 

[SFX - The elevator stops and they exit.]

PAV: Okay, close your eyes and hold my hand. 

KENDALL: Okay...

PAV: Follow me. Not too fast. 


[SFX - They exit another door and the wind whips loudly.]

PAV: (YELLING OVER THE WIND) Okay! Now open your eyes in three... two... one...

[MUSIC - Hopeful post rock score begins to play.]

KENDALL: Wanda, this is incredible. I can see the sky!I can't believe this!

PAV: Isn't it amazing? 

KENDALL: I've never seen anything like it before. I just... I had no idea what it be like - feel like - to see it in person. I thought it would never happen.  

PAV: When grounders talk about the sky, it's always so abstract. It's like a god. Something divine, but not quite real. We're the lucky ones, Kendall. Not the rich nosebleeds who've lived up here their whole lives. They don't appreciate it like we do. We know what it's like to think we'd never leave the ground, and yet here we are. 

KENDALL: (EMOTIONAL) I think it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It just goes on forever.

PAV: And ever. 

KENDALL: What are those? 

PAV: What? 

KENDALL: Those little shining dots up there? 

PAV: Those are stars. 

[SFX - The music fades as the wind begins to whip louder again.]

KENDALL: Stars. And that over there, is that Wanda's castle? 

PAV: Yes, up in the clouds. 

KENDALL: It's so big, and it's just sitting there. How is it possible? 

PAV: She's a god. 

KENDALL: Don't tell me you believe that Wolfpac crap. 

PAV: Says the wolf pup. 

KENDALL: I never said I believed all their mumbo jumbo. 

PAV: I don't know what I believe. I guess she has to be something powerful to live all the way up there, suspended in the sky like that. 

No one's ever done anything like this for me before. I mean, I can see the entire city of Windfall. It just feels like a dream.

PAV: I wanted to be here when you saw it for the first time. 

KENDALL: Why? What's so special about me? 

PAV: (PAUSE) Look, I know we've only just met, but I feel like I know you. I see this incredibly strong woman, fighting for a better life. We’re not so different, you and me.

KENDALL: I guess I don't see myself the way you do. 

[SFX - Pav draws Kendall close to her.]

[MUSIC - Hopeful score starts again.]

PAV: All the grounders I knew were content to live a life begging for scraps, but all the people who live up here, they have no idea how good they have it. They don't see how fucked up this whole city is. My whole life I've felt like an outsider. You, though...
 When I'm with you I feel like I can finally be seen for who I really am. I don't have to be sarcastic Pav. I can just be myself. 

KENDALL: I've never met anyone like you before. 

[SFX - Pav and Kendall kiss tenderly.]

PAV: (GRINNING) Let's get out of this wind. 

KENDALL: But I'm afraid I'll never see the sky again. 

PAV: I won't let that happen.

[MUSIC - The hopeful music fades.]

[SFX - The bar door opens and Shaima’s footsteps approach.]

SHAIMA: Hey Gert.

GERT: Shaima.

SHAIMA: You seen Cas or Argus today?

GERT: Naw, they haven't been by. Figured they were probably down trapping.

SHAIMA: We all went last night. There's no need for it.

GERT: Oh... well, you know that Cas.

SHAIMA: I know. I don't know how to keep him away from that snake.

GERT: It makes him feel close to your father, spending so much time with his old best friend.

SHAIMA: The so-called best friend who fought with Mom and Dad for only so long as it seemed like they'd win? The one who beats the piss out of his neighbors because they can't pay ridiculous interest he puts on their loans? Great company.

GERT: Who are you to judge? What great good are you accomplishing in Vernon's junk shop?

SHAIMA: (DEFENSIVE) That shop is the only thing that's kept this family going for the past twenty years.

GERT: Excuse me? What do you call this place?

SHAIMA: A distraction.

GERT: You ungrateful asshole. Do you have any idea how many times I've bailed your deadbeat uncle out of a jam? He's been good to you, I know that, but my ex-husband causes more trouble than you'd imagine.

SHAIMA: Trouble that bastard Isaac got him into! You know Cas stalks around these streets at night, intimidating kind folks and doing his bidding? The boy almost tried doing the same running collections for Vern.

GERT: Hah! That runt couldn't take you, even. What makes you think he's got what it takes to be somebody else's muscle?

SHAIMA: Because I listen! I talk to my customers, I don't just ply them with enough booze to send them into a dull stupor.

GERT: Alright, iIf you don't relax, nephew, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

SHAIMA: Do you have any idea what's going on with us? Do you ever pay any attention to anything that goes on outside these walls?

GERT: Of course, I do.

SHAIMA: Then you know Argus went to Swift's. And came home with hundreds of credits he had no business having. Do you realize what could happen to either of our licenses if Wolfpac knew what our family was dealing with?

GERT: You're being paranoid.

SHAIMA: And you're blind. Vern, is drowning in debt to Isaac, who Cas just happens to work for, and now sweet, innocent little Argus is beating a cheat like Swift at his own game. 

GERT: You have to admit, that's kind of impressive.

SHAIMA: Of course, it is, but now he's spouting off plans to buy an elevator ticket to the upper markets with his winnings!

GERT: Wow.

SHAIMA: Don't you care at all about keeping a low profile?

GERT: Everything's fine, Shaima. Keep your pants on. Nobody's paying any attention to us. If we keep doing what we're doing, everything's gonna be alright.

SHAIMA: (SIGHING) You better not be wrong.

[SFX - The door slams open and Helina runs in.]

[MUSIC - Foreboding score beings to play.]

HELINA: Oh Gertie, I'm so so sorry. He was only there a minute before they took him, and I have no idea why. One second he was giving me something I'd lost, and the next he was in cuffs.

GERT: What? Helina, slow down, what happened.

HELINA: It's Argus.

SHAIMA: What about him?

HELINA: He showed up at my shop today, and for seemingly no reason at all, one of the Wolves took him away.

SHAIMA: You've gotta be fucking kidding me.

GERT: Calm down, I'm sure it was a mistake.

HELINA: I'll do everything I can to get him out. The guard was a friend of mine, I think I can change her mind.

SHAIMA: You really think no one is paying attention to us now?

GERT: Way to be helpful, jackass.

HELINA: I am so sorry...

[MUSIC - The score fades, ending the episode.]

[MUSIC - Credits music begins to play.]

ADAM RAYMONDA: Windfall is a Rogue Dialogue Production. It was written and directed by Bob Raymonda and Christie Donato.

Sound design, mix, and score by Adam Raymonda.

Here’s our cast in order of appearance:

Marcus Stewart…ARGUS
Carleena Manzi…TEENAGER
Emily Battles…HELINA
Lilly Komurek…CUSTOMER
Adam Raymonda…VENDOR
Clare Lopez…PAVLIMA
Mallory Roach…KENDALL
Cornelius Mohr…CAS
Nadia Levin…SYLVIE
Josh Rubino…ROOT
Sarah Brown…Elevator Recording
Sheirel Mordaunt…GERT
Mu-Shaka Benson…SHAIMA

Casting Direction by Clare Lopez.

Produced by Bob Raymonda, Christie Donato, Adam Raymonda, and Michael Paunovski.

Our cover art was designed by Sam Twardy.

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And listeners, don't forget to ask yourselves: What Would Wanda Do?"