Episode 1.03 transcript - “Remember where you came from”

ADAM RAYMONDA: Windfall is intended for a mature audience, see our show notes for more detailed information. Listener discretion is advised.

[MUSIC: Windfall Theme plays]


[SFX - Helina is moaning, crying. Fires rage in the background.]

HELINA: Mom, Dad? Where are you? We have to get out of here!

[SFX - Someone in the distance begins to grunt, moan. Explosions sound.]

HELINA: Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey. Have you seen my mother?

INJURED VILLAGER: (coughing) Help… help me.

[MUSIC - Score begins to swell.]

HELINA: What the hell is going on? Who is attacking us?

[SFX - A vehicle approaches, gunshots cause Helina to scream. Something explodes.]


[SFX - The aircraft lands and its doors open.]

HELINA: What do you want? Why are you killing us?

[SFX - Sylvie hits Sylvie and places electronic handcuffs on her.]

HELINA: What are you doing, where are you taking me?

[SFX - Sylvie drops Helina into the aircraft. Its doors beep as they close.]

HELINA: Please, tell me what you want.

SYLVIE: Stay still, be quiet, and you won't end up like the rest of them.

HELINA: What do you...

[SFX - Sylvie kicks Helina one final time. The sound of the fire fades as a door bell begins to sound.]


[SFX - Helina breathes heavily as she gets out of bed to answer the door, which is still buzzing. The door slides open.]

HELINA: (PAINED & HOARSE) I'm sorry, it won't happen again.

ANGRY NEIGHBOR: That's what you said the last five times.

HELINA: Haven't you ever had a bad dream?

ANGRY NEIGHBOR: Sure I have, but I don't wake up every person in a ten apartment radius with blood-curdling screams, night after night.

HELINA: It can't be that bad.

ANGRY NEIGHBOR: Oh yeah? Just listen to this...

[SFX - A recording plays of Helina screaming over and over again, before cutting silent.]

ANGRY NEIGHBOR: I've got hours of this.

HELINA: I swear I'm going to see my therapist right after shift today, get a stronger prescription.

ANGRY NEIGHBOR: You do that, or I'm gonna have to call the Wolves again.

HELINA: That won't be necessary. I promise this is the last time.

ANGRY NEIGHBOR: It better be.

[SFX - The door slides shut. Helina lets out a deep breath.]

HELINA: (WOUNDED) Shit… Why won't it stop?

[MUSIC - A radio beeps and jovial folk music plays.]

[SFX - A sink is turned on, a tea kettle is filled, and it’s placed over a burner.]

WBC ANNOUNCER: What a lovely song. We will be back with more music in just a moment. But first, a public service announcement from our dear Queen Wanda.

HELINA: (PAINED LAUGHTER) My own personal hell.

WANDA: The outer reachers are nasty creatures, they carry germs and blight. For Windfall city can only stay pretty if we keep our borders tight.

[SFX - Helina walks across the room and shuts the radio back off.]


[SFX - Kendall breathes heavily as she hits into a punching bag.]

KENDALL: (PANTING) One... two... three...

TRAINER: That all you've got, recruit?

[SFX - The punching continues. Others are working out in the background.]

KENDALL: Not even close.

TRAINER: Easy there. Don't tire yourself out over a little hazing. There's a lot more work to be done. As you were, recruit.

[SFX - Kendall continues to punch as the others working out get louder.]

TRAINER: You call that a push up? Try it again!

[SFX - The guard walks across the room.]

TRAINER: Captain Root.

ROOT: How is everything proceeding so far? 

TRAINER: Excellent, sir. This batch of new recruits is really diving into the training. Give 'em about two or three months and they'll be essential additions to the Wolfpac. 

ROOT: Two or three? No, that won't do. They must be ready by the Contact Day Festival. 

TRAINER: Sir, you can't be serious? It would be a crime to send them out that soon. They have so much potential, but that's really all it is. They're not going to be ready.

ROOT: This order has come down from the Queen herself. Twenty-three new Wolves ready by the day of the festival. 

TRAINER: If that's what her Majesty wishes then it'll be done, but I don't have a good feeling about this. 

ROOT: You're right. It will be done. 

[MUSIC - Keyboard plays in the background.]

ROOT: How about this one? She was brought up especially from the ground.

TRAINER: Kendall? She keeps to herself mostly, but she's also one of the most naturally talented out of the new pups. There's real promise there.

ROOT: Is she ready?

TRAINER: Captain, none of them are ready.


TRAINER: (HEAVY SIGH) Out of all them, yeah, she's doing the best.

ROOT: Good, I'll be taking my leave now.


[SFX - Root walks away and the sound of the punching bags and score swells.]


[SFX - Footsteps approach. Machines are moving in the background. A door opens.]

MILA: Cas is here. Would you like me to send him in? 


[SFX - Isaac shifts in his chair.]

ISAAC: Alright, Mila. Send him in. 

[SFX - Mila walks away, two sets of footsteps come back.]

CAS: Boss.

ISAAC: Leave us, Mila. 

[SFX - Mila leaves, the door shuts.]

ISAAC: You have the money?

CAS: Most of it. A couple of teeth from one of the usual stragglers.

ISAAC: And tell me, where's your partner been? I haven't seen her in weeks. What is she, on some sort of bender?

CAS: Honestly, I was hoping you could tell me. I haven't seen her either. 

ISAAC: Is that so?

CAS: Been making the rounds all by my lonesome.

ISAAC: Don't expect a raise, now.

CAS: Wasn't asking for one.

ISAAC: And that uncle of yours? He settle up for the month yet?

CAS: Actually, Isaac, that's another reason I'm here. Things have been really slow at the shop.

ISAAC: (SARCASTIC) I'm sorry to hear that. I guess grounders aren't as interested in junk as they were a couple years ago. 

CAS: My uncle, he's been good on his debts all this time. Can't he defer the payment for this month? 

ISAAC: Just because a man pays you nine times out of ten, doesn't mean the last one's free. And anyways, why isn't your uncle here asking for a deferment himself?

CAS: He's too proud to ask.

ISAAC: (SCOFFS) Too proud? Vernon? That's the boldest lie I've heard out of you yet.

CAS: Why don't you take my cut for the month?

ISAAC: (LAUGHING) Vern owes a lot more than that. Maybe I'll have to stop by to collect this one myself.

[MUSIC - A foreboding score begins.]

CAS: Is that necessary? You know what it's like down here, I've gotta look out for the family I have left.

ISAAC: (CHUCKLING) If money isn't in the cards, I suppose his head'll have to do.

CAS: This isn't a joke, Isaac. That man raised me. He provided for us after my parents died. 

ISAAC: Oh? Fat Vernon is the one who did right by you, eh? He's the one that's clothed you and made sure you had enough money to keep the lights on and your belly full?

CAS: No, not just him. Of course, I know everything you've done for me. But he's family.

ISAAC: (OFFENDED) And I'm not?

CAS: Isaac.

ISAAC: I'll have you know that, when you were kids and shit was really going down, when your parents and I were fighting against the Wolves, Vernon sat on his hands and did nothing.

CAS: You always bring this up, but you've never said what really happened. How am I supposed to believe that?

ISAAC: (SMUG) Why don't you ask your precious Uncle Vernon what he was doing the day they died?

[SFX - Isaac drops an envelope onto his desk.]

CAS: What is this?

ISAAC: Proof that your uncle is a coward.

CAS: (DROPPING THE ENVELOPE BACK ON THE TABLE) Whatever it is, I don't care. I know what he's done for me and my brothers and that's enough.

ISAAC: You say that, but I promise if you'd only open that envelope you'd feel differently.

CAS: Look, I'm begging you. Take my cut and leave the old man alone. Just this once. He'll have your money next month.

ISAAC: (SIGHING) Get out of here before I stop feeling generous.

CAS: Of course.

[SFX - Cas walks away, opening the door. Mila stomps back in.]

MILA: I thought you were going to ring him out?


MILA: What happened to you showing that over-confident, little ass what kind of man he works for? Way I heard it, Cas wasn't gonna be able to walk outta here on his own two legs after you were done with him. Not showing up for weeks. Late with the money. 

ISAAC: Damnit, Mila, can't yer old man talk shit every once in a while without being called out on it? That kid is one of the best guys I've got. So what he was late. 

MILA: I don't even know what's gotten into you. 

ISAAC: You want me to get rid of him when his friend hasn't shown up in weeks, either? She's the one who's really in trouble, and I need him to get to her. Don't you think?

MILA: Sure, and letting Cas off the hook is all part of your genius plan. 

ISAAC: (SUDDENLY ANGRY) Mila. You may be my daughter, but no one questions me like this. Not here, not ever.

MILA: You're right, I'm sorry.

ISAAC: Damn right, you are. Now, get!

[MUSIC - The score gets louder as a guitar is strummed.]


[SFX - Kendall exits her apartment, her keys jangle as she locks the door.]

BENNY: Well, look who it is. Haven't seen you in a while, Kendy.

KENDALL: Yeah, and I was hoping to keep it that way, Benny. What are you doing here?

BENNY: Just takin' a little walk round the neighborhood, and look what I find.

KENDALL: Bullshit. You've been staking my place out, you little shit. Did Isaac put you up to this?

BENNY: Isaac? Nah, but I'm sure he'll be plenty pleased to hear it all the same. Kendall: taken by the Wolves, only to reappear, safe-and-sound, back at her apartment. Tell me, who’d you rat out?

KENDALL: No one. It was a mistake. A big misunderstanding. 

BENNY: (LAUGHING) Sure, I believe you, Kend, but I'm not so sure what Isaac's gonna say. He's not so, uh, gullible. 

KENDALL: Benny, are you threatening me?

BENNY: Look, Isaac doesn't need to know. 

KENDALL: Oh? And what do you want?

BENNY: I owe some money over at Swifty's. 

KENDALL: Oh, for fuck's sake, Benny. 

BENNY: Come on, Kendall. Give me some money to spend in there, and this stays between you and me. 

KENDALL: How much?

BENNY: Fifty. That's all. For now.

KENDALL: Great. I'll transfer them to you tonight. I've got to be somewhere and you're keeping me. 

BENNY: Okay, make sure it’s tonight.

[SFX - The ambient noise of the streets fades.]


[SFX - Glass vials bump into each other.]

HELINA: I swear to Wanda kid, if you break that, I'm going to break your legs.

TEENAGER: I’d like to see you try.

[SFX - A vial shake, even louder.]

HELINA: I bet you think I'm kidding. That I'll laugh it off like last time. But no, today you're getting on my last nerve.


[SFX - Something drops and shatters.]

TEENAGER: I’m sorry, it was an accident!

[SFX - The teen runs away.]

HELINA: (GETTING UP AND TAKING CHASE) If you ever come back here I swear to Wanda, it'll be your last day! You think it's so funny to fuck with me, but it is not!

SYLVIE: (VOICE EFFECTED) Helina, Helina. What the hell's the matter with you?

HELINA: (BREATHING HEAVILY) That snot-faced brat comes in here every day and messes with my wares. Doesn't buy a thing, breaks stuff instead. I can't fucking handle it anymore.

SYLVIE: Woah, woah, woah. This is so unlike you.

[SFX - Sylvie removes her helmet.]

SYLVIE: What's really going on here?

HELINA; (DISTRESSED) I don't understand why you're still here talking to me when a criminal is on the run right in front of you.

SYLVIE: Oh yes, I'm such an idiot, Helina, for not calling in the troops on a girl with a crush.

HELINA: You call that a crush? Hanging around someone, saying nothing, and doing anything you can to get under their skin?

SYLVIE: (AMUSED) I'm not saying she has good method, I'm just saying to cut the kid some slack.

HELINA: I'm tired of getting walked all over, Sylvie. I'm sick of it.

SYLVIE: She's obviously interested in what you've got going on here. Why not try teaching her a thing or two?

HELINA: So now I should hire her?

SYLVIE: Sure, why not?

HELINA: Ever since you brought me to this fucking city, it's one ungrateful parasite taking advantage of me after another.

SYLVIE: Forgive me for being frank, my friend, but if you hate it here so much why don't you go home?

[MUSIC - Somber piano music starts.]

HELINA: Because, as far as I know, there's nothing left for me there.

SYLVIE: Way you're here complaining makes it seem like you'd prefer nothing over the benefits of Windfall City.

HELINA: (SARCASTIC) Oh, yes, the myriad benefits! The overcrowding, the smog, the...

SYLVIE: The Wolves did you a favor, Helina, taking you out of that backwoods village.

HELINA: It may have been backwoods, but at least people looked out for each other there.

SYLVIE: If you can't see that you're better off here, you should leave. Nobody's forcing you to stay.

[SFX - Helina grunts as she slaps Sylvie in the face.]

HELINA: (INFURIATED) Don't you dare tell me to go back where I came from, you bitch. You know as well as I do that everyone I ever loved is dead. Don't think that because we're friends now, I've forgotten what you did that day.

SYLVIE: (TENSE) You are very lucky that I'm a patient woman, or I'd have your ass so far in a cell you'd never see one of your coveted green vials again.

[MUSIC - The score begins to swell.]

HELINA: (SOBBING) I'm so sorry, Sylvie, I don't know what gotten into me. Oh Wanda, please, let me give you something for that mark.

SYLVIE: My face is fine, thank you.

[SFX - Sylvie puts her helmet back on.]

SYLVIE: (EFFECTED) Why don't you close up shop for the rest of the day?

HELINA: I... I think I will.

SYLVIE: Good. I'll see you tomorrow, yeah? Don't worry about today's stall fees. I'll have 'em waived.

HELINA: You're good people, you know that?

SYLVIE: Get out of here, kid.

HELINA: Yeah, sure, right away.

[SFX - The ambient noise of the bazaar fades.]


[SFX - A keyboard clacks away before a door opens.]

KENDALL: Captain. You wanted to see me?

ROOT: Kendall, yes. Please, sit down. 

[SFX - The keyboard continues for a moment before stopping.]

ROOT: Thank you for coming.

[SFX - Root rustles with some papers on his desk.]

ROOT: So, let me start by saying, I've heard only good things about your work thus far. 

KENDALL: Thank you, Sir. I'm trying my best. 

ROOT: That's the kind of work ethic we like to see in a new recruit. Keep it up and there will be a lot of opportunities coming your way. 

KENDALL: I appreciate that. Excuse me, sir, but I have to ask, when will I be moving up from the ground level? I was told it'd be soon when I signed on, but as things stand I'm dodging my old work every time I'm back at my place. I don't mean to complain, but I don't know how safe I feel given that I'm a wanted woman at this point. 

ROOT: Hmm, I'm glad you're bringing this up, Kendall. It's exactly what I wanted to discuss with you today.

KENDALL: Oh, excellent. I'm ready to move whenev-

ROOT: I think it's time we test out your training with a little task.

KENDALL: Excuse me?

ROOT: Your old boss, this man Isaac, it's become a personal wish of Queen Wanda's that he be taken care of before the festival. I can't think of anyone better for the job than you. It's a great honor and may seem a little daunting at the moment, but I know that you'll rise to the occasion. 

KENDALL: Captain, I appreciate your confidence in me, but I hardly feel prepared for something this big. Isn't there someone else, a senior ranking Wolf maybe…

ROOT: Kendall, I'm choosing you for a very specific reason. Not only do you have the skill set for this cuff, but you have something no other Wolf does... access to Isaac himself. No one else could get near enough to him, but you.

KENDALL: That's only if he doesn't have me tagged on the spot. With all due respect, sir, I haven't checked in with him in weeks now. It's not like he'll be happy to see me.

ROOT: I trust that you'll be able to win him over. An employee as capable as you would be hard to replace. I'm sure you'll find a way.

KENDALL: So I'll be moving up before this task?

ROOT: Afterwards. Unfortunately, my hands are tied at the moment. With the influx of new recruits, we're having a little trouble finding placements for everyone. You're at the top of the list, though. The next apartment that becomes available is all yours.

KENDALL: Will I have any sort of back-up?

ROOT: I think that would hinder your task more than it would help. You'll be going undercover. It doesn't make sense to have anyone with you Isaac wouldn't recognize. 

KENDALL: I suppose that's true.

ROOT: From what I understand, he conducts his business inside of a warehouse. 

KENDALL: That is correct.

ROOT: All you have to do is get him out of that building and there will be backup on the street ready and waiting. I don't think it's too much to ask from someone of your caliber. 


ROOT: Now, that's all I have for you today. As I said before, keep up the good work.

[SFX - Root begins to type again.]

KENDALL: Sir, one more thing…

ROOT: Beh, beh, beh. Don't let me detain you.

[MUSIC - Electric guitar and strings play as transition music takes us away.]


[SFX - A door beeps and slides open as Helina walks into the room.]

HELINA: Hey doc.

THERAPIST: Helina, how're you feeling this afternoon?

HELINA: Not great.

THERAPIST: Tell me how you've been feeling.

HELINA: I'm having the dreams again. Last night I woke my neighbors up. They're furious. I don't know how to stop it. Nothing seems to work. I'm afraid to fall asleep. 


HELINA: I swear, I've tried everything. I meditate. I read. I even started exercising.


HELINA: I ju... I need the pills.

THERAPIST: We've been over this before.

HELINA: (DEFENSIVE) It's not like last time, I just need something to put me to sleep. Like, really asleep.

THERAPIST: Aren't you an herbalist? My cousin said she bought some kind of salve from you last week.

HELINA: (SIGHING HEAVILY) I don't see your point.

THERAPIST: I'm saying that you and I both know you have... a bit of an addictive personality. I'm kind of surprised you haven't...

HELINA: Haven't what? Got drugs of my own that should do the trick? I thought you knew me well enough to know I don't peddle illegal shit. I'm a naturalist. 

THERAPIST: You're putting words in my mouth.

HELINA: You think I'm some sort of junky...

THERAPIST: To be fair, the last time I wrote you a prescription, you stole my whole pad.

HELINA: (DESPERATE) I just...I'll do anything to get a good night's sleep. Do you know what it's like lying awake for hours too terrified to close your eyes? You can search me, head to toe before I leave. I swear.

THERAPIST: Give me a minute.

[SFX - The therapist walks away. The door opens and closes. Helina mutters under her breath as she opens all of the cupboards and drawers, before returning to her chair.]

[SFX - The door opens and closes as the doctor enters again, shaking a bottle of pills.]

THERAPIST: Here, have this.

HELINA: (SHAKING THE PILL BOTTLE) There can't be more than 3 doses in here.

THERAPIST: We're gonna have to deal with free samples before I can trust you again, Helina.


THERAPIST: I'm going to need you to come in more regularly so I can regulate your dosage.

HELINA: I'll be back next week. 

[SFX - Helina gets up to leave. The door opens and closes as she walks out.]

HELINA: Ugh, fuck.

[MUSIC - The score starts as the scene shifts.]


ARGUS: Cas, hello. You in there buddy?

CAS: Sounds crazy...

ARGUS: You've been staring off into space for the past five minutes.

[SFX - The din of the bar creeps in. People talking, glasses clinking.]

CAS: So?

ARGUS: So what I was saying is…

CAS: Argus, has Shaima told you about how we're doing... financially?

ARGUS: No... should I be worried?

CAS: I don't know.

ARGUS: Then why would you ask something like that?

CAS: I'm curious, is all.

ARGUS: You'd tell me if something was going on, right?

CAS: Yeah, sure, of course. Yeah.

ARGUS: (ACCUSATORY) You've been acting pretty weird lately.

CAS: Look, forget I said anything, and get back to telling me about your master plan for talking to Helina.

ARGUS: So you were listening.

CAS: I won't be for much longer if you don't get to the point.

ARGUS: Well, I mean, I was hoping that whenever she got here tonight...

[SFX - The door opens and closes, Shaima approaches.]

SHAIMA: Hey, little brothers.

CAS: Hey Shaim.

ARGUS: Hey, buddy.

SHAIMA: And how're we doing this evening? Find any worthwhile scrap?

CAS: (LAUGHING) Well, Argus is getting his tentacles mixed up with Helina.

ARGUS: She left something behind the other night, I wanted to get it back to her.

SHAIMA: Argus, don’t get involved with her.

ARGUS: You know I’m not a kid anymore, I can handle myself with a woman.

SHAIMA: (CHUCKLING) That’s rich.

CAS: Shaima, is Vernon alright?

SHAIMA: As far as I know. Why'd you ask?

CAS: It's blatantly obvious things've been tough lately... I  want you to know that I'm working off his debts with Isaac.

SHAIMA: No, you're absolutely not, little brother. What would Dad think?

CAS: Wanda dammit, Shaima, are you kidding me? How does it help anyone to bring that up?

SHAIMA: I thought you'd know better than to suggest doing that sort of work. We'll get by. In the meantime, Dad'd be furious to know you associate with someone like him.

CAS: The way he tells it, he was a lot closer to Mom 'n Dad than Vernon ever was.

SHAIMA: That's a bold-faced lie. Dad wasn't perfect, but he'd never have worked with a criminal like that.

CAS: (SLAMMING THE TABLE) Newsflash, brother, Dad's fucking dead.

SHAIMA: (SHOUTING, PUSHING HIS CHAIR BACK) You watch your Wanda-damn mouth.

[MUSIC - Foreboding score starts.]

ARGUS: Hey, both of you, calm down. Can we please try to be civil?

CAS: (EXHALING, SPEAKING QUIETLY) And Vernon's going to be soon too if you don't listen to me.

SHAIMA: Yeah, right, like anything you ever say or do is helpful.

CAS: Whatever, I'm outta here.

[SFX - Cas pushes his chair back and storms off, grunting as he leaves.]

SHAIMA: Then go.

[MUSIC - String music accentuates his exit.]

[MUSIC - Credits music starts.]

ADAM RAYMONDA: Windfall is a Rogue Dialogue Production. It was written and directed by Bob Raymonda and Christie Donato

Sound design, mix, and score by Adam Raymonda

This episode also featured the song “Suburban Sprawl” by The ISPs.

Here’s our cast in order of appearance:

Emily Battles…Helina
Sean Blaney…Injured Citizen
Nadia Levin…Sylvie
Bob Raymonda…Angry Neighbor
Graham Rowat…News Anchor
Jess Clark…Wanda June
Mallory Roach…Kendall
Sean Blaney…Trainer
Josh Rubino…Root
Michael Antico…Isaac
Vanessa Vache…Mila
Cornelius Mohr…CAS
JP Miller…Benny
Carleena Manzi…Teenager
Tanner Effinger…Therapist
Marcus Stewart…Argus
Mu-Shaka Benson…Shaima

Casting direction by Clare Lopez

Produced by Bob Raymonda, Christie Donato, Adam Raymonda, and Michael Paunovski.

Our cover art was designed by Sam Twardy.

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