Episode 1.01 transcript - “Bottom feeder”

ADAM RAYMONDA: Windfall is intended for a mature audience. See our show notes for more information. Listener discretion is advised.

[MUSIC: Windfall Theme plays]

[SFX - Three sets of footsteps slosh in a sewer. There’s a medley of sprinting and grunts, along with the sound of an animal squealing]

ARGUS: (indignant, yelling) I've got it, I've got it! Cas watch out, I've got it!

[SFX- The rodent squeals again as a rock is thrown into the water near it but narrowly misses.]

ARGUS: Dammit.

CAS: (annoyed) Argus, you little shit, you said you had it.

ARGUS: (whining, talking over him) I did have it, Cas, if you'd only have stayed out of the way I would've gotten it.

CAS: (laughing) You couldn't've hit that thing if it were tied down in front of you with a target on its back.

SHAIMA: (walking toward them) Fighting amongst yourselves is absolutely going to feed us tonight, boys.

CAS: Shut up, Shaima.

SHAIMA: No, honestly, keep bickering, Scare all of 'em off. Uncle Vern'll love that.

[SFX - Something skitters in the distance, Argus and Cas take off running.]

ARGUS: I’ve got it!




[SFX - Rocks are again thrown into the sewers until one strikes the rodent, which screeches. Both brothers cheer, victorious.]

ARGUS: That was my kill and you know it. You saw it, right Shaima?

CAS: You only slowed it down, I had the finishing blow.

SHAIMA: (annoyed) Would the two of you just bag the thing? If we can cook it fast enough we'll be able to eat and bring Gert some leftovers before the bar closes.

CAS: (chuckling) You wanna claim the kill? You carry it home.

[SFX - Cas lifts the bottom feeder off the ground and drops it into Argus’s arms, who grunts in surprise]

CAS: About time you started pulling your weight.

ARGUS: Hey, that's not fair and you know it. I run as many deliveries for Vern as you do.

CAS: You keep telling yourself that.

SHAIMA: Hop to it, runt.

[SFX - There’s some rustling in the water before Cas trips Argus, who shouts in surprise.]

ARGUS: (angry) I swear to Wanda, Cas!

CAS: (laughing) You’ll what? Ask her to send one of her yellow boogeymen after me? I’m shaking in my boots.

SHAIMA: Do you ever shut your mouth for a second? Even one? Now help him up, take that bag, and I swear if you bruised that thing, I'll snap your neck myself.

CAS: I'd like to see you try, buzz-kill.

[SFX - Transition music begins to creep in as Cas bounds off and up a ladder.]

SHAIMA: You alright, buddy?

ARGUS: Yeah, Shaima, I'm fine. Thanks.

SHAIMA: Now follow the idiot and let's go. I'm hungry enough to eat my arm at this point.

[SFX - Transition continues as Shaima and Argus exit the sewers and close a heavy door behind them.]

[SFX - footsteps approach, a door opens and a bell rings).]

CAS: Hey, Uncle Vern.

VERNON: Cas, my boy, where're your brothers?

CAS: Who cares? Look at what I've got.

[SFX - Cas plops the body of the bottom feeder down onto the table.]

VERNON: Holy... all of us'll be able to eat for a week.

[SFX - The bells dings again as two more pairs of footsteps enter.]

SHAIMA: Don't listen to this one, Vernon, that was Argus' kill.

VERNON: Well, I'll be! That true, boy?

ARGUS: Swear to Wanda.

CAS: It was me, the baby's nothing but a bottom feeder. Look at all that slime he's covered in. Couldn't hit a target if he tried.

ARGUS: Wanda dammit, Cas, I swear...

VERNON: Alright, which one of you is pullin' one over on me?

SHAIMA: Don't let Cas fool you, all Argus.

VERNON: Well then, Argus, you get first pick. Want the thigh?

ARGUS: You read my mind, Vern.

[SFX - Unnatural sounds as an electric knife begins to cut into the meat of the bottom feeder.]

CAS: Whatever, I've got somewhere to be anyway.

VERNON: Stop being a sore sport and help me cook. Nobody makes a spice rub like you, Cas.

[SFX - The electric knife stops.]

CAS: Not hungry, but thanks. Save something for when I'm home tonight.

VERNON: Your loss.

ARGUS: I'll do it, Vern.

SHAIMA: Big baby

[SFX - The meat begins to sizzle in a pan as Cas walks out, the bell ringing as he leaves.]

VERNON: What's gotten into him? Where does he go all night long?

SHAIMA: Hell if I know. Probably off to hang with that Kendall. Never trusted her, she always seemed like trouble.

ARGUS: Don't blame Kendall, Shaima. Cas's been that moody for as long as I've known him.

VERNON: I s'pose you're right.

SHAIMA: Were you able to get that hydrolater up and running, Vern? And did Willem stop by with that payment he owes us?

VERNON: (sighing) Not while we eat. Go and lock up. We'll talk later.

SHAIMA: Argus is man enough to hear about the business.

ARGUS: Yeah.

VERNON: Not now.

[SFX - The audio begins to crackle as the scene ends.]

[SFX - Classical piano begins on a scratchy old record alongside the sound of a ticking chess clock.]

TIN MAN: (robotic voice) Queen to rook, four.

ROOT: ...and with preparations going the way they've been, we should have the new garrison fully trained and ready in time for the Contact Day Festival, provided Pavlima can move swiftly and get us those new robes in time.

WANDA: Knight to bishop, 7.

ROOT: Speaking of, I looked into it, and if you'd only entertain Mr. Khasma's offer of service, we could have triple the amount of uniforms that we need in an entire year done in a week's time.

WANDA: (offended) Those rats have a quicker turnaround time because their product is garbage and you know it. Pavlima's cloth is both blade and bulletproof and impossible to counterfeit.

TIN MAN: (moving chess piece, body rustily clanging) Pawn to pawn, 3.

WANDA: If we went with anybody quicker than that it'd be a waste of time and money since we'd have to pay her to do it over anyway. Now shove off, we're playing a game here.

ROOT: Of course, ma'am, but this is important. I have a tally of the extra vendors anticipated, along with a forecast of how many tourists we're expecting to show up the week before the festivities start.

WANDA: And? I thought we already talked about this. The Wolfpac is here to oversee these things for me so I can spend some extra time by myself.

ROOT: Yes, Wanda June, I understand that, but you also requested progress reports.

WANDA: You have a communicator, Root. Knight to rook, 4.

[SFX - Wanda moves a piece and hits the shot clock. Tin Man makes another move]

TIN MAN: Bishop to pawn, 8.

ROOT: Yes, I understand that, but yours is never on...

[SFX - Tin Man hits the shot clock again]

TIN MAN: Checkmate.

WANDA: (chuckling) You old cheating rust bucket. I told you to never make that move again! Fancy a rematch, old friend?

ROOT: Ma'am, this really isn't the time for games.

TIN MAN: Why, of course Wanda June. And Root, may I ask how many new recruits Wanda said we needed?

ROOT: (whining) At least 11 more pairs of boots on the ground by the opening ceremony.

TIN MAN: Do you remember our conversation from last night, Wanda June? 

WANDA: How could I forget? Root, we need you to double that, and add one more for good measure.

ROOT: (shocked, clearing his throat) 23 new recruits in six weeks? Forgive me if I'm overstepping ma'am, but that's both impossible and entirely unnecessary.

TIN MAN: (sinister) While you may venture to think that, Captain, my calculations say otherwise. We, of course, both expect another successful year, but bringing in this many tourists at once always attracts some more unsavory types.

ROOT: Okay, but isn't 23 a little high? Every sector in both the North and East Towers, where the majority of the festival will take place, are at capacity, with only a few recruits to go to fill up both the other towers as well. Where else could possibly require stronger presence?

WANDA: The surface has been woefully under-policed for many years now, as Tin Man here tells it. It seems there's been a wild spike in illegal activity among the locals, isn't that right, Tin Man?

TIN MAN: That is correct.

ROOT: (defensive) I assure you, Your Highness, there hasn't been a single whisper of resistance from the grounders in the decade I've been in charge of this organization. We are more than equipped to deal with any rabblerousers you feel are overstepping their bounds.

WANDA: Well, there's one man, in particular, Root, that we'd like to get our hands on. A certain loan shark with his fingers in weapons smuggling and the drug trade, as I hear. Someone named Isaac, was it?

TIN MAN: That's the one, Wanda June. And, if you were smart Captain, you'd hire a local for this assignment, somebody who knows the lay of the land down there a bit better than you do.

ROOT: (through gritted teeth) Isaac is certainly a special case, but I promise that...

WANDA: Root?

ROOT: Yes?

WANDA: You can go now.

ROOT: But...

TIN MAN: I believe Her Majesty has given you an order, Captain. Fulfill that order or you and I will have to discuss the termination of your contract. I'm sure there are other eager pups looking to assume the position of Alpha-Wolf.

ROOT: Why, of course, sir. Forgive the imposition.

[SFX - The music begins to overtake the scene as Wanda hums to herself and Root sighs heavily. The record scratches.]

[MUSIC - WFNN theme plays]

NEWSCASTER: We're mere weeks away from the 20th anniversary of Contact Day, and citizens from all over the planet Proxima are already making their way to Windfall City for the celebration. Proximans everywhere are clamoring for a seat at the East Tower coronation, in hopes to get a glimpse of our beloved Queen Wanda, some for the very first time in their lives. Her Majesty, whose divine castle appeared in our sky…

[SFX - The newscast warps and sounds instead like it’s coming out of a television.]

NEWSCASTER: …and changed our lives forever on that fateful day, will grace us with the rare treat of her presence.

HELINA: Aw shut that off, I can’t listen to this shit.

BENNY: (shouting) Shut it off!

NEWSCASTER: To celebrate this momentous opportunity, entertainers

GERT: I’ve got it you two, enough.

[SFX - The newscast cuts short as the sound of a nob clicks.]

[SFX - Glasses clink, beers pour, there’s a general din throughout this scene.

HELINA: Can I get another, Gertie?

GERT: (judgemental) Somebody must've had a day. You sure about that?

HELINA: I pay you to get me drunk, not to ask questions. Now, let's have that beer.

GERT: (laughing) Alright, that's fair.

HELINA: (takes a swig and sighs) How long have I been coming here anyway? A year? Two?

GERT: Helina, you've been coming here since your tentacles were barely to your shoulders and now they're halfway to your ass.

HELINA: (chuckling) And in all that time, have you ever seen me make a fool of myself in this bar?

GERT: Hmm, well there was that one time...

HELINA: Hey, hey, hey, we don't talk about that.

BENNY: (slurring heavily) You mean the time she got up on the bar and...

[SFX - Helina throws a glass on the ground and it shatters, Benny shrieks.]

HELINA: I said we don't talk about that.

GERT: We heard you.

HELINA: (sheepish, sighing) Gert, may I have another?

[SFX - Gert opens and pours a beer, which Helina sips.]

HELINA: Have you ever had the kinda day where no matter how hard you try to stay positive, it's like every single person who walks through that door's goal is to break you down, but they're the ones that pay the bills so you keep trying your best to be happy in front of them, but really - deep down inside - you're screaming? You know, one of those days?

GERT: Isn't that every day?

HELINA: (whining) I don't think I'll ever get used to it. How did you? People are terrible.

GERT: I have a clear advantage over you on this one, Helina. This here bar is mine, and every grounder knows it. If anyone ever walked in here and tried to give ME a hard time, well...

BENNY: (slurring) They'd have us to deal with, eh?

HELINA: (chuckling) That's right. You've got a nice set-up. I really do envy you that.

GERT: I won't lie. I could never do your job. Spend all day helping those nosebleeds. No, thank you. I'm fine down here with my own people.

BENNY: Ah, Gert. We love you too.

HELINA: Cheers!

[SFX - Helina and Benny clink their glasses together .]

GERT: Benny, aren't you supposed to be cleaning something up?

BENNY: Ah, but she's the one who broke it!

GERT: And you're the one as made her do it, now, clean up. You know my rules.

[SFX - Benny grumbles, but picks up a broom and starts sweeping the glass.]

HELINA: You're the best kind of bartender, you know that?

GERT: Oh yeah, and why's that?

HELINA: Not only do you water down this cheap swill so it's bearable enough to drink, but you've got every one of us lowlifes coming back night after night just to get a little taste of what life could be like. If we didn't live in the filthy fucking depths of this towering metal city. 

BENNY: (muttering) "Lowlifes"? Someone tell the foreigner to find her own place to get drunk.

HELINA: (pushing back her chair) What'd you say to me?

BENNY: Gertie, do me a favor and tell the freak to mind her manners.

HELINA: (angry) I'd watch your fucking mouth if I were you.

BENNY: Oh yeah, what're you gonna do about it?

HELINA: Come over here and I'll show you.

GERT: Benny, get the hell out of here, you jackass. Come back when you can behave yourself.

BENNY: Aw Gert! Are you serious? We was just playin' around.

GERT: Go on', Benny, get.

BENNY: Fine, I’ll go. I see when I’m not wanted!

[MUSIC - Transition music takes over, ending the scene.]

[SFX - Footsteps approach as someone calls from the distance.]

KENDALL: Over here!

[SFX - The footsteps are even closer now as the transition music ends.]

KENDALL: You look like shit, Cas. Are you gonna be okay to do this?

CAS: Right, cuz you're some shining beacon of light, eh, Kendall?

KENDALL: Hey, I'm serious. If you're going to be distracted don't bother coming. I'd rather collect and take the 8 percent all to myself.

CAS: (indignant) I'm fine.

KENDALL: You sure?

CAS: Stop wasting time, and let's go. Who's the mark?

KENDALL: Here's the thing, Cas, I talked to Isaac and...

CAS: No. Not today, not yet.

KENDALL: We can't keep putting this off. A debt is a debt is a debt, no matter who it is that owes it.

CAS: (defensive) I told you, I'll be the one to take care of that. Who else?

KENDALL: (sighing) Well, the cut's smaller, but there's always Benny.

CAS: Hah! That drunk isn't good for anything and you know it.

KENDALL: We'll see. Let's go.

CAS: Lead the way.

[SFX - Cas and Kendall’s footsteps sounds as they begin to walk off.]

CAS: (chuckling) You ever think about how exactly we got into this, Kendall?

KENDALL: So we can eat something besides the bottom-feeders you catch in the sewers? Drink something other than the swill your aunt pedals? That's reason enough for me. 

CAS: I'm serious. Your parents, my parents... the things they did to keep us alive. They died, fighting to give us a future, and now we...beat the shit out of other grounders for a few extra credits?

KENDALL: It doesn't do either of us any good to dwell on that stuff. 

CAS: What would your dad say? What would mine? They stood up for people like us. 

KENDALL: I don't have the time to sit and wonder what my dad would or wouldn't say about my choices. It's thanks to his choices that I'm alone anyways. I don't have a family like yours, Cas. If I don't look out for me, who will? 

BENNY: (slurring, singing drunkenly) But I’ll be the judge of my enemies…

KENDALL: Would you look at that? Just the degenerate we've been looking for.

CAS: Why hello there, Ben.

BENNY: Oh...Evening, Kendall. Cas. I don't know if, uh, Isaac told you already, but he gave me an extension. In fact, he mentioned you might be coming with an advance.

KENDALL: (sarcastic) Well, isn't that convenient, Cas? An extension AND an advance. 

BENNY: What? You don't believe me? I wouldn't lie. 

[SFX - Kendall punches Benny three times, who lets out a grunt.]

CAS: Take it easy, Kendall...

KENDALL: Where's the money?

BENNY: (spits up blood, coughing) Swear to Wanda, Kendall, I was on comms with Isaac seconds ago, and he said you have so much money you don't even know what to do with it.

KENDALL: Hold him, Cas.

BENNY: He was begging to give some more away!

[SFX - Kendall punches Benny.]

CAS: Is that really necessary? He can barely stand as it is...

KENDALL: Are you going to do your job? Dammit, I knew you'd be useless today. 

BENNY: I'm kiddin' around, here. Kendall, Cas, give me another week. I promise I'll have the money. 

[SFX - Kendall punches Benny again, foreboding score creeps in.]

CAS: I've got him, I've got him. Take it easy, would ya?

BENNY: Wait, no, what're you doing? I swear, I was only kidding... two days. I can get it to you in two days.

KENDALL: (words punctuated with kicks) This. Is. Your. Last. Warning. Money. Tomorrow. Or. Next. Time. Isaac. Comes. Himself.

[SFX - The score crescendos as Benny again spits out blood and coughs. Calmer music starts.]

BENNY: Oh, okay…

CAS: I don't know who we are anymore.

KENDALL: (spits) We're employed. Now grab his wallet, or do I have to do everything around here?

CAS: I've got it.

[SFX - Cas rustles through Benny’s pockets. Music vamps.]

CAS: He's barely got ten credits in here.

[SFX - Heavy boot prints approach.]

GUARD: (voice distorted) Hey, you two. Stop what you're doing.

CAS: Fuck.

KENDALL: Why, hello officer. What can I do for you this evening?

CAS: Sorry, Kendall.

[SFX - Cas takes off running, the music intensifies.]

KENDALL: (shouting) Get the fuck back here!


ROOT: Let him go. She's the one we're looking for.

[SFX - The transition music increases in volume, before dissipating and ending the scene.]

[SFX - Light music plays as glasses clink in the background. The door opens heavily and a bell dings.]

GERT: Sheesh, nephew, you look terrible. You see some kinda ghost down there tonight?

CAS: (out of breath) Could everyone stop telling me how bad I look?

GERT: (laughing heartily) You know I love you, pinhead, but I couldn't lie to you.

HELINA: (taking a drag) Hey there Cas, would you mind telling your aunt to quit being so uptight about my smokes?

GERT: Uh, I can't have you stinking up my place again. Wolfpac almost shuttered me the last time you lit up.

CAS: To hell with the Wolfpac.

HELINA: Amen to that. I don't get what's so wrong with a little bit of medicinal herb once in awhile.

GERT: I'm not saying I agree with them, I'm simply saying I've gotta keep the taps flowing. The last citation they gave me said the fumes caused irreparable damage to the apartments on the upper floors.

HELINA: That is some shit. There's no way that could have gotten anywhere higher than thirty feet above us.

GERT: I agree, You know the wolves, though. Anything above ground-level is high-class to them. And besides, it still cost me 300 credits. Speaking of which, I've been thinking about your tab...

HELINA: Woah, woah, take it easy there.

[SFX - The door opens and closes again.]

SHAIMA: Hey Gert.

GERT: Shaima, Argus, how're you boys tonight?

ARGUS: (happy) I brought you some dinner, Gertie.

GERT: Mmm, smells good.

SHAIMA: So why don’t you pour us a round? We saved you the breast.

GERT: Mmm, my pleasure.

[SFX - Gert pulls out a bottled and opens it, Cas coughs heavily.]

ARGUS: You alright there, Cas?

CAS: (annoyed) Keep your mouth shut twerp.

[SFX - Gert opens another beer bottle, pouring them.]

ARGUS: (defensive) I was trying to be nice.

CAS: Do me a favor, and next time you consider doing that, don't.

SHAIMA: Would you relax? Quit being so tough.

CAS: Like you can talk, you're nothing but some lap dog! Doing everything at Vern's beck and call, bowing your head down to the Wolves... where's your spine?

SHAIMA: Same place as always, last I checked.

CAS: Well, at least I do something to keep this family afloat.

ARGUS: (skeptical) Um, excuse me? I've been picking up your slack left and right lately.

CAS: Hah. That's rich. The runt of the litter thinks he does anything worthwhile.

ARGUS: At least I don't stay out all night and come home smelling like a corpse!

SHAIMA: Yeah, what in Wanda's name do you do to help anyone but yourself, anyway?

CAS: So much more than you'll ever understand.

GERT: Could the three of you shut up long enough to give me my dinner?

SHAIMA: Oh, yeah, of course... Sorry.

[SFX - Something plops onto the counter, Gert tears into it and starts eating.]

HELINA:Eugh, what is that?

GERT: (still chewing) You don't wanna know where it came from.

ARGUS: Bottom feeders from the sewers underneath Uncle Vern's.

CAS: You know, they're a bit chewy, but if you've got the right condiments they're not so bad.

HELINA: (gagging) That's disgusting.

GERT: Oh like you're one to talk. What were you eating in here last weekend?

HELINA: Tree-nut-loaf.

[SFX - Gertie groans.]

CAS: None of those words have any business being in a sentence together.

HELINA: Yet bottom-feeder and condiments do? Swear to Wanda, the scent of burning flesh makes my skin crawl. And what did they ever do to you, huh?

SHAIMA: Uh, infested our sewers, for one.

HELINA: Didn't you ever think about the fact that they inhabited this land first? Before these stupid towers were ever built above us.

CAS: You know, they chewed through our pipes, for another.

HELINA: They weren't sewer vermin, they actually roamed the forests, and the communities that they built within the local underbrush were fascinating. I could show you some diagrams from my shop...

GERT: (gulping) Nobody here askin’ for a history lesson.

CAS: Yeah Helina, our family's been here since before the towers too, you know.

SHAIMA: And there was still a city then. Smaller, sure, but it's not like before Wanda our parents lived in tree-houses.

HELINA: History goes back a bit further than our progenitors, boys.

[SFX - A chime dings as a message plays over the loud speaker, with distorted audio.]

WANDA: Sweet dreams my little Proximans. Curfew fast approaches. Please don’t let me Wolves catch you outside after lights out. Your loving Queen, Wanda.

GERT: Alright, everybody. Time to go home.

HELINA: C'mon, Gert, one more for the elevator ride back up?

GERT: I'll see you tomorrow, Helina.

HELINA: Alright... but I'm bringing you one of those diagrams. You can hang it up right there, behind you. Might keep y'all from killing and eating such smart critters...

[SFX - Helina stands and walks away.]

CAS: Oh, of course. Night, Helina. Enjoy your nut-loaf.

HELINA: (far off) Bye, boys.

[SFX - The door opens and shuts again.]

SHAIMA: Alright you two, get back to Vern's. I'll be back shortly.

CAS: You have something to say you can't say in front of us?

GERT: Cassius, please. Not right now.

[SFX - Two more stools push back as Cas and Argus leave.]

ARGUS: (whispering) Hey, Cas.

CAS: What now, Argus?

ARGUS: Who was Gertie's friend?

CAS: Keep dreaming buddy.

ARGUS: No, I'm serious, who is she?

CAS: I know you are. I am too. Leave it alone.

[SFX - The door opens and closes one last time.]

GERT: Something's going on with Cassius, Shaima.

SHAIMA: Oh he's just angry now, thinking about Mom and Dad. He took it the hardest, I had a good fifteen years with them and Argus doesn't remember a thing, but he only had five.

GERT: Your Mom and Dad died twenty years ago.

SHAIMA: I know, but he feels like he got shafted, so he's lashing out.

GERT: Your parents... they were good people, but the decisions they made were selfish.

SHAIMA: You don't have to tell me that, Gert. Vern's been plenty honest with us about what they did.

GERT: Look, I don't mean to be insensitive, but the boy should be used to his lot in life by now, he's not some moody teenager. Something about this feels, I don’t know, different.

SHAIMA: It'll pass. It did for me, didn't it?

GERT: I suppose...

[MUSIC - Transition music returns as the scene shifts.]

KENDALL: (chuckling) Oh, boy. Now officers, I don't know what you thought you saw, but Benny and I are old friends. It was merely a silly, drunken argument. I'm sure you can relate? 

[SFX - Kendall hits Benny in the arm.]

BENNY: (grunting) That's right. We was just sorting things out.

GUARD: Did we ask you to speak?

KENDALL: No. No, you did not. I just thought I'd offer an explanation, you know, fully cooperate however I can. 

GUARD: If I have to ask you to shut your mouth one more time.

ROOT: Stand down, recruit.

KENDALL: Yeah, that's right, stand down, recruit. Let Dad and I talk.

[MUSIC - Wolfpac theme begins to creep into the transition.]

ROOT: It's Kendall, isn't it?

KENDALL: (guarded) Who's asking?

ROOT: Why, the Wolfpac is, and we've got a proposition for you...

KENDALL: What the fuck would a couple of Wolves possibly want with grounder trash like me?

ROOT: Actually, quite a lot, and I have a feeling you'll like what you hear, but I need you to come with us first.

KENDALL: I'm listening.

[MUSIC - Wolfpac Theme plays as the episode ends.]

ADAM RAYMONDA: Thank you for listening. Stay tuned after the credits for a look inside the episode.

[MUSIC - Wolfpac Theme ends. Credits music begins.]

Windfall is a Rogue Dialogue Production. It was written and directed by Bob Raymonda and Christie Donato

Sound design, mix, and score by Adam Raymonda

Here’s our cast in order of appearance:

Marcus Stewart…ARGUS
Cornelius Mohr…CAS
Mu-Shaka Benson…SHAIMA
Bob Frame…VERNON
Michael Larkin…TIN MAN
Josh Rubin…ROOT
Emily Battle…HELINA
Mallory Roach…KENDALL
Sheirel Mordaunt…GERT
Casey Callaghan…GUARD #1
Casting direction by Clare Lopez

Produced by Bob Raymonda, Christie Donato, Adam Raymonda, and Michael Paunovski.

Our cover art was designed by Sam Twardy.

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