Episode 1.00 transcript - “Welcome to windfall”

ADAM RAYMONDA: Windfall is intended for a mature audiences, see our show notes for more information. Listener discretion is advised.

[MUSIC: WCNN Theme starts]

NEWSCASTER: Fellow Proximans, it is my pleasure to bring you this royal address from our divine Queen Wanda.

[MUSIC: Classical Music starts to play]

WANDA: Hello   Contact Day is in but a few short months, which means it is time to begin preparations for bi-decennial the festival. This year, the Contact Day Festival will bring Proximans from far and wide to celebrate that fateful moment when I made contact with one of my loyal subjects for the first time. It is a celebration of the miracle that was our first meeting.

[SFX - Audio begins to deteriorate and skip.]

WANDA: That is not all though, this year we are also celebrating every single one of you living in my beloved Windfall City.

[SFX - Audio distorts again, music disappears.]

PAVLIMA: What trouble could she even be expecting?

ROOT: It is not our business to question the Queen’s will. It is not our business to do anything but follow it.

[SFX - Audio distorts, music returns.]

WANDA: It is you and your loyalty that has laid the groundwork for this incredible Utopian society that we see before us.

[SFX - Audio distorts, music drops out.]

SHAIMA: Do you have any idea what’s going on with us?

[SFX - Audio distorts, music returns.]

WANDA: …and is a shining example of what the entire planet of Proxima could one day become, if we continue our grand work.

[SFX - Audio distorts again, music disappears.]

SHAIMA: Do you ever pay any attention to anything that goes on beyond these walls?

[SFX - Audio distorts, music returns.]

WANDA: As my influence continues to grow…

[SFX - Audio distorts again, music disappears, something glass shatters.]

VERNON: Ah, Wanda Dammit!

[SFX - Audio distorts, music returns.]]

WANDA: …it is my belief that soon it will spread my divine light to all of Proxima. Before I appeared in the sky, there was darkness, there was war, there was famine.

[SFX - Audio distorts to reveal the sound of burning fires, people screaming, and Helina crying.]

SYLVIE: You there, hands up!

HELINA: (crying) What do you want? Why are you killing us?

[SFX - Helina screams as Sylvie grunts and kicks her, audio distorts again to playing music.]

WANDA: But, after Contact Day, I brought peace and stability to this city, along with the help of my Wolfpac.

[SFX - Audio distorts, music cuts.]

ISAAC: Wolfpac? What kind of sucker are you?

[SFX - Music returns and builds, becoming more triumphant.]

WANDA: Windfall, which was, at the time, nothing more than an oversized village, is now vast and soaring, the wealthiest metropolis in the world.

[SFX - Audio distorts, classical music drops out, foreboding strings begin to play.]

ISAAC: You know they were formed to silence people like your parents before the towers were erected?

WOLFPAC GUARD: (voice heavily distorted) Keep your mouth shut, Grounder.

[SFX - Isaac grunts as he is punched by the guard, classical music returns.]

WANDA: Windfall City will continue to grow and become more prosperous than ever before due in large part to the Contact Day Festival. It is the duty of each and every one of you to do everything you can to make the festival a success this year.

[SFX - Happy classical music drops out, foreboding strings and drums cut in as Helina gasps for breath]

TIN MAN: (robotic voice) Are you ready to speak kindly with me now, child?

HELINA: (breathing heavily, whispering) Never.

[SFX - Audio distorts, happy classical music returns.]

WANDA: I have no doubt that this year will be one for the history books, and that will be due in no small part to the dedication of my adoring subjects.

[SFX - Audio distorts, foreboding music crescendos, electricity starts to spout as Helina’s screams become louder and louder, audio distorts back to quiet.]

[MUSIC - Happy classical music comes to a triumphant end]

WANDA: Thank you to all of you and good night. Your benevolent, loving Queen Wanda.